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53 Distinct Men’s Fashion Styles

The way men dress has undergone numerous transformations over the course of history. Men used to dress in loincloths and nothing else for most of their time in the world back then. In the past, men sported tights.

Throughout history, fashion has changed as new styles have become popular and new clothing technologies have become available to consumers. In the past, have you worn many different men’s fashion styles? If not, which ones do you intend to try in the future?

The following is a comprehensive guide to men’s fashion in each of the various styles.

  1. Artsy
  2. Athleisure
  3. Beatnik
  4. Biker
  5. Tie in a black color
  6. Bohemian
  7. Professional
  8. Casual
  9. Chav
  10. Classic
  11. Dress for a night on the town
  12. Clubhouse
  13. Cowboy
  14. Cyberpunk
  15. Academic darkness
  16. Disco
  17. E-boy
  18. Emo
  19. European
  20. Geek
  21. Glam edge
  22. Goth
  23. Grunge
  24. Rock and roll
  25. The art form of hip-hop
  26. Hippie
  27. Hipster
  28. Indie
  29. Kodona
  30. Military
  31. Minimalist
  32. Mod
  33. Nautical
  34. Normcore
  35. Office wear
  36. Psychedelic
  37. Punk
  38. Preppy
  39. Rave
  40. Rockabilly
  41. Rocker
  42. Rugged
  43. Scene
  44. Scrumbro
  45. Semi-Formal
  46. Skateboarder
  47. The Sloane Ranger
  48. Softboy
  49. Steampunk
  50. Street style
  51. Surfer
  52. Vintage
  53. Yuppie

Now that we are familiar with the different styles of men’s wear, let’s address some common concerns.

  • Which fashion trends are there in the world today?
  • What is it about a man’s style that sets him apart from the rest?
  • What are some of the most interesting men’s fashion trends?
  • What is the appropriate attire for each occasion?
  • What is your personal sense of style when it comes to clothing?
  • What kind of wool should you use for suits?
  • In terms of clothing, how much money should you allot yourself?
  • In what ways can you trick people into thinking your clothes are pricey?
  • What are the most effective ways to enhance your personal style?
  • Is wearing a watch a good way to accessorize?
  • What color is best suited to your skin tone?
  • How can you stand out from the crowd?
  • Should your shirt be tucked in or left hanging out?

A Brief History of Men’s Clothing

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Symbols of status and wealth can be conveyed through clothing. Prehistoric cavemen noticed who had the best animal pelts wrapped around them. He was more successful at his job — which was hunting and gathering in those days — and held a higher position in the cave because of his better-looking pelt.

To stand out or blend in, men’s fashion has been used in the past. Togas were worn by men in ancient Rome, which consisted of nothing more than a piece of cloth slung over their shoulders.

There is always a deeper meaning to fashion. What are you saying about yourself through your clothing choices? My style tells the world something about me.

Styles of Clothing

For a long time, men’s fashion styles varied widely. Different looks have been popular and then faded away so that new trends could take their place. Every single one of these styles has its own unique inspirations, meanings, and messages.

Every one of these looks has a unique back story to go along with it. Where do you feel most at home?


This is an artsy man man wearing a hat, glasses and scarf.

Think outside the box when it comes to the artsy look. If you want to make a statement, this is the style you should go with. This is a flamboyant, vibrant, and eye-catching style. Try new things and be innovative.

The artsy style is all about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to show off your individuality.


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The athleisure trend has taken over. This is unquestionably one of the most current looks you can don. The athleisure trend, which is all about wearing athletic clothing, has been adopted by the most fashionable designers and celebrities.

Instead of going to the gym, you’re showing off your fashion sense in this attire. Athletic clothing includes everything from tracksuits to sweat pants to sneakers to T-shirts to tank tops.

Do it in style

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Make your athleisure look more fashionable by adding a few accessories. This look is complete with a baseball cap and a sports watch.


