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35 Different Types of Hats for Men

For me, hats are an underrated piece of fashion item. Anyone can instantly change the vibe of their look with a different type of hat.  It may even complete a look. Just imagine a cowboy without a cowboy hat. Or a magician without his top hat.

With that, I think it’s great to add a few hats to your wardrobe, especially if you’re a man. Here are different types you’ll want to check:

Men’s Hats

It’s now a great addition to any man’s wardrobe, and it comes in a variety of designs and colors. Take a glance at some of the popular varieties of men’s hats and read about the fascinating history and stories behind each one.

Top Hat

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The top hat for men is distinguished by its broad brim and a very tall, flat crown, and is often considered to be one of the most elegant forms of headwear. It’s a traditional dress hat worn by Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, among others.

Hat Style

The top hat was originally constructed of felted beaver fur, which gave it a distinctive appearance. Then, the fur was replaced with soft, nappy silk, which was later transformed into plush fur.


The top hat was a cornerstone of the Victorian way of life in the nineteenth century, and anybody who wore one was seen to be a man of industry, as well as someone who was extremely dignified and well-to-do. With the passage of time and decades, however, it has devolved into a mere sketch of the upper-class luxury it once represented. This hat is fairly uncommon nowadays, and it is usually used as part of a costume.

Cowboy Hat

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The pinched crown and curving, the round brim of the cowboy hat are distinguishing traits. The brim is broad and the crown is lofty.

10 Gallon Hat

A cowboy hat is also regarded as a 10-gallon hat, according to popular belief, since it can contain 10 gallons of water when turned over and filled up. Of course, this is absurd. Even the biggest cowboy hats couldn’t contain that much water. Filling your hat with water may also harm it and may cause it to become misshapen.

The term is said to be derived from the Spanish word “galons,” which refers to braided hatbands. A 10-gallon sombrero could carry ten hatbands. According to History, when American cowboys heard the word, they altered it to a 10-gallon hat.


The first cowboy hat was created in the 1860s during the American Civil War by John B. Stetson, a well-known hat maker from Philadelphia. He constructed the hat from the fur of a variety of tiny animals, including beaver and rabbit.

Surprisingly, it proved to be a very tough and long-lasting hat, and it became highly popular with working-class westerners. It was originally known as the “Boss of the Plains,” but it was renamed after a series of changes. According to the National Cowboy Museum, this was the name given to the hat designed by John Stetson in 1865. The hat featured a smooth, moderately rounded crown and a round, flat brim. Stetson wore a hat made of animal pelts. The boss of the plains hat gained popularity and was finally dubbed the cowboy hat.


Stetson Men's Hawk Crushable Wool Gambler Hat Black Large

The gambler hat is commonly mistaken for a cowboy hat. The brim of this hat is turned up at the edges and has a broad brim. The oval-shaped crown is the most distinguishing feature of the design. In most cases, the crown has a pinch in the middle. Gambler hats are often adorned with hatbands, feathers, and other decorations.

The outback hat, often known as an Aussie hat, is a variant of the cowboy hat. This is a wide-brimmed hat with the sides pulled up to produce a distinctive appearance. A teardrop or C crown is a crown that has a unique triangular form.

The Akubra hat is often regarded as the quintessential Australian hat. It’s constructed of rabbit fur in traditional Outback motifs. Since WWI, the Australian military has worn Akubra hats as a traditional element of their uniform. This is a traditional “Aussie” hat design. According to Australian Country Magazine, Akubra has been making hats since 1874.

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Sombreros are the forefathers of cowboy hats. The sombrero, which has a high, rounded crown and a broad, upturned brim, originated from the 1400s and is constructed of felt or straw. The term “sombrero” is derived from the Spanish word “sombra,” which means “shade.”

The vueltiao, often known as the sombrero vueltiao, is a Columbian version of the Mexican sombrero. It’s fashioned of local cane and has a little different form than a standard sombrero, with raised sides that give it a unique appearance.

The Stetson is one of the most well-known cowboy hats. The hat is named after John Stetson, a well-known hat manufacturer from Philadelphia. The Stetson cowboy hat features a deep depression in the towering crown and a broad brim that is slightly raised only at the margins.

Today’s Style

The modern cowboy hat is the product of work done on the original hat by Mexicans throughout the 19th century. To seek shelter from Mexico’s sunny temperatures, they modified key elements, such as curling the edges upwards, constructing a higher crown, and making the brim a bit larger.

