Combing hair

12 Different Comb Options for Your Hair Type

Combing hair

Combs are a standard hairstyling tool everyone has at home to tame frizzy hair or keep it from tangling and help us look presentable. If you’re a little meticulous, you’d most likely grab a hair blower and other styling products, like a hair gel or a mousse of your choice. But have you ever stopped and thought about your comb?

If you’re like most of us, as long as it keeps our hair from tangling and it’s not painful on the scalp, it’s okay. However, there are actually various types of combs, and each one works best for certain hair types.
With that, here are different combs for your specific hair type and what exactly they do:

Double-Sided Combs

4 Pcs Hair Comb Double Sided Fine Tooth Combs

Don’t want to spend an extra half-second ensuring you have the teeth on the right side in your hand then get a double-sided comb. I jest. If you look closely, the teeth are slightly different on each side.  This is more akin to a Swiss Army Knife style comb.

Switchblade Comb

Wood Brown Handle Italian Style Fully Automatic Comb

The switchblade comb is a bit of a novelty item but it’s not without function in that you get a comb that fits most pockets and is easy to carry around.

The Fits-In-Your-Pocket Comb

Pocket Comb

Pocket combs are tiny combs that people may carry in their pockets.

There is typically a wide-tooth side and a fine-tooth side in this comb, which could suit anyone’s hair type. But their primary feature is their tiny size.  Another feature that distinguishes them is that they are very durable, owing to the fact that they are designed to be carried in a pocket.

They’re simple to come by, cheap and built to endure. Although they come in a range of colors, most pocket combs are black and have a reasonably simple appearance.

The Every-Day Comb


As the name implies, an all-purpose comb may be used for several hairstyling tasks on women, men, and children.

The combs are extremely strong and work on both thin and thick hair. It can also be used for anything, from a fast touch-up to keeping your hair looking fantastic at all times.

All-purpose combs are available in a range of colors and lengths, with seven-inch combs being particularly popular. However, since they are longer than many other combs, they are generally mainly used at home, as a smaller one is usually required for a handbag or wallet.

The Wide-Toothed Comb

Wide-toothed comb

A wide-tooth comb has teeth spread widely apart and is used to remove knots and comb out damp hair.

Wet hair is weaker and more susceptible than dry hair, and you’ll get fewer split ends if you use a wide-tooth comb on it. Wide-tooth combs are also better for combing through chemicals used while perming or straightening your hair compared to brushes since this type of comb is gentler on your hair.

Wide-tooth combs are very cheap, so that you may stock up on them.

The Fine-Toothed Comb


A fine-tooth comb is required to get all of your hairs in place. These combs feature closely spaced teeth and are ideal for producing hair that is tidy and straight.

If you have incredibly thick hair, a fine-tooth comb may not fit through your tresses or may shatter while you’re using it. It may also cause you to lose more hair than you would want.

On the other hand, a fine-tooth combe works wonderfully for most individuals when it comes to making their hair appear nicer, and people may even use it in lieu of a brush in most cases.

The Pin Tail Comb

3 Packs Rat Tail Comb Steel Pin Rat Tail Carbon Fiber Heat Resistant Teasing Combs with Stainless Steel Pintail (Pink)

The tailor handle of a pin tail comb is considerably smaller and finer than that of a rat tail comb. The pin tail comb is ideal for parting your hair more accurately.

These kinds of combs may be real miracle-workers if you use a flat iron to straighten your hair. It allows you to work on your hair section by section without leaving any stray hairs behind, as well as avoid inadvertently poking your scalp.

If you use rollers, a pin tail comb can help you collect exactly the appropriate quantity of hair for each roller, and it will make everything you need to do with your hair – even coloring it – uncomplicated. The pin tail comb, like other combs, is cheap and simple to find.

The Barber Comb

Kent SPC81 Salon-Style Dressing Cutting Comb with Wide and Fine Teeth - Professional Barber Haircut Comb for Styling and Teasing for All Hair Types - Kent Quality Barber Supplies

Because this is the most common comb used by barbers, it is more known to males than women.

These combs feature both a fine-tooth and a wide-tooth portion, allowing you to cut and trim hair without going too near to the head.

They also feature tapered combs, which are broader at one end than the other and protect the barber from damaging the scalp. In fact, they resemble the guards seen on certain electric clippers. They aren’t as common as other kinds of combs, but you should be able to locate them at a reputable beauty supply shop.

The Rake Comb

Rake comb

It’s termed a rake comb because of the shape of its teeth. The teeth are wide apart and thick, like those of a rake.

If you’ve got an enormous mess on your hands, the rake comb is virtually to straighten things up.

You can comb through your hair with minor hair loss and discomfort, and it takes a lot less time than using other kinds of combs. Furthermore, since most of them have handles, they are highly convenient to use anytime you need a comb for your hair.

The Pick

Picks for hair

Like rake combs, pick combs are designed to give the hair more volume and are ideal for those who like the afro appearance. They typically have a small handle and may be used to tease or partly tease your hair.

Pick combs are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they may be constructed of plastic or metal. They’re ideal for individuals with frizzy or thick hair, and they’re often tiny enough to carry in a pocket or handbag.

The Rat Tail Comb

Rat tail comb

Rattail combs are more than simply grips on combs. To form and straighten the sections in your hair, you use a thin and long handle. Then, you can use the comb’s handle to separate your hair on the side or along the center, and you’ll be happy with the results.

The comb portion is typically fine teeth, so it’s ideal to make a part and then comb the remainder of your hair.

Rattail combs are simple to get by, well-made, and cheap, so you may stock up if you want to. Men and women, as well as children, may utilize them.

The Teaser

Teaser comb

People with thin hair no longer have to worry about their hair appearing nice since there are many methods to get a fuller appearance.

The teasing comb is ideal for adding body and structure to your hairstyle. The comb’s teeth are typically of varying lengths, and the comb is often made of metal rather than plastic.

Pick up strands of hair and hold them up straight with the comb. Then comb each strand 6 to 10 times with the teasing comb. This method works best with long hair, and you can give each area of your hair as much body as you like by varying the amount of strands and the number of times you use the teasing comb.

The Comb Set

3 Pieces Men Barber Comb Set Taper Hair Cutting Flat top Clipper Flattop Barberology Comb Heat-Resistant Fiber Comb for Men Women

For those who are serious about comb options, you can get a full comb set as shown above.   That way you get pretty much every tooth-width available for the ultimate hair-styling and combing flexibility.

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