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21 Types of Jackets

A couple wearing coat and jacket against dark background.

If you don’t have a jacket in your wardrobe already, you’re missing out on an essential piece of clothing. Previously, jackets were only available in brown, black, and white and common materials like leather and wool, but this has all changed.

Fortunately, technological advancements in the fashion industry have led to an explosion in the number of clothing designs and styles, including the perennial favorite – jackets!

Various styles of jackets are available for both men and women. When it comes to choosing a jacket, there are a lot of options. Which styles do you own? Which ones do you like? Which ones would you never put on your body?

There are jackets for every occasion.

All-In-One Jackets

Gender was not a factor in the design of the earliest jackets. There are a wide variety of jackets that both men and women can wear. Gender-neutral jackets were always meant to be worn by anyone and everyone.

1. Anorak

Helikon-Tex Pilgrim Anorak Jacket Coyote Brown XSmall, Bushcraft Line

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An anorak is a hooded jacket that is warm and insulated. When it comes to length, it’s usually not much longer than the waist. Jackets like anoraks are made of water-resistant material.

2. Parka

Speedo Unisex Color Block Parka Jacket, Small , Black

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Modern parka design takes its cues from the anorak. Early 20th century explorers and soldiers wore the first parkas.

Caribou or seal skin was traditionally used to make the parka. However, synthetic materials are now used to create it. Still used in the Arctic for warmth, it can be coated with fresh fish oil to maintain its texture.

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike are swooning over the parka jacket. Many fashionable jackets can be styled in a variety of ways, making them versatile pieces of clothing.

If you’re looking for something casual to wear on the weekends, a parka is the perfect fit for you. If you want to show off your feminine side, look for parkas in pastel colors.

As a fan of denim, you may want to consider this jacket as your primary outerwear option. Keep your denim parka in the limelight by pairing it with a neutral outfit!


Native Eskimos and Inuit peoples wore anoraks as a way of keeping warm. Anorak, an Eskimo word, is the source of the word. They’re traditionally made from animal hide and lined with fur to keep you warm.

3. Bed Jacket

TowelSelections Women's Bed Jacket Zip Front Cardigan Fleece Robe Lounge Coverup X-Small Black

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For those who live in cold climates, the bed jacket is an essential piece of clothing to have. Lightweight but warm, these jackets are ideal for the colder months. Designed to be worn over pajamas and nightwear, they are meant to keep you warm and cozy while you sleep or lounge around the living room. Short robe-like bed jackets are often made of the same materials like flannel, silk, and terrycloth.

4. Bolero Jacket

Women Open Front Knit Bolero Shrug Cardigan Black Size XL CL942-1

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A bolero is a short, fashionable jacket more commonly worn as an accessory to an outfit rather than as a layer of protection from the cold. Bolero is a type of music, as well. There is no connection between these two items, even though they are both made in Spain.


Open-fronted bolero jackets are typically collarless. It has long sleeves and a cropped, stylized design that ends above the waist. According to the Business of Fashion, the bolero is based on the Zouave, a military-inspired jacket.

In comparison to the bolero, the Zouave is slightly longer and looser. Many regiments, including the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, wore it during the American Civil War. The American military took its cues from the French, who wore Zouave jackets and slacks. According to the National Museum of American History, the French-based their uniform on Algerian fighters they encountered in the 1830s.

The shrug is a less formal version of the bolero. Long, short, or three-quarter sleeves are all acceptable options for shrugs, which can be made from a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns.

5. Cape Jackets

COOFANDY Unisex Casual Hooded Poncho Cape Cloak Fashion Coat Hoodie Pullover with Pocket Green Black

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You may not even be aware that a cape is actually a type of jacket because they are so widely accepted as a fashion accessory these days. Indeed, it’s a historically significant jacket style. The first known use of a cape dates back to at least 1066. A soldier is clearly depicted in a cape in an illustration from this year. This jacket has been worn by everyone from monarchs to Superman to the Phantom of the Opera, WWII nurses, and fashionistas of all kinds for around a thousand years.


The use of a cape as a symbol of status made them a fashion staple of the medieval period. To show their status and wealth, the royals wore long capes trimmed with fur. Short, hooded monks’ capes were common attire. Bright red capes were a sign of social status and breeding in the Victorian era. According to CR Fashion Book, capes were also used as rain protection in Europe up until the early 1900s.


Cape jackets became popular among women’s fashion designers in the 1920s. At night, fashionable capes were worn with formal attire. In the 1930s, cape jackets became more tailored and had slits for the arms, further enhancing the look. In the 1950s, when well-heeled women wore them as an essential part of their evening attire, they underwent yet another transformation, this time becoming shorter and closing at the front.

