This is a close look at a spa display with towels, flowers and candles.

12 of the Best Business Software For Spas

This is a close look at a spa display with towels, flowers and candles.

When it comes to running any business, the more efficient and organized your business practices are, the smoother things are going to run.

Sometimes that is easier said than done, especially depending on how many employees you have, if you have multiple locations and how you are able to manage all of the things you have to keep track of.

For the beauty industry, being unorganized or inconsistent could be absolutely detrimental to the success of the business and your employees.

An appointment at the salon is a treasured thing for a lot of women, so if appointments are hard to schedule or sometimes being rescheduled because of poor scheduling habits of the staff by management, it all starts rolling downhill until you have no happy customers or happy employees.

Jobs in the beauty industry are so important to keep efficient, organized and well managed because you are essentially responsible for the way other people look and feel about themselves once they leave.

You want this to be a positive experience for the customers, not only so they continue to come back, but also so they speak in a positive way about your business and their experiences there.

A spa receptionist helping out a client.

Your clients are walking advertisements for your business, whether that is good or bad. They are going to tell all of their friends and family about any salon horror stories because a bad haircut or messy manicure is really enough to ruin someone’s whole day (or week!) and you don’t want to be the one responsible for that.

In this list of spa software, there are plenty of options when it comes to helping you efficiently manage your business. Whether you want to focus more on the day-to-day operations like scheduling appointments easier and more efficiently, staff schedules, payroll, inventory and other basic tasks or you would rather focus more on marketing, increasing revenue and sales, and Point of Sale, there are options in this list for everyone.

If you are not exactly sure what you are looking for in a software program but just know you definitely need something, try checking out a previous article: 6 Capabilities the Best Spa Scheduling and Business Software Should Have.

It might help by reading the capabilities you should want in your software, determining what you already have or where the issues are, and then searching for software compatible with the problem areas you’ve identified.

Also browsing through the list below and seeing all of the amazing possibilities technology has blessed us with at the convenience of our fingertips can help in the decision-making process as well.

Taking time to see what each program offers will help narrow down the best options to help you improve your business, customer retention, staff and customer satisfaction, and the overall growth and success of your thriving business.


1. Mindbody

Whether you are using this software as a client or an administrator, your life is about to be a lot simpler with MindBody.

The software has so many tools that make all of your day-to-day tasks so much simpler while saving you time. One of the great features is customizability, which allows you to choose from an array of services that are offered and cater it to exactly how you need it to be to optimize success.

Another awesome feature is the ability to schedule recurring appointments for clients, set up waitlists for pending unexpected openings, and even schedule several clients all at the same time.

There are not many other programs that handle everything from start to finish, but this is a big bonus in regard to the satisfaction of your clients.

For them, the whole experience is more consistent, dependable, and saves so much time. They will be so impressed with the automated promotions for different events or special offers that will be sent right to their phone with ease.

When they leave a happy customer, you feel much better about your day, which inevitably creates a much more relaxed and satisfying experience for the entire salon or spa.

2. Zenoti

A close look at a mobile phone showing the guest details of a spa business software.

Source: Zenoti

Zenoti has over 10,000 customers that believe in the strength of their business strategies and the ability to foster success.

This is another all-in-one platform that is out there, and it is also the #1 cloud-based software being used currently by salons and spas.

One of the differences between Mindbody and Zenoti is the overall focus. Just at a glance, Mindbody seems to place a heavier focus on the client and their experiences, whereas Zenoti focused more heavily on revenue and growth within the company.

That’s not saying Zenoti isn’t concerned for clients, because the program is built to strengthen customer loyalty as well, it is just not the main focus point overall.

Zenoti is also being used in yoga studios and fitness centers to help manage businesses while creating growth and sustainability for your business.

Along with the online scheduling, payments, appointment reminders, and support services, they also give you the option to sell gift cards, hold online training, and run business reports for your review.

Zenoti has stated an increase in the total revenue of their clients using this program at an average of about 60%.

3. Timely

A look at a laptop and a tablet using the spa business software.

Source: Timely

Timely is a little different in that it’s more for administrative use than anything else. It allows you to run your business more flawlessly and from anywhere you need to.

You can manage your staff, clients, sales, inventory, necessary reports, and messaging services. It’s very functional, easy to use, and makes a total difference when trying to manage so many things at once.