Following that, western countries began to seriously embrace this headgear fad, and its popularity has since expanded to numerous parts of the world. Due to its design and look, it was first worn by a large number of males; nevertheless, it became such a well-liked and adored hat that it soon found its way into the wardrobes of women as well.

Baseball Cap

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The distinctive design of the traditional baseball cap is one that just about everyone has donned at least once. It may be found on the skulls of the world’s most famous individuals, royalty, ordinary citizens, athletes, and millionaires of all kinds. This hat has spawned a slew of variations and is referred to by a variety of names. A baseball cap is often called a dad hat or a ball cap.


The baseball hat is said to have been influenced by previous brimmed hat types like the deerstalker. Woolen baseball hats with leather bills were the first. Baseball players used these caps in the late 1800s, which is appropriate.

Baseball hats were first worn by other people in the early 1900s. The hat became popular very fast and has never gone out of style. This timeless hat remains fashionable and does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon.


CHCHOK.LIDS Flat Bill Visor Classic Snapback Hat Blank Adjustable Brim High Top End Trendy Color Style Plain Tone Baseball Cap (Black)

Snapback and fitted baseball caps are the two most common styles. A plastic band on the rear of a snapback hat may be adjusted. Because fitted hats come in a variety of sizes to fit various head sizes, they don’t have an adjustable band. The trucker cap is a kind of baseball cap that is a little different. Mesh head panels comprise the trucker hat.

Solid material is used just on the front two panels. A military cap, also known as a private cap, is a plain baseball cap with a shorter brim and flat top. Cycling caps, often known as casquette hats, resemble baseball caps in appearance. In the 1950s, bikers flocked to the style of the bicycle hat. The crown and brim of these flexible hats may be turned up or down as desired.

Champion Our Father Visor

The visor is a transparent variant of the baseball cap, with the exception that it is not attached to the cap. A visor is a headband with a covering that shades the face. It doesn’t have a crown, thus it continues to keep the head cool while also protecting the face from the sun.

Pork Pie Hat

The Hat Depot Light Weight Classic Soft Cool Mesh Porkpie hat (S/M, Black)

Because of its strange but unusual name, the pork pie hat, also known as the porkpie hat, has caused a lot of misunderstanding and surprise pork pie. According to one notion, a pork pie dish could be seen in almost every bakery window in Britain throughout the nineteenth century. The hat’s form was so similar to that of a pork pie dish that it was given this name.

Hat Style

A tiny, spherical hat with a flat top and a cylindrical crown, the pork pie hat is a popular choice. It features a pronounced depression at the top, as well as a thin curled brim, which is often topped with a beautiful ribbon.

Today’s Fashion

The hat fell out of favor with most males, only to resurface in the “Breaking Bad” series, when it was often seen.


Simplicity Black Fedora Hat for Men Unisex Black Fedora Timelessly Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat for Women Fedora Hats for Men Big Black Hat,Black

The fedora hat is perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the most traditional sorts of headwear for men. Undeniably, these famous hats have stood the test of time, evolving from gangster hats in the 1920s to one of the most divisive men’s accessories in current times.

Hat Style

The fedora is a felt hat with an indented crown and a broad brim. The distinctive dent or pinch on both sides of the hat towards the front is its most noticeable feature. This indentation allows for a more roomy fit, which is quite pleasant for the user.


The hat became quite famous when a French play called “Fédora” was produced in 1882. That’s also how the hat gained its distinct moniker. Fedora hats were a popular fashion item for men and women in the next decade.

Sarah Bernhardt, a French stage actress, is usually credited with popularizing fedora hats. In her portrayal as the Russian Princess Fedora Romanoff in the 1882 drama Fédora, she was shown wearing a center-creased, soft-brimmed man’s hat. Soon after that performance, the fedora became one of the most often worn fashion accessories, particularly among women’s rights advocates.

The popularity of today’s Fashion Fedora hats has shifted dramatically. They have, nevertheless, made a tremendous reappearance as an attractive and excellent wardrobe piece for guys in recent years.

Panama Hat

Stetson Men's Panama, Natural, Medium

The Panama hat, which originated in Ecuador, is a classic brimmed straw hat that began as a simple cap but has since evolved into a must-have item for men, particularly when traveling to tropical and coastal locations.


These hats resemble fedoras and trilbies in look. The materials used to construct them are what distinguishes them. The Panama hat, unlike the other two, is fashioned of woven palm leaves, resulting in a very flexible weave pattern that can be rolled or crumpled into any form.


