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Top 18 Most Popular Wig Brands

Wigs are a must-have if you love playing around with your looks. If you prefer changing your hairstyle or hair color but don’t want to commit, then wigs are a perfect choice. You can be long-haired one day, and then have it in a pixie cut the next. Then, you can change colors every day without damaging your hair.

With that, here are the top wig brands you should definitely check out:

Jon Renau

Bundle - 4 Item: easiPart HD XL 12" Hairpiece by Jon Renau, Christy's Wigs Q & A Booklet, Synthetic Shampoo & Wide Tooth Comb - Color: 12FS8

In 1969, Jon Renau started making wigs and selling them. His wigs, hairpieces and toppers collection has since evolved to become one of the most well-known in the world. His company is still run by his family, and they’ve stuck to their purpose of listening to and nurturing their clients’ needs. This company has been in continuous popularity among those who buy and use wigs and hairpieces because they provide a broad selection of styles and colors.


Illusions by Jon Renau provides all you need for fantasy, costume, and party wigs in interesting styles and colors at moderate costs, ranging from pink to glitter gray.

Raquel Welch Wigs

Bundle - 5 items: Classic Cut by Raquel Welch Wig, Christy's Wigs Q & A Booklet, Wig Shampoo, Wig Cap & Wide Tooth Comb (Color Selected: RL1012)

Raquel Welch is a Hollywood star and a fashion icon, so it’s only natural that she would establish an incredible wig line to share with the world. Raquel Welch, who founded the company a decade ago, is now one of the most well-known wig companies in the world. This firm also makes hairpieces and extensions, as well as wigs with genuine human hair and synthetic hair. Raquel Welch’s wigs are popular because of their vibrant colors, sturdy structure, and general wearability.

Ellen Wille

Bundle - 4 Items: Turn Wig by Ellen Wille, Christy's Wigs Q & A Booklet, BeautiMark Synthetic Shampoo & Wide Tooth Comb - Caramel Rooted

Ellen Wille continues to manufacture wigs that astonish those who wear them as Europe’s premier wig, hair topper, and hairpieces company. This company’s wigs come in a variety of hair colors, are made of high-quality hair, and have a unique cap that provides the impression that the hair is genuine and not a wig.

Vivica Fox Wigs

Vivica A. Fox OPRAH-2-V Synthetic Fiber, PS Cap Wig in Color P42730

Vivica Fox, an actress, producer, and model who is well-known across the globe, has founded a firm that creates a wide range of wigs and hair extensions as part of its highly popular and trendy collection, which is always changing to keep up with the newest color and style trends.

These elements are designed to give you the most comfortable, best-fitting, and dramatic appearance possible, ensuring that you seem like a star. They provide lines for black ladies, as well as human and synthetic wigs and other hair items.


Modern Flair Wig Color R10 CHESTNUT - Hairdo Wigs Mid-Length Layered Soft Wave Bob Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic

Choose a Hairdo ready-to-wear wig, hairpiece, or hair extension if you want to have a fantastic hair day every day. They’re simple to put on, comfy, and come in a variety of styles to suit any lady who wants to walk out in style.


Eva Gabor Gl44-51 Pinnacle Wig by Hairuwear

Gabor is the brand for you if you love traditional shorter wig types. Their synthetic wigs are regarded as being among the lightest and most pleasant on the market. They’re classy, elegant, and simple to put on and take care of.

Noriko Wig Collection

ROBIN Wig #1639 designed by Noriko for Rene of Paris, Bundle - 2 Items: Wig and Wig Lift Comb (Color Selected: Champagne-R)

The Noriko Wig Collection combines quality, elegance, and comfort since it is handcrafted from the finest materials. These fantastic wigs, hair toppers, and normal cap wigs are made using color technology that uses multi-color tones on a single strand. Noriko provides a product for everyone, whether you want a synthetic hair wig, a natural hair wig, or a hairpiece.

Envy Wigs

Cassandra (Large) by Envy Wigs, Color Chosen: Amaretto Cream

With his love for amazing hair for clients globally, seasoned designer Alan Eaton founded Envy Wigs. He has leveraged his years of expertise working with a variety of different wig lines to develop the finest of the best wigs that are not only natural-looking but also comfortable and stylish. There is a style for everyone, from wigs made from actual human hair to lace front wigs.

Forever Young

Forever Young (Hollywood Honey) - Synthetic Full Wig in DARK BROWN

Forever Young offers a style that will appeal to you, whether you want exceptionally long hair, short hair, or medium hair. This firm provides a wide range of wigs and hairpieces, from natural hues to brilliantly colored wigs, to suit everyone’s taste. Forever Young has a wig or hairpiece to meet your mood, whether it’s a Rockstar style or a traditional one.

