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12 Different Types of Collared Shirts for Men

Men’s fashion isn’t as wide as that of women’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

I’ve always looked at collared shirts as the must-have for every men’s closet. It’s sort of like the Little Black Dress for women that can be easily made into a semi-casual or formal attire. When I looked at what to get my husband for his birthday, I’d always buy a collared shirt. I believe it’s very versatile and can be mixed and matched for the occasion.

With that said, here are different types of collared shirts for men, and how they can be styled.

Striped Full-Sleeve Shirts for Formal Events

Van Heusen Men's Pinpoint Regular Fit Stripe Button Down Collar Dress Shirt, Blue, 15.5" Neck 32"-33" Sleeve

Are you proud of your strong physique? Do you like flaunting it at social gatherings? If so, slim-fit striped formal full sleeve shirts may meet your shirt needs in a formal atmosphere, since they are best suited for guys who are tall and muscularly built. As the name implies, these shirts have stripes all throughout. They’re appropriate for a variety of formal occasions, including meetings, fancy luncheons, and interviews, as well as everyday office wear.

Formal Plain Full-Sleeve Shirts

Amazon Brand - Buttoned Down Men's Slim Fit French Cuff Micro Twill Non-Iron Dress Shirt, Black, 17.5" Neck 35" Sleeve

Do you have a job that requires you to wear a suit? Are they too edgy or unconventional for your taste? If so, replace them with professional slacks, a belt, and a simple full-sleeved shirt. These formal basic shirts are available from a variety of manufacturers and come in a variety of colors. This outfit is less expensive and more comfy than a tailored outfit.

Plaid Shirts With Full Sleeves

Legendary Whitetails Men's Standard Buck Camp Flannel Shirt, Shale Plaid, Medium

The softest and most comfortable shirts after linen shirts are plaid shirts. Flannel is a soft woven fabric that comes in a variety of finenesses. They’re now also produced out of synthetic fibers. They feature a criss-cross vertical and lateral band tartan design all over them. This pattern is often made up of a variety of hues, which adds another layer of interest to your ensemble.

In the winter, full-sleeve plaid shirts are ideal. By wearing them with a variety of jeans, cardigans, and jackets, you may dress them up or down. For a casual, street, or back-to-school look, layer it over a graphic-printed tee and frayed jeans. With a blazer and loafers or brogues, you may even wear them to a formal function.

Casual Slim Fit Shirts

KUYIGO Men’s Casual Slim Fit Shirts Long Sleeve Polo Shirts XL Black

Casual slim-fit shirts are just the kind of shirts you may wear to any casual gathering to flaunt the results of your gym sessions. They come in a variety of colors and may be worn with chino or jeans. Their figure-hugging effect accentuates the body’s toned and fit appearance. For a sophisticated style, you may get them from a variety of companies for a reasonable price.

White Linen Shirts

Mens Button Down Shirts Casual Short Sleeve Linen Tops Cotton Lightweight Fishing Tees Spread Collar Plain Shirt (Large, 01 White)

Do you like clothing that is soft and comfortable? Do you prefer the color white over any other? If you answered yes, then a basic white linen shirt is an amazing option to include in your wardrobe. You may seem relaxed and stylish by wearing a white linen shirt with slacks or jeans. These shirts are lightweight and spacious, making them ideal for the sweltering summer months. These tees are appropriate for any occasion. You can dress them up with formal trousers and a tie since they’re white.

Striped Half-Sleeve Shirts

ZAFUL Men's Regular-Fit Striped Print Half Button Long Sleeve Casual Shirt(A-Gray,M)

For a long time, these shirts were popular. These shirts, which are short-sleeved and spacious, are ideal for middle-aged women who want to look stylish during the hot summer days. Buying shirts with various colors and stripes allows you to experiment with the look. You may wear them with formal slacks and a tie to any formal function, including an office meeting or a client lunch.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts

Van Heusen Men's Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt, Blue, Medium

For the last 120 years, refined gentlemen have been wearing the Oxford button-down shirt. They’re fashioned of oxford cloth. It is thicker than some other shirting fabrics, as the name indicates. These shirts include a hanging hook at the back of the yoke and buttons from top to bottom. They come in a variety of colors and brands and may be worn with either pants or jeans. They seem more attractive with pants since they are generally used for formal gatherings.