The Panama hat originated in Ecuador in the mid-1600s, and what began as a tiny, part-time pastime in 1835, right in the middle of Montecristi, grew into a massive hat enterprise. When Theodore Roosevelt was pictured wearing a Panama hat, it marked a crucial turning point in the hat’s popularity. This elevated the significance of these hats to the point that they were seen on generations of men.

The Panama hat is a fedora-style hat with a central depression. The front of the Panama hat has been pinched. To keep it cool and breathable, the Panama hat is usually composed of straw.

Today’s Fashion

Panama hats are designed specifically for the hot summer months, which is why they are often light in weight and color, as well as breathable, making them quite comfortable to wear.

Boater Hat

BABEYOND Men's 1920s Brim Boater Hat Gatsby Straw Hat 20s Costume Accessories (Red and Black, Small/Medium)

The firm sennit straw weave and the round and broad brim of a boater hat are always distinguishing features. A traditional grosgrain ribbon completes this cap. Another summer must-have for men’s headgear is the “straw canotier,” “sommer,” or “skimmer.”


Barbershop quartets, boaters, sailors, and rowers were all known to don the boater cap. It’s made a reappearance as a fashionable accessory for guys in recent years, and it looks great with checkered pants and shirts.

Given their comparable appearance and features, most men believe this hat to be a perfect option to the fedora or Panama hat. According to design historian Colin McDowell, this hat is “a jaunty, cheeky upstart of a style, never to be taken too seriously.”

Early in the century, boater hats were fashionable. Boater hats, which have a broad brim and a flat top, were popular among men and women as informal summer clothing swiftly. Picnicking, tennis, and, of course, boating were all popular outdoor social activities with this cap.

The boater hat was a global and unisex fashion item at the time of its invention, and most people were surprised since, while being made of straw, the hat presented quite a formal appearance. Following the conclusion of the First World War, the fashionable hat vanished from view.

Bowler Hat

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William and Thomas Bowler created the bowler hat in the late 1800s in London. Actors like Charlie Chaplin, John Cleese, and Curly Howard are largely responsible for its immense appeal as an iconic trendy headpiece in British style.


A bowler hat is a hard-felt hat with a narrow brim and a well-rounded crown. This hat was chosen by most cowboys and railroad employees in the nineteenth century, particularly in the American West, since it had a firm grip and held place even in severe gusts.

Bowler hats are also known as derby hats in men’s fashion. The derby hat is a whole different animal in women’s design.

Today’s Fashion

The nicest thing about this hat is that it offers a unique twist to your entire look, and it goes well with fitted slacks, leather dress shoes, and possibly a good coat. During Victorian times, it was especially popular among the working class, but it ultimately spread to the upper and middle classes, including bankers, civil workers, and government officials.

Campaign Hat

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The drill sergeant’s hat is much more popular than the campaign hat. Drill sergeants wear these caps so often that they may make some individuals shiver just looking at them.


Military men wore flat-brimmed hats with a broad, circular pattern and a lofty crown for the first time in the 1880s. Until the early 1900s, the United States Army used campaign hats as part of its regular uniform.

The campaign hat did not resurface until the 1960s when it was updated to include a more structural crown at the top, as well as the traditional pinching that has become synonymous with the hat.

Kepi Hat

American Civil War Leather Kepi Cap Replica History Confederate Militaria Black

The kepi hat was formerly the most frequent style of headgear in the French military, and it is still extensively used in current fashion.


In the 1800s, kepi hats were worn by French military men and police officials, and they were soon seen on the heads of soldiers all over the world. Soldiers on both sides of the Civil War wore kepi caps.


The kepi hat has a lofty, round crown and a short visor. The term kepi is derived from the German words kappi or kappe, which means “cap.”

Chupalla Hat

In Chile, the chupalla is a popular traditional hat. The straw hat has a broad brim and a small, flat crown. In Chile, folk dances and rodeos are usually worn with this hat.

Bobble Hat

New Era Renault Alpine F1 Team Navy Bobble Hat

A bobble hat is defined as a hat with a pom-pom on top. The Balmoral bonnet, tam o’shanter, and any other hat with a pom-pom fall under this category.

A toque is another name for this item in Canada.

