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How to Style Cargo Shorts: What to Wear It With

My husband only wears cargo shorts when it’s sunny, especially during hot summer days. With that, he’s got a fair share of cargo shorts for his everyday use.

While I used to think cargo shorts were strictly for men, there are tons of designs made for women. With that, I have bought a couple of pairs, and I do love wearing them out, especially when we’re hiking, or camping in the woods. They’re lightweight, which is something I love. Plus, they tend to have several pockets that are handy.

But, how exactly do you style cargo shorts? Here are the basics:

Cargo Shorts – A Quick Overview

cropped image of person wearing green khaki cargo shorts with feet on skateboard

Let’s clear up a few points for individuals who don’t care for fashion and only consider it as clothing. To begin with, the terms cargo shorts, as well as utility shorts, are interchangeable. Utility shorts are more often used than cargo shorts in men’s fashion. The word “women’s clothing” is used.

Depending on whether they’re for males or women, they’re somewhat different. Inseams of three, five, seven, and nine inches are available in men’s cargo shorts. Inseams of one, three, five, seven, and nine inches are available in women’s shorts.

We’ll stick to cargo shorts, despite the fact that there are many distinct sorts of shorts for ladies and men. Cotton is often used to make cargo shorts. Cotton makes up 90% of all shorts, but you may also choose from a variety of different textiles. Twill weaving, chambray, cotton, nylon, modal, and even bamboo are all options to consider. Let’s look at how to wear cargo shorts in different ways. The guys get to go first in today’s society.

How to Style Cargo Shorts for Men

Lee Men's Sur Cargo Short, Anthracite, 34

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Adults appreciate these shorter inseam fashion mainstays, which were solely worn by young boys in the 1890s. Most folks choose cargo shorts. Everyone puts on their shorts once the spring and summer seasons arrive. You may want to try a couple of different looks with your cargo shorts, guys.

Cargo Shorts Should Be Worn When

On every informal or leisure occasion, you may wear this casual outfit. Any business suit’s bottom half is not made up of cargo shorts. Wearing cargo shorts to a corporate or formal event is not a good idea. Cargo shorts are perfect for summer special events like barbeques, beach visits, pool parties, and outdoor activities like jogging and hiking.

Cargo Shorts Shouldn’t Be Worn When

Shorts are permitted in a few informal jobs. The majority of places of business don’t. Those who do tend to be from the United States. This is not frequent in other regions of the globe. If a dress code is not provided when you join a new organization or are recruited by a new employer, inquire. You can judge by looking around, but asking is preferable since you won’t get in trouble for not following the dress code. If you’re going to a business or formal function, avoid wearing shorts.

Body Types & Cargo Shorts

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Despite the fact that cargo shorts have a roomy fit, they must be correctly fitted. Each body type requires a particular length or cut of these shorts, and others should just avoid wearing typical cargo shorts.

If you’re athletically built, your wide shoulders and narrow waist provide you the most variety in shorts designs. Loose shorts will make you seem disproportionate. Instead, choose a fitted fit with legs that aren’t too baggy or too tight. Lighter-colored shorts may help a linebacker with a big, athletic build balance out their view of their physique. Khaki or tan are also good choices. Shorts in white also look great.

Thin-fit shorts look best on a guy with a slim physique. You should avoid baggy shorts, just like athletically built men. Your legs, as well as your torso, will seem disproportionate as a result of them. Flared shorts should be avoided since the additional fabric over your legs would make you seem to be wearing a skirt. To get the greatest results, wear straight-leg shorts.

If you’re a bit heavier in the middle, stay away from slim-fit shorts, which will draw attention to your stomach, and pleated shorts, which will draw attention to your waistline. These wide-leg shorts have been designed just for you. Straight-legged shorts are also available.

These shorts have a waistband cut that draws attention to it. Also, elastic waistbands pinch your midsection and generate a muffin top. Wearing shorts that are longer than your knees, including board shorts or perhaps longer cargo types, will make your legs seem shorter while making your tummy appear wider.

Cargo Shorts for Men: The Ideal Length

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To return to the four standard lengths, consider the following. Shorts should be tailored to your height and leg length. Shorts should, on average, cover one-third of the length of your legs. Shorts with a seven-inch inseam are recommended for a guy of medium height. The circumstances will also influence your choice of shorts.

Cargo brief swimming trunks, which are three to five inches long, are available. Choose from seven or nine-inch lengths for traditional cargo shorts. Choose a length of cargo shorts that reaches two to three inches above the knee if you’re wearing a polo, solid color or white T-shirt, or even a button-down shirt with them.

Shorter inseam shorts are recommended for men who are 5’7′′ or shorter. A guy of 5’2′′ or shorter would have a 7-inch inseam that would fall below the knee. The man’s legs seem short at that length. If you absolutely must, choose cargo shorts with a five-inch inseam and swimming shorts with a three-inch inseam. “If you must,” what exactly is that phrase? Shorter men should avoid cargo shorts since the huge side cargo pocket dwarfs the man’s diminutive physique.

Tall men, too, must take great care. Avoid revealing too much leg if you’re 6’1′′ or taller. The cargo shorts may be worn with a short-sleeved button-down shirt or a polo shirt in either the nine-inch or seven-inch length. For your shoes, choose loafers. Pick a five-inch length for your swim trunks.

How to Style Cargo Shorts for Women

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Women’s accessory selections are more diverse, and there are more shoes that look good with cargo shorts. They should reserve these casual shorts, just like the boys, for informal occasions.

Cargo Shorts Should Be Worn When

In every informal environment, women may wear shorts. Unless your workplace has a policy that allows it, you must not use them to work. Also, these short pants should not be worn to a formal or elegant event.

Cargo Shorts Shouldn’t Be Worn When

You may believe that you may wear shorts to any occasion where a dress is required, but this is not true. Despite the fact that both expose your legs, shorts are seen as more informal than skirts. If you must wear shorts, go for a skort, which will give the impression that you are wearing a skirt to everyone. With espadrilles, sneakers, or boat shoes, these shorts are a great option.

Body Types & Cargo Shorts

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Women and men are subject to the same body-shape standards. Although we use various terms to describe our physical forms, a rectangle would be considered a slender or athletic build, but an inverted triangle has the wide shoulders of an athletic build. The rounder apple or pear, which bears its weight in the hips, buttocks, and upper legs, is one of our possibilities for bearing greater weight. Although the hourglass form is athletic, these ladies have big breasts and buttocks, although in proportion.

Cargo Shorts for Women: The Ideal Length

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The one-inch inseam is only appropriate for women with slim thighs. Choose a longer inseam, such as seven inches, if you want to cover your bigger thighs. If you’re comfortable, cargo shorts may have an inseam as long as five inches. When it concerns height, the same length restrictions apply to men and women. Of course, not that many women are 6’1′′ tall, but taller women tend to have longer legs and, as a result, shorter inseams and torsos. Consider the tall men guidelines to apply to you if you are 5′ 10′′ or taller.

Something for Everyone

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Remember that cargo pants have a lot of large pockets. If your legs are hefty, you may want to go for a utility short with fewer slash pockets or smartphone pockets.

Cargo shorts with a dark hue, such as black or navy blue, might provide the impression of a thinner bottom to women with pear shapes. If you don’t want to show off your legs, choose cargo shorts in a Capri length for ladies or board shorts for men.

Your shoes should complement your shirt or shorts. Wear no-show socks or skip the socks altogether.

Try cargo shorts if you want something different from denim, khaki, chino, and athletic shorts. There’s also a pocket for your phone or lipstick.