Denim Shirts

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Basic One-Pocket Denim Shirt, Large

Denim is no longer only for jeans; it’s also for shirts and jackets. Denim is a popular fabric that almost everyone possesses. It’s time to get a denim shirt if you want to add a contemporary casual apparel item to your collection. It’s appropriate for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

These shirts are generally constructed of lighter denim than regular jeans. Wearing these shirts with denim trousers can help you achieve a casual street vibe.

Chambray Shirts

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, Navy, X-Large

Do you think that the material of a chambray and denim shirt is the same? If you answered yes, you were wrong. The chambray shirts have a simple weave, but the denim shirts have a twill weave, despite the fact that they belong to the same family.

If you don’t like wearing too much denim, chambray shirts are a good option. You may wear them with jeans, but experts recommend that you keep them a shade apart to prevent a fashion faux pas. As a result, chino pants have a better fit. If you’re going to a resort, layer one of these shirts over a white tee and combine it with some brightly colored shorts, and you’ll be good to go.

Camouflage Shirts

Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Heavy Weight Fleece Shirt, Green Camo, Large

Camouflage shirts have made a big splash in the fashion world recently, and they’ve quickly dominated it. A camouflage shirt may be found in any fashionable and high-end clothing shop and fashion show. One of these shirts should be in your collection if you desire a casual but fashionable style.

It goes well with chino or distressed jeans. You may also wear it over a t-shirt and wrap it around your midsection for a relaxed street style. If it’s freezing outside, wear it with a biker jacket to show off the camo pattern.

Grandad Collared Shirts

Makkrom Mens Long Sleeve Shirts Linen Button Down Beach Yoga Casual Summer Shirts

Do the harsh surface of regular collared shirts cause you to develop rashes? Do neck-hugging collars irritate your skin? If so, checkered grandad collar shirts may be substituted. Both for casual and formal occasions, these shirts may be worn in a variety of ways.

For more informal occasions, you may leave them open or buttoned down. Put on dark-washed or basic torn jeans with a plain white t-shirt and cover it with an undone dark-colored grandad collar shirt if you’re tired of the traditional shirt and tees combination.

If you want it buttoned up, a lighter shirt with dark skinny jeans or likewise is a good option. A black grandad collar shirt may also be worn with a black chino or skinny jeans if you want to keep it completely dark.

If you need to attend a conference or other formal occasion, match this sophisticated shirt with narrow-fit pants, black shoes, and a professional jacket, and you’ll be set to go in fashionable formal clothes. With a waistcoat, it will look much better. If you don’t already have one, we recommend investing in this flexible and comfortable shirt, which will be a great addition to your wardrobe both for casual and formal occasions.

Short-Sleeve Shirt with Cuban Collar

Hestenve Mens Short Sleeve Cuban Camp Guayabera Shirt Cotton Hippie Beach Button Down Shirts Navy

Do you love the show Narcos? Do you like how the drug lords’ clothing is laid-back yet vibrant and colorful? If you answered yes, you may wear their Cuban collar and short sleeve shirts this summer since fifties fashion is making a return. The open neck, roomy fit, and buttoned front are all features of these shirts.

They’re ideal for summer since they generally have bright summery motifs like birds, plants, and flowers on them. Simply pair these with some shorts and go to the beach for a relaxed day of sunbathing.

Now that you’ve learned about the many sorts of shirts and how to style them, make sure you choose the appropriate ones for the occasion and match them with the appropriate jeans or trousers.

After all, your shirt will establish your style statement regardless of where you travel!

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