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23 Well-Loved Jacket and Coat Brands Where You Can Shop Online

In this day and age, I prefer shopping online. Even when I buy clothing items like jackets and coats, I would get them from online shops, especially as the brands I love and trust are now offering their services online. I can browse through their choices in the comfort of my couch. They will deliver it straight to my door, so that’s convenient for me as well.

Although the delivery times differ, ranging from a day to sometimes even a few weeks (international deliveries take longer), all the waiting is worth it.

With that, here are top brands and places where I buy jackets and coats that you can also check out:

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Some local shops only stock the most recent fashions, which may turn off customers who like more conventional and older looks. Puffer coats aren’t suitable for everyone. A fitted pea coat is something that some people want. If you’re anything other than regular size, you can have a hard time locating outerwear that fits properly. You may get a far greater variety of styles when you shop online. A duster or a waist-length jacket are also options. Best of all, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your needs.

When you purchase online, you also have a larger selection of colors to pick from. Instead of being limited to black, brown, or white, you may select from a spectrum of colors and shades. Let alone locating a green coat, there’s a lot more work to be done. Moss jackets, sage trenches, and forest green pea coats are all available online.

Look for jacket and coat businesses online that are eco-friendly, dedicated to high-end apparel, have a large assortment or specialize in a particular style that you like. Because when you buy online, you have access to a vast array of retailers that cater to your unique fashion requirements.

If you’re a frequent client, or if you haven’t bought anything lately, online retailers may analyze your browsing patterns and give you a discount if you’re a return customer. Because of this method, you can encounter an ad for a deal at a certain business while browsing. You might get offers for anything from gift cards to new-item discounts


Nordstrom does not only offer jackets and coats in stores, but it also has a huge online variety. This shop has a wide variety of styles. Designer labels are available, and you may choose a jacket or coat in any color or style. While Nordstrom is known for its high-end merchandise, it also caters to a broad variety of budgets.

The shop has a wide choice of sizes, from 00 to 28, including tiny sizes. From fur coats to long trench coats to rain slickers, there’s an outerwear style for everyone. That degree of variety is provided by Nordstrom. Shipping is free on every purchase.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Expedition Parka (Black, Medium)

Canada Goose was established in 1957 under a different name, but with the same goal in mind: to create high-quality vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits. Canada Goose makes warm clothing and sportswear for those who want to go outside in the cold but don’t want to feel it. If that’s the case, this store’s large collection of warm coats, jackets, and hoodies will certainly warm your heart. As well as your physical appearance. I think you get the picture.

The North Face

The North Face Men's Half Dome Pullover Hoodie - Hoodies for Men, TNF Black, XL

The North Face of the mountain, according to climbers, is the coldest side. This is where the weather is the worst. The north face of any mountain is only braved by the roughest, the boldest, or possibly the most foolish. Outerwear from the North Face is available for those brave idiots who prefer pushing themselves to their limits in the great outdoors.

Outerwear brand The North Face is well-known. These jackets and coats are built to withstand the most extreme situations and surroundings. Although the North Face is known for being the coldest side of a mountain, the firm was founded in San Francisco. Two trekking buddies decided to open their own mountaineering shop in this city. The North Face was founded, and the rest is history in the world of outerwear.

You may look for jackets and coats by temperature rating, waterproofing level, activity, and more at this online shop.

L.L. Bean

As part of a bigger assortment of clothes and outdoor equipment, the L.L. Bean’s website provides a variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s coats and jackets. The brand has a long history of focusing on the great outdoors, and the majority of its offerings are geared toward active people. This outdoor retailer offers a wide assortment of jackets, coats, and vests in a variety of sizes.

Search for particular qualities like fit, insulation, length, warmth rating, color, and price using the storefront. Ultralight down feather and fill jackets, pack away jackets, puffer jackets, fleece-lined warm-up jackets, winter coats, utility jackets, waterproof insulated jackets, classic anoraks, and many more are available.

Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin Men's Troposphere Jacket M, Black, L

Jack Wolfskin makes jackets for men, women, and children, as well as fleece, raincoats, ski jackets, and three-in-one jackets. Insulation, lightweight construction, windproofing, and waterproofing are among the qualities available. Basically, if you appreciate outdoor activities, you’ll find a coat here that will fit you.

They only come in a limited number of colors, which might be frustrating for people looking for fashionable clothing. Blue, green, red, black, grey, brown, pink, violet, orange, yellow, and white are among the colors available for jackets and coats.

This online retailer, which was founded in 1981 as an environmentally conscientious firm before it was popular, sells outerwear made of 100 percent organic cotton and RDS-certified down. This is the place to go if you’re looking for eco-friendly clothing.