Boonie Hat

Rothco Boonie Hat Olive Drab - (7 1/2) Inch


During the Vietnam War, the Boonie hat, or booney hat, gained popularity. It’s likely that you’ve seen it in movies and TV series set during that time period.


A Boonie cap is a soft cap with a broad brim and a flat crown made of fabric, generally cotton or polyester. This hat also features a chinstrap and, on occasion, loops around the crown to allow for the storage of objects on the head. This hat may be folded and hidden away when not being used because of its soft construction.

Lifeguard Hat

A popular version of the Boonie cap is the lifeguard hat. To keep it airy, most lifeguard hats are composed of lightweight straw. The brim of a hat is frequently angled down to offer shade for the wearer’s face.

Conical Hat

Chinese Bamboo Coolie Hat for Men Women

There are several names for the conical hat. The ancient Greeks dubbed it the Phrygian cap. A wizard’s hat or a pointed hat is what it’s known as nowadays. The conical hat, however, is a fundamental shape that has been seen all through the history of fashion in a variety of widths and heights.


The origins of tall, pointed hats may be traced all the way back to antiquity. According to Ancient Origins, this was a popular fashion item in the Bronze Age, with examples dating back to 1200 B.C.E.


The crown of a conical hat is pointy. These hats are very slender and tall in traditional styles. Conical hats are larger and shorter in contemporary Asian culture. This is due to the fact that the conical hat is useful. The hat may be used to transport objects, even liquid, when taken off and turned upside-down.

Non La, or wide, short conical hats, are ubiquitous in Vietnamese culture.


The conical cap is a descendant of the Phrygian cap, which was popular in Turkey as early as 800 B.C.E. Unlike the conical hat, the Phrygian cap was flexible. The hat’s tip curved downward rather than upward.

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A dunce cap is the most common kind of conical hat. John Duns Scotus, who was born around the end of the 1200s, is said to be the inspiration for the dunce cap. He liked pointed hats and was a brilliant thinker who formulated complex metaphysical and philosophical systems. When the Renaissance started in the 1400s, his medieval beliefs appeared out-of-date, even silly. As a result, according to Atlas Obscura, Scotus’ disciples were dubbed “dunces.”

A variant on the conical hat is the iconic pointed paper party hat. It’s basically a more compact and shorter version of the towering, pointed conical hats that influenced this more contemporary style.

The conical hat is known as jaapi in India. It is often quite broad and heavily adorned with elaborate patterns and decorations. The weaved bamboo or cane and palm leaves make up the Indian jaapi, or japi. Indian princes and nobles have worn it in the past.

Deerstalker Cap

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The deerstalker cap is well known as the headgear worn by none other than Sherlock Holmes.


When men’s athletic apparel became trendy in the late 1800s, this design became extremely popular. According to the Encyclopedia of Fashion, no well-dressed guy of the late 1800s would be without a deerstalker hat in his closet.


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The balaclava, also known as Balaklava, is a headcover that is used instead of a hat. It’s often wrapped all around the head and neck, leaving just the face uncovered.


In 1853, the first time a balaclava was used was during the Crimean War. Soldiers relied on them to keep warm in the frigid Russian climate. Originally constructed of wool, they are now available in a variety of fabrics in contemporary styles.


Rubie's Adult Red Dr. Who Turkish Shriner FEZ Felt Costume Hat

The fez is one of the most well-known hat types. According to Merriam-Webster, it features a cylindrical form without a brim, a flat top, and a tassel that hangs down the side from the top.


The fez has been worn for at least two centuries and is most likely considerably older. However, no one knows where this look came from. According to History of Hats, the hat was named after the Moroccan town of Faas or Fes.

In 1826, Ottoman Empire troops were required to wear fez caps as part of their official uniform. In the 1800s, it gained popularity throughout the Middle East.

Today’s Fashion

After WWII, the fez was no longer used as part of many conventional military uniforms, however, it is still worn in parades. The fez provides little sun or rain protection due to its lack of a brim.

In the United States, the fez is most widely identified with the “Shriners,” a group that wears red fez caps with black tassels. Fez hats are worn by a number of organizations and men’s associations, including the Moose Legion.

Homburg Hat

Jaxon Hats Wool Homburg Hat (Large, Black)

The homburg hat is distinguished by its firm kettle curl brim and a pronounced depression in the middle of the crown, known as a “gutter crown.” Given that it is one of the greatest selections to combine with formal clothes, it is regarded as a true classic and a basic piece in any man’s collection.