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In the 1950s, the beatniks were a group of young dissident intellectuals.

Beatniks were members of a generation that identified with writers like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, who wore all black to demonstrate their disdain for the status quo. At one time, this was the ultimate fashion statement. The beatnik look is now a fashion staple.

The beatniks were more than just a group of misfit teenagers. They discussed poetry and literature while wearing form-fitting black clothing, a departure from the fashion standards of the day. This look is defined by black turtlenecks, skinny capri pants, and straight-leg pants.

Add a goatee and a demure demeanor, and you’ll get the full effect.


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In the world of men’s fashion, the biker look is one of the most popular, something that can instantly be recognized. And it seems to enthrall women in equal measure. Fortunately, a stylish biker look can be achieved with a minimal amount of accessories.

Make sure to keep in mind the most important accessory: a heart of gold hidden beneath that bad boy persona!

The leather jacket is, of course, a must-have for any biker’s wardrobe. Biker jackets are typically short and have a lot of zippers, making them even cooler than they already are. Gentleman’s Journal recommends a full-grain leather jacket.

Many bikers prefer to wear jeans or leather pants as their bottoms. Classic motorcycle boots are a must. Finish the look with a simple white T-shirt, or wear a graphic T to show off your individuality.

Tie in Black

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It’s not uncommon for black-tie events to have a dress code of some sort. This is a formal-occasion-only look that you’ll see at weddings, anniversaries, and other high-profile gatherings. If you don’t adhere to this dress code, you’ll look over or underdressed at any black-tie event.

Black-tie attire requires a jacket with silk lapels. If the lapels are silk, the jacket can have a notched lapel, a shawl lapel, or a peak lapel. Tie your hair back, and wear the jacket with tuxedo pants and your favorite shirt.

A standard necktie, a bowtie, or an ascot will do. You can wear a dress shirt or a tuxedo shirt, depending on the occasion. You don’t have to wear a black tie. According to GQ, you can wear a jacket and pants in any color, as well as a tie in any color.

Adopt a new look

Dress watch, cufflinks, and a pocket square complete the black-tie look. Make your hair look tidy by styling it.


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When it comes to bohemian fashion, being a little out of the ordinary is key. You’re a little bit quirky, too, so you’ll fit right in. this is fine with me as well.

There is an artistic and free-flowing quality to the bohemian style. A big part of this look’s appeal is the use of bright, eye-catching hues and patterns. The boho look is frequently seen in light-colored ripped jeans and light-colored slacks, particularly pleated trousers.

They look great together: colorful button-down shirts and loose, V-necked T-shirts. To complete your bohemian look, don low-cut shoes and a hat with a floppy brim when you’re feeling daring.


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There’s a lot more to being a bro than just playing sports, hanging out with other bros, and eating wings. When it comes to bro style, there is a distinct fashion at play. If so, have you figured out how to get the same effect at home?

Bro fashion is heavily influenced by sports gear, including jerseys. Bro fashion includes hoodies, oversized jeans, shorts, and T-shirts. By the standards of GQ, a baseball cap is a must-have item.

Business Casual

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It used to be so simple. Watching old movies and TV shows from the 1940s and 1950s will show you that men used to dress up for work in a suit and tie. That was a huge time-saver. That being said, it was also a source of discomfort. Men now have more choices in modern men’s fashion.

Professional, yet laid-back, the term “business casual” has gained popularity in recent years. So, how do you strike a balance between being too informal and being overly formal?

According to the Modest Man, wearing jeans is too casual, while wearing a suit is inappropriate. It’s all about finding a happy medium when it comes to business attire. Polo shirts and other collared shirts are both acceptable options. Dress boots and shoes, even more, casual styles like loafers, are acceptable (but not sneakers).

You don’t have to wear a tie or a blazer, but you can do so to give your outfit a more polished look. Any type of slack, from khakis to dress slacks, can be worn here. However, you should stay away from outfits that are overly casual, such as cargo pants.