LULULEMON Define Jacket (Incognito Camo Multi Grey, 8)

Lululemon, an athleticwear company aimed at serious athletes, is a favorite of many active women. Puffer coats and fleece will be plentiful. For the fashion-conscious, its items come in a vibrant choice of hues. Lululemon’s designers develop the most up-to-date styles based on the most recent fashion trends.

It uses Glyde fabric for windproofing and rainproofing, as well as sustainably sourced goose down. The storefront has a size range of 2 to 14, which is rather restricted. On the bright side, during checkout, every transaction qualifies for free shipment.


ModCloth has a wide selection of stylish and comfortable outerwear. A super broad choice of sizes from extra, extra tiny (XXS) to extra, extra, extra, extra big (XXL) ensures that you can find apparel in almost any size (4X). This implies that you may shop for anybody here.

ModCloth has coats for everyone. You may assume that this implies you’ll have to pay a lot of money, but you won’t. This business has a variety of styles that start at $40. A vivid red dress coat with black trim or the typical yellow raincoat with a hood may be found here. Get yourself a raincoat and a zip-up jacket. It’s likely that you’ll find everything you’re searching for in the size you need here.

You may get many styles at a lower price here, giving you additional options.


If you want to appear stylish while staying warm on the cheap, Asos is the place to go. Regardless of the season, the variety of styles available remains vast.

Choose a long duster coat, a fake fur green jacket, or a denim jacket. There are a variety of sizes available. Asos caters to people with bodies that don’t fit into “normal” size, as well as those who are tiny or tall. Coats and jackets for ladies in sizes 00 to 26 are available at this shop.

Every purchase comes with free shipping, as well as free returns. For daily shopping, Asos is a fantastic place to start. Shop here first if you can’t see yourself being able to purchase a new winter coat. This is amazing value for money fashion.


Bershka - Fashion and trends online

Bershka is known for its ability to keep you toasty in the cold. It is mostly concerned with the cost of living. Faux fur, shearling, wool, velvet, and other materials are available for coats and jackets. Prices start at $40, so you can shop on a tight budget here.

Bershka has a lot of brands, so the color selection is very extensive, however, the sizes are a bit small. If you’re between sizes extra small and big, you’ll find a coat here. Many individuals are irritated by this. The shop, however, charges a set amount for ordinary delivery, so you won’t go bankrupt on postage.


Everlane is more concerned with warmth than fashion. Cold, colder, and coldest weather are used to evaluate these garments. Everlane has a wide selection of puffer coats. They concentrate on producing the hottest product rather than the most fashionable one.

PrimaLoft is a material used in the jackets at this business. This cold-resistant fabric is lightweight and water-resistant. The best part is that it can be washed in the machine. The retailer assigns a score to each coat based on its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Free delivery is available for first-time purchasers at this online retailer.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Men's Windfoil Elite Jacket, Black Regular M,Medium,Black

Eddie Bauer has a long history of designing outdoor clothing. Because they take cold weather seriously, they employ scientific testing to evaluate their jackets and coats. These garments are made to withstand really cold conditions, therefore you’ll find a coat for temperatures ranging from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit here. The sizes vary from extra small (XS) to extra, extra, extra big, so almost everyone can find a coat that fits (3X).


In the previous several years, Target’s clothes area has been completely revamped. Many specialized shops and other internet merchants have lately formed relationships with this well-known company. Target now offers a large range of jackets and coats in a variety of designs on their website.

Waistcoats, puffer jackets, dress coats, rain slickers, and a variety of other outerwear items are available under the outerwear area. Outerwear at Target comes in a variety of pricing points to suit any budget. Most designs are available in extra small to extra large times four, which is a fair sizing range.


Craghoppers Women's NAT Geo 250 Jacket, Dark Rioja Red, US 12/UK 16

Craghoppers makes environmentally-friendly outdoor apparel, with 70% of their items made of recycled materials. Recycled plastic, reused yarn, and recycled paper are among the materials available. Their coats and jackets, for example, are manufactured entirely of PFC-free textiles.

Men’s and women’s styles are available on the website. Fit, technology, and all of the typical categories may be used to categorize jackets and coats. Craghoppers’ outerwear is built to be both robust and fashionable. Because even when you’re getting in touch with nature, you still want to look your best.


H&M has a wide range of designs from a variety of designers, ensuring that everyone’s fashion needs are met. It’s also not an issue if your style is bright and vivid. If you’re looking for a pink puffer coat or a fake fur jacket in an unusual hue, such as olive green, go no farther than H&M. The business offers a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from extremely small to 4XL. Here, too, shipping is quite inexpensive.


Yumi combines Eastern and Western elements in their women’s coats. Beautiful fabrics, brilliant colors, and unusual patterns distinguish the jackets and coats in this collection. There are both traditional and high-fashion styles, such as cheetah patterns and vest designs, to choose from. However, if you want to add a different layer to your outfit, you may discover designs with an Eastern influence here.

