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Wardrobe Must-Have: 8 Different Leather Jackets to Buy

Leather jackets are perhaps one of the most popular types of jackets–and for good reason. First off, it’s very stylish. It can easily make you look like a rock star even when you’re just wearing white tees and denim jeans. And secondly, it’s also warm, so it does its purpose of being a jacket.

That’s why it’s a definite wardrobe must-have!

The Origins of Leather Jackets

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Despite the fact that leather has been present since the beginning of time, the concept of a leather jacket is relatively new. The leather jacket, which was originally used by ancient cultures and Native Americans, was practical, warm, and long-lasting. Leather clothing felt right to early civilizations since it used all parts of the animal, including the hide.

The genuine attractiveness of a leather jacket began in the 1900s, when many pilots were granted standard leather coats for flying. During WWI, the Germans invented the leather jacket, but shortly after, the Americans began to distribute their own flight and bomber jackets to its pilots and airmen.

Leather jackets transitioned from a functional to a stylish enterprise throughout the World Wars. Jackets began to take on a new look, and leather jackets became a popular fashion trend. Leather blazers were popular between the 1920s and the 1940s owing to their elegance and durability. Leather jackets had arrived on the scene and had rapidly established themselves as a fashion staple.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, leather jackets were all the rage. With the rise in popularity of motorbikes, leather jackets gained a new purpose and function. The leather was tough and resilient, protecting individuals from the elements and any falls.

Plus, nothing looked better than someone riding a motorbike while wearing a leather jacket. Leather biker jackets first appeared in the 1950s and 1960s, followed by trend-setting moto jackets.

People continued to wear leather jackets as time passed. The leather jacket is trendy, adaptable, and long-lasting, with fluctuating trends and a small bias toward form over utility.

The long-lasting leather makes this a once-in-a-lifetime buy, and the classic designs have remained popular throughout time. It is now feasible to make imitation leather using contemporary technologies and developing new materials. This enables consumers to experience the appearance and feel of leather sans endangering an animal’s life.

Leather Types

1. Bomber Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Smooth Lamb Touch Faux Leather Unfilled Bomber, Black, M

This aviator jacket, which is traditionally worn by pilots, is practical, warm, and long-lasting. The bomber jacket is a basic design with robust and durable leather that can be worn by men and women alike.

This leather jacket style, which dates back to the 1800s, may be acquired as a vintage leather jacket or as a brand new, stylish jacket. This jacket is suitable for people of all ages and may become a winter or autumn wardrobe staple.

This leather bomber jacket has a large body with a tapered waist. The jacket is generally rather basic, with just one major zipper running up the middle of the garment for closing. The collar of a bomber jacket is conventional, with a regular form and size that gently folds away at the collar bone.

While the body of this jacket is constructed of leather, fabric is often added to the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket. This jacket has an elastic waistband that keeps the garment tight to the body. The wrists include elastic material that keeps the leather bomber jacket warm by preventing cold air and snow from getting up the arm.

This jacket is available in a variety of leathers, including Nappa leather, goat leather, and lamb leather. The softer leather texture of these fabrics may result in a softer, smoother text for this coat.

Because of the tight-fitting waist and how the leather will pool around the torso, this is an excellent choice for this jacket. This jacket comes in a variety of hues, including black, brown, white, red, and even blue.

2. Biker Jacket

Milwaukee Leather LKM1710 Men's Black Classic Leather Jacket with Side Zippers - X-Large

The biker jacket is maybe the most well-known leather jacket style. This jacket is stylish and has a lot of “cool-factor.” A biker jacket, on the other hand, may be worn by anybody, and you don’t even need a motorbike to wear one. This jacket is available in a variety of colors and features, allowing you to personalize your leather biker jacket to your preferences.

Leather is a sturdy and long-lasting material. It’s quite thick and can withstand a lot of abuse. That is why, in addition to appearing ultra-cool, the leather biker jacket has a function. The leather biker jacket was created to protect riders from the weather as well as the odd fall or mishap.

The thick leather will keep the rider warm and dry in the rain and wind. Plus, if you fall from your bike, the biker jacket’s strong leather structure will protect you from scratches and brush burns from the pavement.

The bottom of the leather jacket is frequently stretched to the top of the hips or higher. The jacket has a straight, non-form-fitting cut across the body. This jacket often features a large leather collar that separates and folds halfway down the garment, far below the collar bone.