Indie Business Attire

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If you’re going to be in a business setting, you’ll want to look your best. The term “indie” refers to films that aren’t produced by a major studio and typically don’t have a lot of money to spend. The same holds true for indie music.

Without a well-known record label, artists are putting out their own music. Independent fashion is a means of expressing one’s admiration for the various forms of indie art through the use of clothing.

To look like an indie, you don’t need to follow the latest fashion trends or wear name-brand clothing. Peruse the racks of vintage and thrift shops. Keep your wardrobe simple and classic.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles. Wear whatever you want because indie is all about being yourself.

The Ivy League

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The Ivy League has a distinct reputation and a distinct appearance. You’re conservative, educated, and probably from New England if you’re sporting the ivy league look, also known as the ivy style.

The Ivy League style is defined by a combination of suits, slacks, and blazers, striped club ties, and loafers. This look’s mainstays include cardigans, button-up shirts, and polo shirts. To put it mildly, Gentleman’s Gazette recommends khaki pants and penny loafers as a wardrobe staple.

Herringbone jackets, striped ties, and school sweaters are all classic Ivy League fashion elements. Put them to good use, and you’ll have a stunning look.


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The kodona style was originally originated in Japan. The foundation of this look is a set of shirts and knickers that harken back to the style of the Victorian era. Short pants and knee socks and top hats and newsboy caps are common elements of the style.


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Wearing military-style clothing, a person appears to be masculine. You probably associate military style with camouflage patterns, combat boots, and fatigues. There is no denying that military fashions heavily influence men’s clothing.

Crew-neck T-shirts, bomber jackets, and a variety of boot styles can all be traced back to the military. Combat boots alone aren’t enough to achieve the military look. It’s a great look if done correctly

For a fashionable military look, classic military pieces like bomber jackets and cargo pants, T-shirts, and combat boots are all you need. Make sure your shirt is tucked in and your boots are clean and shiny! You can also incorporate camouflage pieces into your outfits.

Mixing and matching different elements is the key to a successful military look.


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As a trend, minimalism has spread to everything. It’s a trend in both home design and fashion, a slimming down and toning down, and a reduction in excess. Minimalism is all about clean lines, subdued colors, and a pared-down approach to fashion.

To achieve a clean, simple look, stick to a few basic colors for your outfit. Wear all black and grey, or all grey and navy, or white and black, or any combination thereof. Elegant simplicity is the essence of minimalism. To achieve this, keep patterns to a minimum. It’s important that your clothes fit perfectly.

Accents and small details, such as a watch or a pocket square, can make a minimalist look stand out. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the extras. Ultimately, the philosophy of minimalism states that less is more. Simplicity comes in the form of an unadorned men’s suit.


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In the 1960s, London was the first place to see the mod style take hold of the fashion world. With a bit of a sleek, tailored look. Chelsea boot styles and sleek suits set the music and fashion worlds ablaze in the early days of the Beatles.

To achieve a modern look, wear tailored suits, polo shirts, and slim-fit pants. Bold colors like red, white, black, and blue in classic hues like these are key to this look’s success. With a bomber or parka jacket, you can complete your mod look.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of low-cut dress shoes to complete your mod look. Consider a shaggy bowl haircut and Chelsea boots if you really want to look modern.


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There are many famous men who have stepped out in nautical attire, including some of the most intriguing figures in history. Even if you’re not on a boat, you can still sport a nautical look. To achieve a high-class look, many have successfully incorporated nautical elements into their clothing.

Slacks, particularly chinos, are a great choice for any nautical-themed outfit. For sunny days, white and light-colored pant styles are ideal. Breton shirts, striped long-sleeved shirts are strongly associated with the nautical look.

Adding a navy blazer to the ensemble adds yet another layer of sophistication. Socks are a thing of the past. It’s all about the sockless look for the nautical look.

If you wear white, blue, and red as your primary colors, you’ll look like a true nautical man.