Club Monaco

Club Monaco Women's Cadee Jacket, Aviator Navy, Extra Extra Small

Fashion outerwear is available at Club Monaco. Consider Vogue’s beautiful, fashionable outerwear. You’ll find everything here, from soft Merino wool dusters to warm peacoats. This retailer offers a black fur-trimmed jacket and a midi zip-up jacket that would look great with a pencil skirt.

Coats range in size from extra small to big and are made of premium materials and genuine fur. Club Monaco sells a wide variety of designer labels.


Stio is a hardwearing outdoor apparel company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That means Gore-Tex and insulation, as well as sturdy construction and high-visibility colors, are all available in their jacket and coat lineup. If you plan on going camping, hiking, fishing, or spending time in the great outdoors, Stio will have the ideal clothing for you.


Rain, snow, and cold. Patagonia provides apparel that can help you overcome any of these difficulties. Patagonia is committed to protecting the environment. Among other things, the corporation donates 1% of its revenues to environmental preservation. This firm is an excellent pick for outerwear since they provide a large, trendy assortment of jackets and coats with a variety of features.

Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe’s jackets and coats aren’t designed to be stylish. Everything boils down to results. This is a hunting jacket. These insulated, water-resistant jackets and coats come in a variety of neutral, outdoor-ready hues. Vests, hooded coats, a durable parka or anorak, lightweight jackets, and any additional apparel you could need to venture out into the woods and fields in pursuit of your prey are all available.

Tom Beckbe grew up fishing in Alabama’s woods and hills. He understands what sort of apparel you’ll need for a trip into the big outdoors, and you’ll find it on the site.

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor is a company that creates fashionable but durable apparel. They feature a large assortment of waterproof, insulated, and windproof jackets and coats, including puffer versions, in a variety of styles. The North Face is one of the many big brands they carry. Jackets and coats for men, women, and children are available for purchase here.


Berghaus Men's Tephra Stretch Reflect Jacket, Carbon, M

Berghaus specializes in clothes for all types of outdoor experiences. They specialize in rugged hiking coats that can withstand any weather. This online retailer has a large assortment of waterproof coats, and you may search for jackets by features and colors.

Sierra Trading Post

Sierra is a brand that specializes in cold-weather clothing. Among other things, seek wind and rainproof apparel, insulated coats, and fleece jackets. Work and utility jackets are also available in large quantities. Watersports, camping, trekking, skiing, and being in the snow are all covered by this outfit.

Sierra Trading Post began as a mail-order company in the 1980s, at the same time it began utilizing environmentally friendly wrapping paper. Since then, the business has been on the cutting edge of fashion. Sierra was a pioneer in the online catalog industry. It continues to provide excellent cold-weather clothes in all of the current trends.

Ultimate Outdoors

Jackets and coats from the North Face, Craghoppers, Under Armour, and other well-known brands and shops are available at Ultimate Outdoors. You may search for jackets based on features, style, or activity using the search criteria available here.


When buying outerwear online, you may have queries that you would not have if you were shopping in person. No issue if you have any more inquiries. Get answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about purchasing jackets and coats online, and you’ll be an expert on the topic in no time.

Is it possible to cancel online orders?

woman buying online looking at laptop with shopping bags on table

You have the option to cancel your order if you locate it elsewhere else or for any other reason. You may have to return an item before it may be canceled since many online retailers attempt to dispatch things swiftly. There may be a cost connected with canceling bespoke orders and other kinds of orders. Before you purchase anything, be sure you understand the cancellation policy.

What does it mean to be Arctic-rated?

Various brands and/or manufacturers use words such as Arctic-rated, severe temperature, and sub-zero to differentiate their goods. Labeling regulations are extremely explicit in the United States. Care instructions, fiber content, place of origin, and the maker’s name are all that are required of the manufacturer. Certain requirements must be completed for specialized labels, such as “made in the USA.” Labels like Arctic-rated, on the other hand, have no established requirements.

Look for insulated products if you want to wear clothes that can withstand severe cold. Because of wool’s inherent insulating characteristics, a wool coat or jacket will keep you toasty warm. Some manufacturers will list the temperatures that their apparel can sustain. This will allow you to limit your alternatives and locate something that will keep you warm in cold weather.

Why does the coat not fit you even if you purchased it in your size?

If you buy a coat designed by a designer from another nation, you may need to return it to the retailer and purchase the following size up. Each country’s size varies a lot. In Japanese sizing, a lady who wears a size four in the United States would be a medium, and in French sizing, a size six.

When buying, always double-check size charts. To be sure, get your tape measure out and double-check your measures. It’s a lot simpler if you get something that fits right away.