Additional pockets, zippers, snaps, and buckles are common additions to these coats. While some leather biker jackets have these characteristics for a specific reason, contemporary biker leather jackets have them to increase their cool aspect.

This jacket comes in a variety of leather varieties, including cowhide and bison leather. These jackets are often constructed of thicker, more firm leather choices to protect the user from a probable bicycle mishap. These jackets come in a variety of hues, but black leather is the most common. However, a biker leather jacket in brown, white, or red leather is available.

3. Racer Jacket

Decrum Black Cafe Race Jacket - Leather Jacket for Men | [1100123] Black Dodge, M

The racer jacket is a new spin on the classic biker jacket. The racer jacket, on the other hand, is more commonly worn for fashion than function. A racer jacket is an excellent addition to your closet and is a great choice for men and women of all ages. The racer jacket has a modern fit and custom features with a European feel.

The racer leather jacket, like other biking jackets, is a modern version of a biker jacket. It has smooth, straight lines. The jacket is a shorter length, reaching just above the hips. The jacket is very straight-lined, with no tapering or shaping. The waist and sleeves are left uncinched.

The racer jacket does not have a folded collar or lapels like that of a biker jacket. Instead, the collar of this jacket is short and straight, and it is frequently buckled or snapped into place with a single snap. The racer jacket is simple and sleek, with a straight zipper and few adornments or ornamentation. This jacket’s only decorative elements may include additional stitching and/or piping around the seams for that extra pizzaz.

Because this isn’t a performance jacket, many people can get away with using softer leather. This jacket style can be found in soft lamb’s leather or Nappa leather, and it’s also sometimes made into a suede jacket. This jacket is available in a variety of colors, including the traditional brown and black, as well as red, white, cream, and blue.

Because this jacket lacks a traditional folded collar, it pairs well with a hooded layer. Wear it over a hooded sweatshirt or sweater. This provides rain and water protection while maintaining the cool and sleek style that only a jacket made of leather can provide.

4. Moto Jacket

Levi's Women Faux Leather Belted Motorcycle Jacket (Standard and Plus Sizes), Black, Large

The moto jacket is a modern take on the classic motorcycle jacket. This jacket emphasizes form over function, making it a stylish and fun addition to any wardrobe. This jacket is easily found for men and women, and it fits close to the body and has some fun additions, greatly increasing one’s cool-factor when wearing it.

People used to wear leather moto jackets when riding their motorcycles. The leather was thick and tough, shielding individuals from the elements, the wind, and the possibility of a collision. The thick leather may shield the user from scrapes and cuts, and the jacket’s added padding and stitching may add to the protection. Many of these characteristics have been stylized and incorporated into the current moto jacket.

This jacket is form-fitting and forms the waist curves. Typically, the jacket reaches the top of the hips. Expect a single main zipper on the front of the jacket, which is typically skewed to one side or the other, giving it a unique shape. Large collars and lapels fold down below the collar bone on this jacket.

The elaborate stitching and leatherwork around the sleeves cuffs are one design aspect that distinguishes this jacket from others. Stitching frequently goes upward to the elbow and even across the shoulders, improving strength and durability.

Expect to see this jacket in a variety of leather materials, including buttery-soft materials that enable the leather to better conform to the body’s contours.

Buckles, zippers, and pockets are common additions to this jacket’s design. This jacket is available in a variety of hues, including red, blue, white, tan, and black.

5. Flight Jacket

FLAVOR Men's Leather Flight Jacket Bomber Air Force Aviator (Brown, Medium)

The flying jacket is a variation on the bomber jacket, with additional features that an aviator could find beneficial. Although it had been in use for years, the United States Army popularized it in 1917. This was a common style of jacket given to pilots on active duty. The flight jacket is still a popular and practical jacket option for both men and women a century later.

This jacket has a comfortable and easy-to-wear shape. The jacket has no tapering at the waist or wrists and fits straight through the body. The jacket has a single front zipper for closure and a larger-than-average collar and lapel.

The addition of warm insulation on the inside sets this leather jacket apart from the rest. Sheepskin is commonly used in shearling jackets and is used in many flight jackets. This soft, thick, and insulating material keeps pilots toasty warm. Plus, the large thick lapel and collar allow you to wrap up tight and keep the warm sheepskin close to your body.

Although not all flight jackets have this design style at the collar, across the bottom of the jacket, and around the wrists, many do. Additional pockets, patches, pulls, and stitching may be included in the flight jacket depending on the style.