According to one of the various hypotheses concerning the origins of the homburg hat, its popularity dates back to 1882, notably during Edward VII’s visit to Bad Homburg in Germany. He reportedly purchased a homburg hat there, following which the design became very fashionable among males.

When compared to its cousin hat, the fedora, this hat has a wrinkled crown with a firmer brim, slightly tilted lip all around, but no pinches on the sides.

Custodian Cap

British Bobby Police Costume Helmet Hat for Adults and Teens

The custodian cap is also known as the bobby cap since it is the hat that was originally worn by British policemen.


Custodian caps were formerly made of cork, while current versions are made of plastic. These hats are still worn by constables and sergeants in Welsh and English police services.

The custodian helmet has become instantly recognized across the globe. These helmets have been used by British cops for almost 150 years. They’re hats with a rounded crown and a medium-short bill that comes to a point over the brow.

Pakol Hat

100% Pure Sheep Wool Handmade Fine Quality Afghan and Chitrali Pakol/Hat one Size (Black)

The pakol hat has thousands of years of history behind it. Because pakol hats are still popular, you may get one on Amazon now. Pakol hats are distinguished by their distinctive form and lengthy history.

Hat Style

The pakol resembles a colossal beret in appearance. The hat features a circular top and is made of wool. To produce a thick band, the sides are folded up.

Pith Helmet

Mil-Tec Pith Helmet (Khaki, British Foreign Services)

Despite its name, the pith helmet is basically a headgear with a helmet-like appearance. The pith helmet is a lightweight hat that is well-known for being the headgear worn by many US postal employees, although it has a long history going back to the 1800s.


The topee, couch topee, salacot or topi, and sun helmet are all nicknames for the pith helmet. European military men serving in tropical colonies around 1870 wore this cap.


The classic pith helmet is composed of lightweight cork and wrapped with traditional pith linen. This hat is popular for providing shade in hot, tropical areas because of its lightweight construction and style. The hat is covered in white material with little air holes to keep the wearer cool.

Because it’s often worn with safari clothes and is well-suited to hot climes, the pith helmet is also known as the safari hat.

Coonskin Cap

Coonskin Cap - Daniel Boone Hat Raccoon Tail Hats Novelty Hat by Funny Party Hats

The coonskin cap is a historical emblem of the United States that still is worn today, but not nearly as much as it was during Davy Crockett’s wild frontier days.


The history of the coonskin hat is extensive. These sorts of headgear were part of Native Americans’ traditional attire. Early European immigrants in Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina, on the other hand, were enamored with it. They wore the headgear like a hunting cap, and the look became popular fast.

According to the National Museum of American History, famous frontiersmen such as Davy Crockett wore coonskin hats, and Benjamin Franklin wore one to Paris as a symbol of America.

Peaked Hat

MSFGJZM Men Fall Winter Peaked Flat Cap Newsboy Cap Beret Hat with Adjustable Earmuffs Grey Worsted (L/59cm)

Men’s fashion’s peaked hat is a true classic. From sports heroes to movie stars, it’s been seen on some of the most well-known skulls in history. The peaked cap is still widely worn, although it has a unique history.


In the 1700s, an Act of Parliament ordered that all males above the age of six wear a wool cap on Sundays in the United Kingdom. This was an odd, but unexpectedly successful, strategy to help the struggling wool industry.

It had the desired effect. The peaked cap and a variety of other wool hat shapes were developed, resulting in a timeless fashion item.


The peaked cap is a timeless design. It’s a soft woolen hat with a rounded crown and triangle sections. A short, rigid bill completes the hat’s look.

Ivy Cap

LADYBRO 2 Pack Black+Grey Tweed Newsboy Cap Retro Wool Hat for Men Flat Cap Ivy Hat Cap Golf Hat

The flat cap, sometimes known as an ivy cap or a duffer hat, comes from the 14th century.


According to Fashionable Hats, an Act of Parliament established in England mandated that on all holidays and Sundays, all males above the age of six should wear a woolen hat. The flat hat had grown fashionable in the United States by the 1890s.

Today’s Style

By the 1930s, however, the appearance had fallen out of favor as fresh fashions emerged. It wasn’t until later that the flat cap resurfaced. The hat is now witnessing a resurgence in popularity. It’s a fashionable option for both men and women, and it’s worn in all seasons by people of all ages.

Ascot hats are a common flat cap type. This hat has a rounded crown and is generally stiffer and constructed of heavy materials like wool or felt. Duckbill hats have a rounded crown and a slanted bill. The profile of the cap resembles that of a duck, thus the name.

