18 Different Types of Hair Pins

Blonde hair with various hair pins.

Are you tired of holding up your hair in the same old hair band in the same old pony? Well, you have more than enough options at your disposal. Better yet, do you want to achieve the Duchess of Sussex signature messy bun? It is the perfect mixture of glamour, subtle and royal. Well, you too can rock the royal look effortlessly. How? Glad you asked. 

Hairpins have continually proved themselves to be an outstanding accessory in each hair tale. At least the one’s I know of (some were not hair-related). However, for today, let us talk about all things hair. Hairpins accentuate your look and can upgrade your look drastically. The good thing about them is they don’t have an age limit!

Anyone can rock them. They come in a variety of types, sizes, colors, and brands. Our ultimate guide will help you choose from the wide range available what works for you.

Bobby Hair Pins

Black Bobby Pins

Source: Kmart

These are the most common hair clips and are readily available in the market. They are also the oldest pins in the market. You can use them for any hairstyle, any type of hair or wig, and are very affordable.

The thing with bobby pins is you want them to do their work without being seen. They are two-sided with one side flat while the other with slight groves. The design is to hold the hair in place without falling out.

The two ends of the bobby pin are tiny plastic balls to enable you to slip them in your hair with ease without the risk of poking you or snagging strands. Of course, you have to follow the technique of putting them on to achieve the perfect look. 

Claw clips

Claw Clips

Source: Etsy

If you are looking for something to hold your hair in place securely, these are the hair clips for you. They are claw-shaped and commonly known as hair jaws. They come with two combs attached on either side with a powerful spring at the center that allows it to open and close. Your voluminous hair will love the claw clips, and you can wear a variety of hairstyles with them. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. 

Snap clips

Snap Clips

Source: Kitsch

If you are trying to hold your hair in sections leaving some strands out, you will love the snap clips. A piece of metal is pieced together where the ends all lift simultaneously to snap open and clip the amount of hair to be clipped. The ends are then pushed downwards to close and secure the hair.

They are popular among kids but are also making a comeback in adults if you want to create a statement with a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Although they can also hold up hair, they are mainly used as accessories for different hairstyles. 

Hair Barrettes Pins

Hair Barrettes Hair Pins Decorative Wedding Bridal Hairpins

Click image for more info

These are the most picked hairpins in special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and over-the-top celebrations because of their decorative nature. They are available in a variety of designs, commonly flower designs with embellishments. Their main purpose is to keep hair away from the face or secure a bun or ponytail.

Banana Clips

Banana Clips

Source: Scunci

Just like the name suggests, they are banana-shaped clips that are somewhat similar to claws. They look like a small comb with teeth on either side of the clip and lock the hair inserted in place. The clip works best on long curly or textured hair by holding the hair into a ponytail and makes it cascade downward like a waterfall.

They are commonly used because they create an illusion of longer hair that most people love to create. You can wear your hair in a variety of hairstyles using the banana clip. 

Feather hat clip

Small Hairpin Feather Hat Black

Source: Yaoota

Remember the royal look we talked about in the beginning? Well, here’s another hair clip to add to your collection. They come in various designs with feathers and a small hat. You do not need to secure your entire hair with this type. All you have to do is pull a small strand and pin it to the clip. Although it is generally worn with casual attires, you can spruce it up for a cocktail party or themed parties. 

Pearl Pins

18 Pieces Wedding Pearl Hair Pins Bridal Pearl Rhinestone Hair Pins Hair Accessories for Bride Bridesmaid Women Girls (Gold)

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If you are looking to heighten your everyday look, pearl pins are definitely the way to go. They come in a variety of colors and are highly available in the market. They easily switch your hair from pale to glamorous in seconds. In addition, you can try the pearl pins in a variety of up-dos from taming baby hairs, holding up a messy bun or decorate a braid. 

Sectioning clips

Hair Sectioning Clips

Source: Shoppee

If you have voluminous hair, you are not new to sectioning clips. They are also known as alligator clips and are commonly used by hair stylists to secure large sections of hair during the braiding or styling process. The hinge is double-jointed for high tension and strength to hold hair firmly and securely.

The pinch clip has a spring at the end and allows the top half to lay flat on the head for easy maneuver without leaving a dent. 

Rubberized clips

Revlon Rubberized Double Grip Black Hair Clips, 6 count

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Soft-haired girls find it hard to clip their hair because clips can barely stay in place. However, it beats the purpose of purchasing clips if you have to use your hands every now so often to keep hair off your face. Instead, if your hair is too thin or your strands are very fine, you can opt for rubber clips.

The clips come with rubber dots stuck on the metal that provides a rough surface area to hold the hair. They are generally similar in appearance to other clips and serve the same purpose; hence, no one can tell you are wearing rubber clips.

Duckbill clip

3.5 Inches Duck Bill Hair Clips Metal Alligator Curl Clips Sectioning Clips with Holes (24 Pieces)

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Duckbill clips are very similar to sectional clips only that they are longer. Their advantage over the alligator clips is that their length makes them narrow at the end with a sharp point. The pointy end can be used by stylists to perfectly section hair instead of reaching for a hair comb. Their disadvantages include their limited usability and are prone to breaking easily.