This is a nice, warm coat for men and women of all ages. This is a coat that will become a fall and winter wardrobe staple. This coat comes in a variety of leather textures, from robust and sturdy cowhide to delicate and supple lambskin. The leather jacket is available in a variety of colors, but the traditional dark brown leather jacket created by the US Army is the most common.

6. Leather Blazer

FERNGIRL Womens Button Front Faux PU Leather Jacket Shacket Casual Shirt Long Sleeve Blazer Coat with Bust Pocket

The leather blazer is a great addition to any wardrobe for a polished and polished appearance. It may be worn under or over a regular coat in the autumn and winter. The leather blazer is suitable for both men and women and may be used to give warmth and texture to your existing outfit. The smooth, protective leather blazer is sure to draw attention. The leather blazer is a classic piece in any wardrobe and is one of the most popular women’s leather coats.

The leather blazer’s specific cut may differ from one maker to the next. While some leather jackets are made to fit like a standard blazer, reaching just below the mid-hip level, other leather blazer styles may be cut longer or shorter depending on style.

These blazers have a lengthy silhouette with large, classic lapels and a fairly fitting body. Three to four buttons go down the middle of the leather blazer, with two practical pockets on either side.

Expect to find this jacket in the softest leather alternatives since it’s often worn for fashion. This jacket is often made of lambskin, however it may also be made of goatskin leather or suede. Brown, black, beige, white, or red are just a few of the color options for this jacket.

A fur collar, fur around the cuffs, or even extra buckles, snaps, or zippers are all common additions to the leather blazer that give it a distinctive flair.

The adaptability around this leather blazer is what makes it so appealing. This may be worn alone or over a regular overcoat. Wear the leather blazer with a collared shirt and tie for a formal look, or keep it casual with a well-fitting sweater. To complete the appearance, wear the leather jacket with dress pants or jeans and stunning leather ankle boots.

7. Faux Leather Jacket

HOOD CREW Men's Casual Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket with a Removable Hood Black

Leather is a natural product made from the hide of an animal. A tanning procedure is commonly used to create it from cow or sheepskin. Leather items aren’t vital for many individuals, and they’d rather utilize sustainable resources that aren’t derived from animals. Vegans and vegetarians often choose synthetic leather or a leather substitute. This creates a leather-like appearance and feel without sacrificing an animal’s life in the process.

A plastic basis is used in a lot of fake leather items. To generate a leather-like substance, polymers are blended with wax, polyurethane, and dye. Many imitation leather items are robust, waterproof, and warm, much like genuine leather. Furthermore, since the manufacturing process is significantly speedier, imitation leather solutions are sometimes much less expensive.

Faux leather may mimic the design and appearance of authentic leather jackets and coats. Traditional biker jackets, motorcycle jackets, varsity jacket alternatives, and even field jacket options come in a variety of imitation leather options. Faux leather has a wide range of applications.

This means you may maintain your animal-rights values while still receiving the appearance, feel, and performance of a trendy and incredibly cool jacket.

8. Leather Coat

The Drop Women's @lisadnyc Faux Leather Long Trench Coat, Black, XS

A leather coat is a terrific option to add a warm, durable, and sleek-looking coat to your wardrobe, as it provides extra covering and a gorgeous appearance. Leather jackets are available in a variety of lengths, enabling you to choose the appropriate design and finish for your requirements. Long leather jackets are suitable for both men and women, and can keep you warm and sheltered from the elements throughout the winter months.

Many leather jackets will go beyond the hips, with some even reaching the knees or the floor. These jackets are often form-fitting, with a waistband that taper. These jackets come with a classic collar and lapel or a stylish and modern mock collar, depending on your personal style.

Long leather jackets normally have a button fastening along the middle, with additional buttons as the coat lengthens. Additional pockets sewed onto the sides of these jackets are rather typical.

Because this is a high-end coat, anticipate buttery soft leathers like lambskin or goatskin to be used. The leather will feel extremely soft and silky as a result, enabling it to drape over the body. Brown, black, tan, light beige, and even white are all available hues for the long leather coat. Consider complementing leather gloves in a similar design or complementary color to truly bring this ensemble to life.


It may be difficult to choose the proper leather jacket, particularly with so many alternatives on the market. Choosing leather is difficult enough on its own, but adding the complexities of many designs and performance aspects may make the task seem impossible.