Keep in mind that your jackets and coats may be worn with heavier attire, such as a sweater. There’s a chance you’ve got a lot of layers on, which will increase bulk. Consider this while purchasing cold-weather jackets; you may need to size bigger.

Can leather jackets get wet?

Laverapelle Men's Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket (Black, Medium, Polyester Lining) - 1501200

Leather, like any other material, may get wet when exposed to water. Wet leather, on the other hand, is susceptible to harm. If you’ve ever worn a suede jacket in the rain, or if you’ve watched the “Seinfeld” episode about it, you know that leather may get water-spotted when worn in the rain. When water hits the leather, the natural oils attach to the water molecules. As the water evaporates, it picks up these oils. Water stains may result from this. It may also cause the leather to become dry and brittle since it needs those oils to keep supple and pliable.

If the weather forecast calls for rain, you may always turn your jacket inside out to preserve the leather. Otherwise, try to avoid being caught in the rain as much as possible. Hang up your jacket as soon as you reach a dry spot. Ensure that it is not in direct sunlight. Allow it to air dry for the most part before applying leather conditioner softly and thoroughly. If the leather seems to be overly dry or cracked in any area, apply a bit of additional conditioner in circular movements.

Where should a logo go on a jacket?

Logos for jackets may be placed in a variety of ways. High on the chest, near the shoulder, a few inches beneath the collar, company or individual names are often sewn. This might happen on either the left or right side of your body. Jacket logos may also be seen on the top shoulder of the jacket or going down the sleeve in a sideways fashion. Logos and names are most often placed in these areas on a jacket.

Is it possible to purchase vintage jackets on the internet?

You don’t have to hunt your local second-hand stores for vintage clothing if you’re looking for them. Vintage clothes are sold by a number of internet stores. Only vintage clothing is sold at stores like Thrifted. Other shops sell both old and new clothing. Some retailers specialize in brand-new vintage-style looks, such as vintage-style bomber jackets and other classic designs. If you narrow your search to vintage clothing, you’ll discover places that sell it.

Can I return anything purchased online?

If you get an item that does not fit or otherwise does not meet your expectations, online clothing companies offer return procedures. Most online retailers offer return policies, but some may need a bit more effort on your part. Before you purchase anything, check the store’s return policy to see whether you can fulfill the policy’s conditions. The simplest approach to avoid having to return products is to utilize sizing charts, which assure that you will get items that are at least the correct size.

When it comes to bespoke jackets, how much should you spend?

When it comes to pulling together any appearance, the correct jacket can make a huge impact. A bespoke jacket communicates to the world that you want to seem polished, polished, and dressed to kill. So long as you’re keeping up with the latest trends, that is. But how much money should you devote to your appearance?

How often will you put the jacket on? Is the jacket versatile enough to be used for a variety of events? Is it possible to clean this jacket easily if it becomes soiled? When it comes to purchasing a jacket, all of these factors should be considered.

A high-quality jacket does not have to be expensive. It’s a prevalent belief that if something costs more, it’s worth more. It’ll be more opulent, durable, and fashionable. This is just not the case. Even the cheapest items may be well-made.

Make a decision on how much you want to spend on a jacket. Subtract a third from the total. That’s how much a quality jacket should cost. Spend less money by seeking methods to save, such as thrift store shopping or searching for internet discount codes.

Should you dry clean your jackets and coats?

woman pouring laundry detergent on washing machine

Many coats and jackets are not machine washable. Dry cleaning is required for wool coats, as well as jackets and coats with insulation or filling. If you try to machine-wash down, it will become clumpy and rough. Fleece and fake fur, two more typical coat and jacket fabrics, need expert dry cleaning as well.

Have your ordinary winter coat cleaned at least once a year, unless it becomes soiled or discolored, in which case it will need to be cleaned again. In most situations, coats that are used just a few times a year may be cleaned once or twice a year.

Jackets made of common materials like vinyl and leather may be washed at home, but not in the same washing machine as your other garments. Jackets may be cleaned by hand in the majority of cases. Follow the care label’s directions, and specific cleaning materials and techniques may be required for specialty products like leather coats. Leather, suede, and other typical jacket fabrics may usually be cleaned at home. These goods may also be brought to the dry cleaning if they have a stain or you don’t want to risk it.

How do you convert inches to centimeters?

You might not always be working with US sizes and dimensions when purchasing online. You may shop for garments from all around the globe via online shopping. As a result, you’ll have to cope with a variety of sizes from all over the globe. Outside of the United States, several nations utilize the metric system, which is a whole distinct measurement system. When shopping for clothing online, you may notice that size guides are in centimeters rather than inches. Multiply by 2.54 to get the conversion. Three inches times 2.54 equals 7.62 inches. Three inches equals 7.62 cm.

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