During WWI, the garrison cap, also known as a cover and an overseas cap, was introduced to the regular military uniform. This is a basic cotton cap with a flat crown and a folded-up brim for displaying military insignia.

This hat is simply folded and stored in a pocket. The garrison hat has been a feature of standard-issue military gear since it was originally included in military uniforms.

Trilby Hat

Simplicity Mens Trilby Hat for Men Daily Wear Mens Dress Hats Derby Hat Fedora for Men Unisex Timelessly Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat Men Fedora Hats,Navy

Given its striking resemblance, the trilby hat is often mistaken for the fedora. The trilby hat has a smaller brim and a bigger crown, which is the fundamental difference between the two. It also has a rear that is shorter than the front, giving it an angular appearance.


Straw, wool, tweed, and rabbit hair are often used for trilby hats. Feathers and ribbons are often used to embellish these hats, giving them a polished appearance. In 1894, the hat was included in George du Maurier’s book “Trilby,” which made it very popular.

The heroine of the book had the same name as the hat, and the novel went on to become a worldwide smash hit, boosting the popularity of trilby hats significantly.


Trilby hats are frequently seen to be a hallmark of upper-class fashion, and you’ll find most men wearing them at horse races all around the globe.

Chef’s Hat/Toque

Chef Works Unisex Cool Vent Chef Toque, White, One Size

The toque hat is known as a chef’s hat, despite its formal name. You know you’re in the company of a dedicated chef as soon as you see this hat. So, why do cooks wear this cap and where did it originate from?


It’s unusual for a hat to signify someone’s profession, yet the chef hat does just that. It looks just like a firefighter’s helmet. Even yet, the fact that this hat is one of the oldest on the list may surprise you. As early as the 700s, the toque was worn. Chefs did, after all, wear it.

Even simple reading abilities were uncommon in those days. Chefs who had studied a variety of recipes were knowledgeable and well-educated guys. They donned caps to show their importance. Learned men, on the other hand, were seen as hazardous during times of political turmoil.

Chefs in the Middle East were compelled to flee their homeland due to a government change, and sought refuge in monasteries in Greece. This is where, according to mythology, they first started wearing caps inspired by monks’ attire.


Hyzrz Chef Hat Adult Adjustable Elastic Baker Kitchen Cooking Chef Cap (White)

A toque is a cylinder that rests on the head and has a flat crown. Its height varies, and it often features pleats. The toque’s height and peats are both symbolic.

The chef’s position in the kitchen is frequently indicated by the height of his hat. The chef de cuisine, who is in control, wears the highest hat.

The hat’s pleats have significance as well. A chef’s hat is said to have pleats to represent the number of ways the chef may prepare an egg, according to culinary folklore. The most seasoned and skillful chef is one who has earned 100 pleats and hence knows 100 different ways to prepare an egg.

Toques aren’t necessarily white, although they are the most common color. This is simply because wearing white in the kitchen is thought to symbolize cleanliness and freshness.

Trapper Hat

Windproof Russian Bomber Hats for Men Earflap Trapper Hat Faux Fur Ushanka ArmyGreen

Trapper hats are designed to keep you warm in the coldest climates. The ear flaps and broad style of this winter hat make it stand out.


According to Men’s Journal, trappers developed the trapper hat in the 1600s. Warmth was provided by the use of animal pelts. During World War I, pilots who needed to remain warm while flying used trapper hats, which became fashionable. During his legendary solo flight over the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh donned a trapper hat.

During WWII, the trapper hat resurfaced, and pilots continued to wear them. Since then, the hat has never gone out of style completely. The trapper hat is known for its warmth, but it also has a unique aesthetic.


Men Boys Large Arab Shemagh Turban Bandana Headscarf Breathable Soft Muslim Hijab Headband Shawl Keffiyeh Arabic Scarf Headcover

This list includes a number of historic hats, or headdresses, that have been worn for centuries. The turban, on the other hand, might be the oldest cap in history. It’s been worn for almost 4,000 years. That makes the turban nearly as ancient as Egypt’s Great Pyramid.


It’s hard to say when the turban started since it’s so ancient. According to CNN, a sculpture from 2350 B.C.E. depicts a Mesopotamian guy wearing a turban on his head.