Let’s look at some of the most often asked questions about leather jackets in the section below. We believe that by providing you with enough information and expertise, you will be able to navigate the ins and outs of leather jackets and make an educated and intelligent decision that meets all of your requirements.

When do you put your leather jacket on?

woman holds hand while traveling wearing beanie and leather jacket

Leather jackets are quite versatile and may be worn throughout the year. A typical leather jacket may be too hot for the summer in certain regions, while a cropped or light leather jacket may be ideal for chilly summer evenings.

Leather jackets are great for spring and summer in other parts of the globe, giving sufficient insulation and warmth to keep a faint cold at bay. Even yet, certain leather jackets, especially those with extra insulation and warmth, are great winter coats, since they can be worn in all climates and weather situations.

What kind of leather jacket do you need?

Consider how you want to wear your leather jacket and what feels most comfortable while you’re shopping for one. Begin with the measurement of length. Do you prefer a cropped, short jacket or a longer jacket? Consider a biker, bomber, or flight jacket design if you prefer a shorter jacket.

All of these alternatives will fall just above or to the side of the hip. Consider investing in a leather blazer or a leather coat if you want something a bit more substantial. Both of these alternatives usually stretch over the hip or beyond, providing additional coverage.

Next, consider how you’ll wear your coat and how warm it should be. Consider an insulated motorcycle jacket or a heated flight jacket if you’re looking for something to wear mainly outside. The flying jacket is often combined with a layer of insulation, such as soft sheepskin, to keep the wearer particularly warm.

Alternatively, a bomber jacket with a tight waist and wrists will keep chilly air and weather out. If you’re going to layer a thick overcoat over your leather jacket, a leather blazer could be the way to go. Many of them are constructed of very light and thin fabric, allowing you to layer your jackets without seeming heavy.

Finally, take into account your preferred overall appearance and style. Smooth lines and little embellishment characterize leather blazers and a bomber leather jacket choice. Biker and moto jackets are usually more active, with more zippers, buckles, snaps, and studs. Adding extra decorations and features is just a matter of taste.

What are the advantages of wearing a leather jacket?

woman wearing brown leather jacket and burberry scarf

Leather jackets offer a number of advantages that make them a great addition to any outfit. Leather is, first and foremost, a natural material with a variety of appealing characteristics. Leather is tough and long-lasting, and it may protect you from harm. Leather can protect you against punctures, rips, scratches, and brush burns while also blocking the wind and weather.

Leather is also a long-lasting material. Natural oils exist in the all-natural material, which enables them to last for years. With just a little care, many varieties of leather can preserve their smoothness and durability. Your leather jacket may easily last 20 years or more if properly cared for.

Finally, leather is a fantastic material to work with. It’s a stylish and adaptable style alternative. Leather may be dyed to almost any color and comes in a variety of textures and finishes. Furthermore, leather is readily customized and ornamented, allowing you to personalize your leather design to your own preferences and likes.

How can you know whether a leather jacket is good?

Leather is available in a variety of varieties, with varying levels of quality. Feeling the leather’s softness is usually the greatest method to judge its quality. Higher-quality leather jackets have a tighter leather grain.

The tighter leather grain helps to sustain the smoothness of the leather while also trapping essential natural oils inside it. This will make your leather last for years. Of course, no matter how high-quality a leather coat is, it will need to be maintained on a regular basis.

To keep the polish and restore the smoothness of your leather coat, clean it periodically and apply a leather conditioner to it. By replenishing the natural oils to the individual leather strands, a leather conditioner may also help prevent cracking and peeling. This enables the leather to move freely without causing internal friction, resulting in a smooth, lovely finish.

Is it better to wear a loose or tight leather jacket?

two women posing with facemasks and leather coats

Your leather jacket’s fit is mostly determined by the style you choose. More form-fitting styles include moto jackets and leather blazers. These jackets are form-fitting and curve inwards toward the waist. These jackets come in both men’s and women’s sizes and are often form-fitting.

Biker and flying jackets, for example, are loose-fitting. These jackets are form-fitting at the shoulders and stretch straight down to the waist, with no variation or shape. The sleeves of these coats are likewise loose and do not tighten around the wrists. These jackets are designed to provide the wearer a bit more space to move about in.

The bomber jacket is a blend of a slim fit and a loose fit. This jacket is typically loose in the torso but has a tighter fit around the waist and wrists. To enable the jacket to tighten inward, flexible material is often utilized for the waist and wrists. In chilly weather, this keeps cold air out of your jacket and keeps it warmer.

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