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Fedora Hat Basics: How to Clean It

We often wash our clothes whenever we’re done wearing them for the day. But unlike our other garments, hats barely make it to the laundry room. To be honest, I might have only washed my meager collection of hats a few times.

However, keeping our hats as clean as our clothes is utterly important to keep them looking presentable. For fedora hats, here’s how I clean them:

What’s the best way to keep my fedora in good shape?

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A lint roll, a cloth, a hat brush, as well as a blow dryer are required to wash a fedora hat, regardless of the sort of fabric it is manufactured from. You’ll also need to clear an area in which to clean your hat, as well as fully clean and wipe your arms before beginning. Ensure the area you’re cleaning the hat on is clear of dust, dirt, and moisture before you start.

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Grab your hat by the brim and gently brush it around the hat with the hat brush from one side to the other, returning to the starting position. The lamp roller should then be carefully rolled over the whole fedora hat to remove any stains, lint, dirt, dust, as well as other debris that could have adhered to the material.

Fedora Protection

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You may use a specially developed hat protection spray to shield the fedora hat against the sun’s harmful rays, which you can get at the local department shops like Walmart or Target, a hat shop, or even certain internet sites like Amazon.

This will keep the color of your fedora hat while also protecting it from damage and losing its form. This is the same sort of sun protection spritz that is being used to protect other headgear, such as a ball cap or a cowboy hat.

Stains on a fedora hat: How to remove them

woman in bathrobe holding a hair dryer to her head while her hair is blown away covering her face

Then, dampen your washcloth lightly and use it to wipe away any stains on the hat. To avoid smudging the shade of the fedora hat, make sure your moist towel is white. You could also utilize a sponge and just a soft touch to wipe the staining from your fedora hat, either using a cleaning spray created particularly for your hat or by making your own mild spray using really diluted soapy cold water.

After that, you may take your blow dryer to dry the fedora hat and get rid of excess water by setting it to the minimum setting. Wipe any excess moisture off your fedora with a dry towel. You should also use a white cloth since you don’t want the color of the fabric to rub off on your fedora hat’s material.  Allowing the hat to air dry is another option.

To get rid of smells, snap off the sweatband of the fedora and let it air out, then spritz it with Fabreeze or similar light scented fragrance to look and smell fresh and clean again, particularly during warmer weather.

Dust, dirt, and pet hair: How to get rid of them

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A felt hat will accumulate dust, lint, grime, and other particles, but since felt is sensitive material, dusting your fedora hat should be done with care. Because these hats easily lose their shape, you cannot merely scrub or pat the debris from the hat with your hand. To remove any loose materials, use a soft bristle brush and move it in a polishing motion to gently remove larger debris from your hat.

If you don’t possess a hat brush on hand, use a soft-bristled brush to avoid puncturing or otherwise damaging your fedora.

A gentle bristle brush might not even work well with animal hair because it is more difficult to take away from the fabric of the fedora hat. If you don’t have a lint remover, you can pull loose fibers from the hat with a bit of brown packing tape, masking tape, or duct tape.

Fedora Hats: Common Questions

What is a sun hat?

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A sun hat is a big, floppy hat used to shield the face and shoulders from the sun. When you’re at the seaside or anywhere else where you’ll be vulnerable to the sun for extended periods of time, it’s a terrific alternative for sun protection.

What is a hatband?

young boy in middle of tall grass looking up at camera with fedora hat obscuring eyes

A hatband is an ornamental ribbon that hangs over the hat’s rim, and fedora hats are virtually always adorned with one.

What is a hat rack?

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A hat rack is a long pole that stands upright and has many hangers from which to place your hats so they preserve their form and are secure until you wish to use them again.