Wave-setting clips

No Crease Hair Clips by A&D Innovation-Set of 6 Rubber No Bend Hair clips used by Professionals & Celebrity Stylists-Perfect for Makeup Application, Styling & Sectioning, will Not Crease or Dent Hair.

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Hair waves are very fragile and can quickly set apart with a simple push. These wave-setting clips are the perfect addition to your collection to secure your waves. Then, when you are doing your makeup, you can gently tuck away your hair away from your face without the risk of damaging your waves.

Double Prong Curl Clip

Diane double prong hair clips, 10 pack, D17C

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They serve a similar function, just like alligator clips and wave-setting clips. Their main purpose is to hold curled hair during styling to maintain the hold and shape of the curls. If you are not a fan of using heat on your hair but still want to achieve some curls, you will enjoy these clips. 

Hair Ribbon Clip

Blue Heeler ribbon hair clip bow pinwheel cartoon

Source: Etsy

Although common among young girls, adults can effortlessly rock the hair ribbon clip in neutral colors. Tying your hair and shaping a ribbon into a bow can be an uphill task. These clips, however, come with a bow attached to make life easier. In whichever style you like, you can rock this bow, and no one will know you didn’t put in the work to achieve the cute little bow.

Geometric clips

9 Pack Korean Silver Vintage Retro Geometric Minimalist Hair Clip Hairpins Snap Barrettes Comb Claw Clamp Bobby Pins Alligator Hairclips Wedding Party Hair Styling Ornaments Accessories for Women Girl

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Well, if you enjoyed Mathematics in school, here is a way you can prove your allegiance to the subject through your hair. The geometric clips are upgraded bobby pins. They serve the same function only that these come in the common geometric shapes of squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles at the back of the head.

Bumpit clips

yueton Pack of 2 Women Lady Girl Hair Styling Clip Stick Bun Maker Braid Tool Hair Accessories

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You now no longer have to own voluminous hair to rock bumpit styles. With the bumpit clip, you can create a little extra height for your hair. The clip comes with a comb that you secure into your hair with the volumizing portion, which you will cover using your hair.

You will definitely need other hair clips such as bobby pins to secure hair around the bumpit. The technique is quite easy compared to struggling with your hair in creating mountains.

U-Shaped clips

U Shaped Hair Pins, IKOCO 80pcs of Bun Hair Pins for Women Girls with Storage Box(2.4 Inch)

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The u-shaped clips resemble bobby pins from the ball-like ends to the grove-shaped sides. However, these pins were destined for heavy lifting. They are up for complex jobs, thick hair, and loads of hair. They are perfect for coiled hair.

Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips

Source: Aliexpress

Young children typically have very fine and scarce hair. It would be difficult to hold a huge chunk of hair. Butterfly clips are smaller and can hold the small sections securely. They are made like claw clips, only smaller. 

Spin Pins

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, Assorted Colors Dark or Light Hair, 2 Count

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Curly hair can sometimes become unmanageable. You can use spin pins, which are more like bobby pins but designed for curly hair. They are easy to wear and make the curly hair last longer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can hair clips cause hair loss?

When you are accustomed to the same hairstyle, continuous wear of hair clips, especially on tight ponytails and use of multiple clips, causes friction. It may cause hair breakage and, with time, a significant loss of hair. If you have thin hair, do not use the hair clips every day as they might pull your hair, leaving noticeable gaps and bald spots. Also, be very careful when inserting and removing the clips to avoid yanking your hair.

Can I go through airport security with hair clips?

Whereas one or two hair clips may not set off the metal detector, a head full of metal hair clips is enough to set the detector off. Either way, the worst that could happen is you will be asked to take the hair clips off, or in the best-case scenario, you will be allowed to enter the plane wearing them if the security guard rules them as a non-threat.

How can I clean my hair clips?

You can sterilize your hair clips after use to prevent any dirt build-up that could transfer to your hair and scalp. To clean them, pick an old toothbrush and gently scrub off any gunk. If you notice any stubborn stains, use liquid detergent or hair shampoo and soak in warm water for a minimum of ten minutes. Another cleaning method you can use is to make a solution of baking powder and water in 4 tablespoons of baking soda for every 250ml of water and soak for a few hours for regular cleaning.

Can hair clips give you headaches?

Your scalp is extremely sensitive and extreme pulling of your hair follicles triggers a connective tissue. When you clip your hair too tightly or use too many clips in one section, you may experience a headache. The fastest way to get relieved of your headache is to let your hair down and lie down for a few minutes.

Are hair clips safe for babies?

Although there are some hair clips designed for babies, not all babies can withstand hair clips for too long. Babies’ scalps are extremely sensitive, so you have to be careful in clipping their hair and ensuring it is not too tight. If you choose to put hair clips on your baby, use them sparingly and check for any signs of discomfort. Also, be sure to regularly check whether they are all still intact on their heads. Babies tend to move a lot and may remove the hair clips and swallow them!

Where can I buy hair clips?

You can find hair clips at almost every local and online store. They stock a variety of hair clips in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. Simply search online for hair clips and you will be directed to various sites depending on your location. 

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