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Styling Leggings 101: Could You Wear it With Denim Skirts?

Denim skirts. It’s one of the items of clothing that I can’t seem to get on board with. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find it cute. In fact, I like it on other girls, especially those who know how to style it properly.

So, can you wear leggings with denim skirts? Personally, I do think so. I have actually seen so many stylish women wearing black tights with denim skirts, and they look absolutely stunning.

Here’s a great read if you want to know more about this leggings and denim skirt combination:

Leggings with Denim Skirts: Is It Possible?

pieces of denim clothing including skirt, top, jeans, and dress hanging on clothesline with gray background

We want to appear lovely in dresses and skirts throughout the harsh winter months while still being comfortable and not looking foolish with bare legs. Denim skirts have indeed been fashionable for a long time; they were a must-have in the 1970s and have gone in and out of favor since then.

The denim skirt has already been reimagined in recent years and is now a stylish piece to have in your closet. It’s appropriate for both hot and cold weather, and when paired with leggings in the winter, it’s critical to get the proportions right. When wearing a denim skirt together with leggings, be it short, medium-length, or long, it might be difficult to find the correct mix.

Leggings should only be worn in the winter; if you wear them in the summer, they will detract from the beauty of this skirt. Let’s have a look at some simple guidelines to help you match these two correctly.

What to Wear With a Denim Skirt and Leggings

If you’re going to wear a denim skirt with tights, ensure the remainder of your ensemble is coordinated. It’s crucial to choose the right shoes since they may detract from and ruin your look. It’s vital to choose footwear that conceals your ankles while wearing short, knee-length, or midi skirts; this will assist your legs to seem longer.

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Long boots should not be worn with short, knee-length, or midi-length skirts; this rule applies to all skirts, not only denim ones. These boots are no longer fashionable when worn with a short skirt, which I am thankful for since they conceal your legs to make them seem much shorter.

Choose a color that complements your leggings so that it fits in beautifully with your feet and does not overly split your outfit. So if you’re wearing black shoes, wear black boots; just because this is the simplest and safest root doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. It would also look great with textured dark grey or even brown boots. Try black and white combat boots if you want to be more daring.

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You may opt for a more feminine style with heels or a fun boyish vibe with combat or even cowboy ankle boots when it comes to picking boots. Avoid wearing denim on denim or a same-colored shirt when picking a top or jacket; if you must, choose a different shade of the same hue. A lovely jersey or turtleneck may also be worn with your denim skirt and leggings.

You may choose a small waist-length jacket, a longer winter jacket that fits below the bum, or even an enormous duster coat when choosing a jacket to wear. Don’t worry if your skirt and leggings are a different color than your jacket and top; just make very sure the colors complement each other.

Choosing the Right Shade of Denim

It’s crucial to pick the proper denim color for your denim skirt and leggings. Darker denim, such as an indigo wash, works better with these leggings than light or stone denim. Because the colors aren’t drastically different, the deeper wash doesn’t contrast more than a lighter wash.

close up of different denim washes from light to darkest

Leggings may also be worn with a variety of colored denim skirts, including a medium-dark brown or maroon red, as long as the color is deeper and complements the black leggings. Combine black accessories, such as your purse and belt, with black leggings to create a polished aesthetic that does not match your whole ensemble.

Styles of Leggings to Try

You don’t want your leggings to conflict with the majority of your outfit, so the style you choose is crucial. It’s crucial to think about color, pattern, as well as texture while picking leggings. Colored leggings, particularly ones with designs and bright colors, should be avoided while wearing a denim skirt since they are quite out of style. Other dark-colored leggings, such as a dark grey, could work, but make sure you put them on beforehand to make sure they match.

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Combining a denim skirt with attractive patterned leggings is another fun option that can help you achieve a more feminine appearance. Remember not to wear this with a denim skirt in a bright color or one with designs since it will clash. This may lead you to prefer stockings over leggings, which isn’t a terrible thing since it gives you a more feminine appearance than the thick, bold leggings.

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Another important point to remember is to avoid wearing loose-fitting tights with a denim skirt; this will look terrible with a tight-fitting or straight-lined denim skirt. It has the effect of making your legs seem larger and messy. You could wear looser leggings beneath a long ankle-length skirt since the bagginess won’t be seen; instead, they’ll be worn for comfort and warmth.

Denim Skirt Length

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Leggings look great with short, knee-length, and midi skirts since they allow you to show off your leggings. Warmth is provided by wearing leggings with a long skirt, although the color of the leggings peeking below the hem might be distracting. If you have to wear leggings as it’s too chilly outside, choose one that fits your skin tone to blend in better.