Wig Pro Wigs is a wig company that specializes in the production of

Wig Pro has an incredible selection of men’s and women’s wigs. To make wigs, hair extensions, and men’s and women’s hairpieces that match everyone’s lifestyle, the firm has integrated design processes with a range of color possibilities.

Louis Ferre

Louis Ferre has established a famous name in the wig market by creating attractive wigs and other hair products utilizing the newest technologies. Human hair, lace front, and synthetic wigs are all available in the range. Louis Ferre has attained a level of incredible comfort that allows him to continue to design the best, most inventive wigs in the market.

Rene of Paris

BRANDI Monofilament Wig #2503 Amore Collection by Rene of Paris, Bundle - 2 items: Wig and Wig Lift Comb (Color Selected: DARK CHOCOLATE)

Rene of Paris has designed a variety of hairpieces and synthetic wigs that are natural-looking and ready-to-wear that you will enjoy. This business has a wide range of appealing designs that have been refined by years of creative expertise. Parisian René Is well renowned for its high-fashion but basic traditional designs with organically blended colors.

Amore Wigs and Hair Toppers

Bundle - 4 items: Evanna Wig by Amore, Christy's Wigs Q & A Booklet, BeautiMark Synthetic Shampoo & Wide Tooth Comb - Color: PLUMBERRY JAM-LR

Amore is recognized for its high-quality wigs and hairpieces, which are designed with a double layer monofilament construction to ensure optimum comfort while maintaining a current look. Handcrafted weaving processes provide greater wearability than conventional wigs and hairpieces while maintaining a natural appearance.


Bundle - 2 items: Devocion Wig by Belle Tress (item#1), Christy's Wigs Q & A Booklet (item#2) - Color: Cola with Devocion

Since 1982, BelleTress Wigs has been a major player in the hair and beauty business, with headquarters in Southern California. Life is too short for boring hair, according to BelleTress. BelleTress Wigs provides the wig for you, whether you desire a natural, utilitarian wig or a more dramatic, exciting style. The organization recognizes the importance of not only having a good time but also changing your appearance with a range of styles, colors, and trends.


Hair u wear Hairdo Long With Layers Natural Looking, Sleek Wig by Hairuwear, Average size, R11S+ Glazed Mocha, HDLYWGR11S+

HairUWear is the creator of the HIM Collection. Men’s wigs and hairpieces are available in a variety of edgy designs in this category. The lace front on these classic pieces is designed to be quite adaptable. This brand just produced six new men’s wig types that provide a wide range of appearances to suit any guy.


Tressallure California Beach Waves (Dark Auburn) Wig

TressAllure has a stunning choice of bright hues that will make anybody the envy of her peers when it comes to wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions. TressAllure provides a style that you will adore and embrace whether you are experiencing hair loss or just desire a fresh hairdo.


Estetica Design (Petite Charm) - Synthetic Full Wig in RH1488

Estetica Designs has been making natural-looking wigs in a variety of haircuts and hues for over three decades. This firm has been able to remain ahead of the hairstyle trends for more than 30 years and is one of the top pioneers in hair cap development.

Wig FAQs: 7 Most Asked Questions

What is the most natural-looking wig?

QUINLUX WIGS #1b30 Color Body Wave Human Hair Wigs 180% Density HD Transparent Lace Human Hair Wigs 13x6 Lace Front Wig Pre Plucked Brazilian Remy Human Hair Glueless Wig For Black Women18 inch

Wigs made with Remy human hair seem to be the most natural, although lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, and full lace wigs are also available. The most realistic and natural wig is one that makes it seem as though the hair is sprouting from your own scalp.

Which human hair is the best for wigs?

By far, the greatest human hair for making high-quality wigs is Remy human hair, according to specialists. Because the cuticles of each hair are maintained in place and run in the same direction when the wig is made, Remy hair seems to be the greatest alternative. It looks and feels more natural than other wigs because of this procedure.

When did people start wearing wigs?

Wigs were fashionable in the 18th century, and those of status and affluence wore them.

Who was the first to wear the wig as a trend?

The periwig was worn by King Louis XIII, who introduced the fad.

What was the significance of the white wigs worn by the British?

Topcosplay Men or Women Colonial George Historical Judge Costumes Wig White Halloween Wigs

Traders wore brown wigs, while the more affluent wore white wigs, based on their social standing. Gray ones were worn by professionals, while judges and military personnel wore white ones.

What factors should you consider while purchasing a wig?

To establish what size wig to wear, measure the circumference of your head from the hairline two behind the ear into the back of the neck, then over to the other ear and back to the front.

What is the best method for putting on a wig?

You flatten your hair with a wig cap first, then powder the wig’s cap with a powder that matches your skin tone. Starting at the front and moving back, you lay the wig on top of your head before correcting the wig’s part and you’re good to go.

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