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Want a Nose Piercing? Here’s How to Measure the Right Nose Ring

I only have my earlobe piercings, and unlike tattoos, I’m already quite satisfied with it. But many of the people I know who are into piercings would love to have their noses pierced. Although it’s not my thing, I totally support you on that.

So, if you want to make sure you look wonderful, here’s how to measure your nose for the perfect nose ring:

Sizes of Nose Rings

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There are several ways to quantify nose rings. The gauge, or thickness, of body jewelry, such as nose rings, is used to determine its size. They may also be assessed by the circumference of the ring. Both these sizes will significantly alter the appearance and feel of the nose ring.

Between these various sizes, there are a plethora of different nose ring alternatives. Measure your nose to get a feel for where to start. The distance between the piercing hole and the base of your nose should be measured. If you haven’t had your nose pierced yet, draw a tiny mark on your nose using a pen to indicate the location of the piercing hole so you can receive a measurement.

In millimeters, take your measurement. Are your nostrils thick? To your measurement, add 1 millimeter. 2 millimeters should be added if your nostrils are quite thick. This will provide you with a reference point for the size of your nose hoop or ring. For aesthetic reasons, you may prefer a slightly bigger ring. Because your nose is primarily formed of cartilage, you don’t actually have a nasal bone, therefore you may pierce it anywhere you choose.

Use a nose hoop sizing chart to get the correct size.

How to Use Nose Ring Chart

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It’s not always possible to try on a variety of nose hoop rings prior to actually finding the right one. However, with a nose ring size guide, you can quickly compare sizes. Make a slender cylindrical object out of twine or foil that has been coiled and twisted. Now you may use the size chart to match the various nose ring dimensions to a piece of string, shaping it to fit the sizes on the chart. You may then hold it up to your nose to have a good estimate of the size of the nose ring so you can choose nose jewelry that compliments your features.

The inner diameter of a nose ring is usually measured. The width of the ring will contribute a little more to the entire length since this is what defines the size.

Nose Ring Diameter

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Is your hoop nose ring piercing thick enough? The gauge of your nasal hoop ring, as well as the hoop size, is important. After all, the ring’s appearance will be determined by this. To get the proper thickness, see a gauge size nose ring sizing chart. Remember that if you prefer a thicker gauge, you could always go for it afterward.  It’s far more difficult to go with a thinner ring.

Cut a thick, half-inch-wide sheet of paper to the length of your nose. Fold the sheet of paper to match the different gauge sizes, using the gauge size chart as a guide. Hold it up to your nose, where the piercing will be. This won’t look exactly like a genuine nose ring or piece of jewelry, but it may help you get a sense of how different gauge thicknesses will appear on your face and help you choose the correct hoop.

The 22 gauge is the smallest size. This ring is very light. A normal earring post is roughly the same thickness as 20 gauge. The gauge thickens much further from here. The width you choose is totally determined by the appearance you want. Consider the discomfort of a broad piercing, however, it’s worth remembering that this section of the nose doesn’t need cartilage piercings since the nostril is virtually entirely skin. The needle, on the other hand, will become the gauge you choose, so keep that in mind.

A piercing of a bridge, on the other hand, is another beast. This is significantly higher on your nose than that of the nostril, and it passes through the bridge over the top.

Nose Ring Length

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When it comes to bar styles, as compared to rings, the length of your nose ring is important. You may experiment with a variety of nose jewelry types to showcase your particular fashion sense after you get a nose piercing, ranging from a simple nose stud to a stylish nose screw or anything considerably more intricate. To obtain a decent sense of how long your bar should be, see our nose ring size length guide. Keep in mind that the bar will pass through the piercing in your nose. Our chart can give you an indication of how long the bar will be when compared to your nose, but the fit will be different when the bar is passing through your nostril piercing.

Keep in mind that adding balls or jewels to either end of the bar, as is the case with nose bars, will vary the length of the bar. Based on the scale of the balls you pick, the balls may add a few millimeters to the length. When it comes to nose jewelry, it might be tricky!

Simple diamond nose rings, for example, come in a variety of shapes. The designs of nose studs are created to accommodate a wide range of nose shapes. It should fit perfectly if you get the gauge for the piercing correct when purchasing a nose stud.

Gem and Ball Sizes for the Nose Ring

Small Nose Ring with Opal Gemstone - Stainless Steel Nose Hoop, 22g 20g 18g Nose Piercing

A gem or ball is a terrific way to add some more bling to your nose ring piercing. But how small or large should that contact be? The gauge of the nasal hoop determines the size of the ball or jewel you put on your nose ring. Obviously, a huge ball cannot be worn on a little nose hoop. To fine-tune your aesthetic, you may experiment with the size of your ball or jewel.

You may also buy balls and jewels in various sizes and test them on your ring to create different jewelry styles for different occasions. To see the different ball sizes, see our gem/ball sizes chart. You may use them as a reference for selecting a gem or ball size that is appropriate for you and your unique jewelry style by comparing them to your ring and nose piercing. Keep in mind that you want your piercing jewelry to be a comfortable length, so don’t go too little or too huge.

Bringing it All Together

model looks at the side showing off nose ring and earlobe piercing

Consider the sort of metal you want once you’ve decided on your size and add any stones or balls as decoration. Sterling silver, stainless steel surgical steel, titanium, 14k gold, as well as yellow gold are just a few of the materials available for nose rings. While having a piercing might be thrilling, don’t forget to consider the cost. Real diamonds and 14k gold, for example, are more costly than the other materials.

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