The turban is widely worn throughout the Middle East, India, Europe, and Africa. It’s a functional head covering that shields the user from the elements, including the cold, rain, and sun. Turbans have also been worn as a religious symbol and as a status symbol.

Tyrolean Hat

Austrian & German Style Brown Alpine Tyrolean Wool Hat with Feather & Rope by E.H.G. |Medium

The Tyrolean hat is mainly only seen at Oktoberfest. This is a classic German hat that may still be seen on the streets of Germany and neighboring countries. It may also be seen in traditional German attire.


In the early 1800s, the Tyrolean hat was first seen in Tyrol, Germany. Bavarian hats, Austrian hats, and Alpine hats are all terms used to describe this headgear.


The hat’s crown tapers to a point at the front. Green felt is traditionally used to make the Tyrolean hat. It generally has a band at the base of the crown and a short brim. Feathers and other ornaments are often used to decorate the hat.

Umbrella Hat

NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat, 25 inch Hands Free Umbrella Cap for Adults and Kids, Fishing Golf Gardening Sunshade Outdoor Headwear (Silver)

Is it more fashionable to wear a hat or is it more practical to wear a hat? Some hats are just fashionable, while others blend functionality and excellent aesthetics. The umbrella hat, on the other hand, is all about being utilitarian and accomplishing a crucial job: keeping you dry.


The umbrella hat may seem to be a recent creation, but it was originally patented in 1880. When Robert W. Patten’s umbrella broke, he created the hat umbrella, according to tradition. He started fixing umbrellas and earned the nickname “the umbrella guy.”


The umbrella hat is more of a novelty item, although it does keep the user dry. It features a cap and straps that attach it to your head so you may wander about in the rain and/or sun without feeling the effects of the weather.

Ushanka Hat

Winter Trapper Trooper Hat Unisex Ushanka Aviator Russian Hat Outdoor Hunting Skiing Hat Cap with Ear Flap(Black)

The ushanka hat is a popular winter accessory all around the globe, despite its Russian origins. In reality, ushanka means “ear hat,” and it’s also known as a chapka hat.


This hat was modeled by a fur hat popular in the 1600s. However, it wasn’t until the Russian Civil War in the early 1900s that the caps became regular military attire.


An ushanka is a hat with ear flaps made of fur. The flaps include strings that may be knotted to offer additional warmth to the face as required. A visor may be folded down for increased warmth.

These hats are normally made of sheepskin or rabbit fur, however, fake fur is occasionally used.

Tam Cap

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The tam, also known as a tam o’shanter, has one of the most fascinating backstories of all of the headwear on our list. This seemingly unremarkable woolen cap has become a significant element of two very different civilizations, and it’s noted for being created in symbolic colors and patterns. For a single hat, this is rather impressive.


In Scotland, this is known as the tam o’shanter, and it is a traditional cap constructed entirely of wool. During the 1800s, the hat gained popularity.


It has a soft, baggy crown and is hard-knitted. Pom poms may be added to the tam o’shanter or left off. These hats are most often seen in Scotland, where they are created in brilliant, colorful plaid patterns.

However, in Jamaica and the surrounding islands, this hat has grown quite fashionable. The tam is frequently knitted or crocheted in brilliant, vibrant colors and patterns.

The hat’s bag-like form is ideal for tucking dreadlocks away, and tams have become a popular Rastafarian accessory. Bob Marley was a regular wearer of this hat, which rekindled its popularity.

Whoopee Cap

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It’s a ridiculous name for a hat that appears foolish to some. You may chuckle, but you’ve undoubtedly seen a whoopee cap. This hat is most famous for being worn by Jughead from Archie Comics. And this was once a popular cap among young guys.


In the 1940s, when Archie Comics first appeared, the whoopee hat was all the rage. In those days, young guys his age were crazy about the hat, so Jughead was absolutely on the cutting edge of fashion.

The cap was inspired by a manufacturing worker style. To maintain their line of vision unobstructed, they reversed their fedoras and removed the brims. According to Seventeen Magazine, an authority on youth, after they obtained a new hat to replace the old, the old hats were handed to the employees’ children. Surprisingly, cut-up hats became fashionable among teenagers, and the whoopee hat was formed.

The Yarmulke

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The yarmulke is one of the world’s most popular headwear. This is a skullcup, also known as a kaplah, worn by Jewish males. It carries a lot of significance. Though all yarmulkes seem to the untrained eye to be the same, there are really numerous styles that represent particular meanings within the Jewish community.

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