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Normcore style doesn’t require you to think outside the box when it comes to your fashion choices. All you have to do is go along with the flow and copy whatever style is popular at the time. Normcore is straightforward and simple.

If you’re looking for something to wear that doesn’t stand out and doesn’t make a statement, think turtlenecks, jeans, button-up shirts, and more traditional fashions and clothing styles.

Professional Attire

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It’s difficult to maintain an office-appropriate style because dress codes vary widely between workplaces. However, a few key pieces and an understanding of how to put them together will allow you to confidently enter any workplace.

A few dark grey, navy, or black suits will work well in any office setting. You should have at least one suit in your closet at all times for any number of situations.

In the workplace, a navy blazer is always appropriate. It goes well with either khaki or grey pants. Dress shirts are essential. For the best results, use neutral colors, such as bright white, with no patterns or textures.

When it comes to work attire, it’s always best to go conservative. Do not want a lot of colors or patterns in the design. You’ll appear trustworthy, experienced, and professional if you stick to neutral colors and solids. Adding a dark pullover sweater to your cold-weather wardrobe is a great way to keep warm.

Wear a matching belt and shoes to tie the look together. Don’t wear loafers; instead, go with oxfords or another formal shoe. Avoid white and patterned socks by wearing black, brown, or grey socks.

With your tie, you can show off a little bit of your personality. This is a great place to add a splash of color or a fun pattern. Just make sure your ties don’t look out of place in the office. The office is not the place to wear silly or novelty ties.

In a formal office setting, you’ll want to dress in business professional style. That “power suit” is yours for taking in this conservative look. You can wear either a grey or black suit, either with or without the pinstripes, a white dress shirt and a tie that isn’t too bright.

You want to wear a pair of polished dress shoes. Make sure your hair is neat and you’re clean-shaven so you don’t look like a slob. Add a matching silk pocket square to complete the look.


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It’s all about the tie-dye! Neutral colors and natural fabrics were the original inspiration for the hippie style, which lacked any sort of glitz or glamour in its design. However, as the decade came to a close in the 1960s, fashion began to take on a more vibrant hue.

When colorful pop art began to emerge, it profoundly affected fashion, making it more vibrant, and the psychedelic look was born.

Psychedelic fashion brought bright colors and tie-dye to the fashion scene. It was a big year for jewel tones and royal hues. A variety of hues were blended together. There is still a strong influence of the late 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic style in the vibrant and exciting look.


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A leather jacket, denim pants, and boots complete the look of a punk guy. Punk rock roughed up rock and roll and showed that it had a tougher side, putting a hard edge on the genre. A side that was fueled by rage, energy, and a sense of rebellion.

A new wave of popular music began to emerge in the late 1970s that resonated with a generation. They began to notice the punk style as time went on.

Punk was edgier than rock, and this was reflected in both the music and the clothing. T-shirts and ripped skinny jeans are punk-style staples. Even better if your shirt has been slashed in some way.

Remove the sleeves, shave off the collar, and have fun with it. Because safety pins are so punk rock, if you accidentally cut too much off of your shirt, pin it back together with them.

Punk style is incomplete without leather jackets. Additionally, Converse sneakers for both tennis and skateboarding are extremely popular. Then there are the extras, of course.

Punk rock fashion is all about chains, spikes, belts, bands, and buttons. Make sure you don’t forget about the hair. Punk rock locks are frequently adorned with spikes, mohawks, shaved sections, and bright colors.


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In addition to preppie, prepster, and collegiate style, the preppy look is a truly timeless trend.

The look first appeared in the early 1900s, and it hasn’t gone away completely since. It can be difficult to achieve a preppy look. Every time you try something new, you’ll get it right if you know a few basic formulae.

Final Word

In most cases, people think that dressing up as a man is easier. They think that men have little to trouble deciding their outfits. However, that’s simply not true.

Choose any fashion style mentioned in this article and make a style statement every day.