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Fashion 101: How to Style Camo Shorts

Camouflage prints, also known as camo, are one of the easiest ways to spice up any outfit. It works for both men and women. In fact, I love the camo jacket that I often wear with white tees and denim pants. I wear it, and my outfit looks instantly better and full of life.

Although I’m not as fashionable as all the other people out there, here are some suggestions on how to style camo shorts:

Camouflage T-Shirt or Tank Top

Men’s camo shirt:

Rothco T-Shirt, Woodland Camo, Medium

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Women’s camouflage shirt

Women's Oversized Sweaters Camouflage Print Long Sleeve Tunic Sweatshirt Casual Fit Pullover Tops Shirts Green M

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Wear a camo T-shirt to the gym or to your kids’ baseball game. You may wear a camo shirt with jeans or camo pants, as well as a pair of camo shorts.

Camo Gym Shorts

TSUTAYA Seamless Biker Gym Shorts for Women Tummy Control Booty Workout Shorts Black M

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For both men and women, camo sweat shorts with a coordinating crop top are a terrific complement to any outfit. Camo gym shorts are a great item to have in your wardrobe for whenever you want to work out or simply want to appear cool.

Shorts with a Camouflage Hat

Under Armour Men's Camo 2.0 Hat , Ua Forest 2.0 Camo (988)/Black , One Size Fits All

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A camo hat may be used with any amazing camo attire to give an additional layer to this relaxed style that is appropriate for both men and women. You may also add a pair of shoes to this ensemble for a more relaxed appearance and feel. This outfit would be perfect for a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park.

Red Camo Shorts With White Top and Sneakers

CADMUS Womens High Waist Workout Leggings Running 4 Way Stretch Yoga Pants, Red Camouflage, Large

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Yes, women’s and men’s camo shorts are available in a variety of colors, including red, black, and pink. This lovely shorts suit may be dressed up or down with white shoes for men and women. This is a fantastic camo item to have in your collection. For a slimming impact, this women’s dress emphasizes the waist region.

Heels and Camo Shorts

Voghtic Red Camo Pants for Women Casual High Waisted Workout Cargo Pant Matching Belt

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Women may wear heels to work or out for the night with a set of camo shorts or camo jeans. With the correct camo shorts, a pair of heels is perfect. Because camo is available in a variety of hues, including pink and grey, you may combine them with a pair of pink heels.

Camo Shorts and a White Tee

POTILI Womens Jean Shorts High Waisted Denim Shorts Ripped Frayed Casual Stretchy Shorts for Summer

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For a terrific style, wear a black or white t-shirt with camo shorts, then combine this with another shirt or jacket on top. This look is equally appropriate for both men and women.

Camo Shorts and White Sneakers

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 10” Cargo Short, Green/Brown Camo, 36

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When you match camo shorts with a simple shoe like white sneakers, you may transform the military-style of camouflage apparel into something completely different. This costume will look excellent on either a man or a woman and will keep you comfy.

Camo Cargo Shorts

Rothco Bdu Short P/C - Woodland Camo, Large

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When it comes to men’s or women’s camouflage pants, camo cargo shorts are a terrific choice. These shorts also include multiple pockets, making it easy to bring your wallet or smartphone with you everywhere you go. Camo cargo pants are a terrific addition to anyone’s wardrobe and match well with shoes or boots. They look great with any color shirt or even a t-shirt.

Camouflage Shorts and Polo Shirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt, Olive Geo Camo, X-Large

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This is a style that both men and women can pull off. The best thing is that you can wear an orange collared shirt with camo shorts, a white polo shirt with camo shorts, or even a pink polo shirt with camo shorts and have a whole ensemble that will turn attention.

Camo Denim Jacket

Lucky Brand Women's Long Sleeve Button Up Camo Printed Utility Jacket, Green Multi, S

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A camo denim jacket may be worn with any pair of trousers, including matching camo shorts, by both men and women. This is a terrific alternative for those cold spring or autumn evenings, or when you’re at the campsites toasting marshmallows or enjoying a beer all-around fire with your friends and family.

Camo Denim Shorts

Sexy Camouflage Shorts for Women's High Rise Cut Off Button Cheeky Denim Super Mini Shorts Pants (L, Camouflage)

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Camo denim shorts look well with a range of shirts for both ladies and men. This sort of camo shorts will enable you to try a variety of various outfit ideas and are a perfect camo item to have in your wardrobe or dresser drawer. From tops to tees or a camo jacket, these types of camo shorts will enable you to try a number of different outfit ideas.

Camo Shorts: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you wear a polo shirt tucked in?

Polo shirts may be worn untucked since they have an even hem, but tucking your polo shirt into your shorts or trousers will give you a dressier appearance and style. Over the years, golfers have developed this appearance and style.

Is it possible to mix animal prints with camouflage?

Although animal patterns and camo might seem to be quite similar, mixing the two can result in an overly cluttered ensemble or clashing designs. To break up the pattern a bit and keep your ensemble from being too busy with prints, stick to solid colors with your camo elements.

Is camouflage clothing appropriate for women?

CRZ YOGA Women's Stretch Lounge Travel Shorts Elastic Waist Comfy Workout Shorts with Pockets - 2.5"/3.5" Camo Multi 4 Small

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Women may wear camo shorts, trousers, and blouses, but there are a few things to consider. Ladies should accessorize more while wearing camouflage since it is regarded as a highly macho style of pattern. This will assist you to avoid seeming like a tomboy. To dress up the camo and make it more feminine, just add some nice silver or gold jewelry.

Wear your camo dress, mini skirt, shorts, or trousers with a pair of high heels and a cross-body handbag or purse to add a feminine touch to your camo ensemble. A girly touch to your camo ensemble may be added with adorable sneakers, ballet flats, sandals, or even a hefty style book.

Also, bear in mind that camo is available in a range of color combinations, such as navy and light blues, pink and gray, or even black with strong colors throughout the design. Also, unless you’re going hunting, hiking, to the gym, or doing anything else physically active, don’t wear camo from head to toe. It’s wiser to mix things up a little by wearing camo shorts with a pretty tank or crop top, or camo pants with a solid colored top.

Pair camo shorts or trousers with a bright top or even soft pastel hues like light pink, blue, or neon green to add some color, but camo also looks fantastic with neutrals like black and white. Adding a splash of color to your camo will make it more fun and adventurous, as well as help you stand out on the street.