4. SimpleSpa

SimpleSpa is relatively simple to use and is very similar to other options. One of the differences with this software is that its primary focus is on online booking and appointment management.

It makes everything involved with scheduling appointments so much easier for you and all of your clients. You can still control inventory and create custom services packages and the program is still an excellent choice, but it’s really just a matter of preference and what your company’s specific needs are.

5. Vagaro

A desktop computer showing the scheduling page of a spa business software.

Source: Vagaro

Vagaro is an app that allows you to do so much when it comes to keeping everything in order while you are managing a business.

There are different tools for things like inventory, scheduling appointments, and text message alerts that are all user-friendly and efficient.

On a bigger scale, the software is designed not only to help keep everything in order for other users, but it has also built-in customer service components that include e-mail marketing, customer retention reports, and online QuickBooks integration.

Client profiles and bookkeeping enable text alerts for all of their scheduled appointments along with email marketing built-in.

Like many others, it is a cloud-based app that you have the ability to manage on the go, which makes it especially useful for a boss trying to manage several different locations or having to be in two places at once.

If you have an unexpected opening, you can post the available spot at any time. As customers search for nearby salons, it will show you are available and have an opening and they will be able to remotely book the slot on the website or using the mobile app.

6. Phorest Salon Software

This is a close look at a computer screen showing the scheduling page of a spa business software.

Source: Phorest Salon Software

The unique aspect of Phorest Salon Software is its diversity. They handle clients from the US, but also the UK, Ireland, and Finland as well. This app has so many cool features, no wonder it’s so popular. With their SMS, automated marketing, and new Facebook and Twitter integration features, all of your advertising and promotions are done practically without you even knowing. Another added bonus is the salon-branded iPhone app for all of your client’s scheduling needs.

This award-winning software was designed very specifically for spas and has been extremely successful. The thought behind this app is more geared towards the client slightly, but only so the client’s experience can be geared towards the business, so overall, it’s for the best of both sides. With that kind of balance, it’s no wonder they are the leading salon appointment and CRM software company according to Forbes.

7. Booker

Everything you need to simply run a spa is right here with Booker. Accessible Points of Sale, booking, marketing, and scheduling without moving an inch.

All aspects of your business are managed through this software with the goal of customer retention and sustainability over time.

So many of the things that took up your time before are eliminated with Booker, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love.

8. Envision

Another cloud-based management solution is Envision Salon & Spa. No matter what kind of salon you have, Envision can help manage the daunting tasks for you such as appointment scheduling, inventory, staff management and so much more.

It also allows you to manage client interactions as well as send personalized messages and greetings to your clients when needed.

This software is packed with anything you could possibly need, and its primary focus is helping you grow your business and stay on a steady upward trajectory to success.

9. Insight

This business software is primarily designed to help you increase your overall profits and foster consistency and efficiency for businesses in the beauty industry.

It’s extremely user-friendly with added customer support that is always reliable. The foundation of the growth is driven management system is an organization, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

It is like having your own personal assistant at your disposal to make sure all of your appointments, payroll, revenue, and inventory are well-organized, functional, efficient, and guiding you towards a path to success. It even coaches you through taking the steps you need to create a successful future for your business.

10. Rosy

One of the features of Rosy that makes it different from many of the other options on the list is its ability to improve customer engagement, which is extremely important if you are running a business and you want it to be successful.

This cloud-based scheduling and management software provides comprehensive assistance with managing your business.

Some of the features that are more unique than other programs are the text message marketing and capability for curbside check-in, which are two really neat features.

The software utilized suggestive selling, streamlining day-to-day operations, and unlimited training and support.

11. MioSalon

MioSalon does a great job of automating every aspect of your business. With the POS solution, automated reminders, inventory management, staff management, and sales reports, it helps you organize and manage your business with ease.

The added capabilities of utilizing a color-coded appointment calendar and Online Booking Widget are attractive features that make the job so much easier for everyone and so much more efficient, there really aren’t many stones left unturned.

12. Meevo 2

A tablet showcasing the Manager page of the Meevo Spa business software.

Source: Millennium Systems International

Rooted in over 30 years of experience, Meevo 2 by Millennium Systems International uses Innovative technology that allows you to view real-time updates and changes with its cloud-based growth platform that easily syncs with all of your devices.

The software promotes growth and sustainability for your beauty and wellness business by helping to boost sales for the ultimate success of business owners while using industry-leading education to provide beneficial growth strategies for continued growth and success.


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