Cape jackets have faded from the fashion scene in recent years, though they have made a few brief appearances since. Cape jackets may be making a comeback after all these years.

6. The Gilet

Vcansion Men's Outdoor Casual Stand Collar Vest Padded Jacket Coat Vest Wine Red S

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The gilet, also known as the body warmer, is an outerwear vest kind of a jacket. Independent reports that this fashionable method of keeping warm actually dates back as far as the 1400s.


In the 1400s, Europeans wore the jerkin, a middle ages garment that inspired the gilet. This was a leather jacket with no sleeves. Sleeveless construction allowed the gilet to be easily put on and removed while still providing warmth to the core.


Gillespie was more tailored than the stiff jerkins of previous generations. In the early 1900s, gilets became quilted and became a popular fashion choice. The gilet’s modern design hasn’t changed all that much. The body warmer, a renamed version of the item, has recently become popular among young people’s fashion designers. As a finishing touch, many-body warmers include a jacket collar.

7. Poncho Jackets

Gamboa Poncho for Men Comfortable Home Clothes for Men House Coat Men Wool Alpaca Poncho Hooded

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The poncho is a garment that dates back to the earliest times. The word of poncho usage dates back to the 17th century. When worn, the poncho covers the entire body and has a central opening through which the head can pass. It covers the shoulders, chest, and back. These jackets are traditionally made from a woolen fabric.

8. Puffer Jacket

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Jacket, Green, X-Small

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Puffer coats are a type of down jacket with a distinctive, puffy style, which is achieved through horizontal stitching that creates insulation pockets. It is possible to make these jackets appear puffy or not. The sleeveless gilet design of puffer jackets is one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. You can’t go wrong with a puffer jacket for the chilly months of winter. Although many other types of jackets can be quilted, this one is the most common type of quilted garment. It is also known as a puffy jacket.

9. Track Jacket

ASICS Team Battle Jacket, Royal, Large

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As part of the tracksuit, the track jacket was born. The availability of nylon fabrics resulted in a major advancement in athletic wear. According to Complex, the tracksuit and the track jacket became commonplace in the 1970s.

Track jackets, which are typically made with short collars and zippered fronts, are typically lightweight. Ribbed fabric is often used to finish the cuffs and waist.

Different Types of Women’s Jacket

Throughout the ages, women’s fashion has undergone dramatic shifts. Adaptable jackets have become a necessity as women’s dress silhouettes and styles of clothing have changed. Fashion has a wide variety of jackets, some of which have stood the test of time, while others are as obsolete as the hoop skirt today!

1. Blazer

Cicy Bell Womens Casual Jackets Open Front Long Sleeve Work Office Outerwear Coats Blazer (Cream/Off White,Medium)

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When it comes to women’s fashion, the blazer is an essential piece. So many men have at least one blazer they can put on whenever they need to look a little more polished or professional.


It is customary for blazers to be knee-length in length and have brass buttons on the sleeve. In the 1800s, blazers became popular in England for activities like boating and cricket, according to Vogue. The blazer is not a suit jacket because it is worn without matching pants, but it does bear a strong resemblance to the classic suit jacket.


The boating team at St. John’s College, Cambridge, wore blazers in the 1820s, establishing the jacket style for all time. The blazer’s popularity waned in the 1940s and ’50s before it reemerged in the ’50s. The blazer had already become a part of women’s fashion by then.

The blazer is now a wardrobe staple for women.

Blazers have come a long way since the days when people only wore them on formal occasions. There are endless options for blazers in terms of color, style, and fabric in today’s world.

A button-down shirt or your favorite jeans will look great with it. Blazer and dress combos are also great options for those who are always on the hunt for the perfect blazer.

2. Cropped Jacket

Gihuo Women's Fashion Cropped Button Down Corduroy Shirts Jackets(Apricot-S)

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The length of the cropped jacket is slightly longer than the shrug. This is one of the hottest jackets on the market right now, and it’s sweeping the fashion world. Cropped jackets are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and designs.

One of the reasons cropped jackets are so popular right now is because they can be styled in so many different ways. Throw it on over a black dress for a chic look.

3. Maxi Jacket

BGSD Women Tabby Waterproof Hooded Maxi Down Coat Black Large

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A maxi jacket is typically a full or ankle-length coat. An additional definition of a maxi jacket is one that hangs well below the knee. This type of overcoat is typically oversized, with full sleeves, wide lapels, and an attached belt.

Any dress can be paired up perfectly with a maxi jacket, just like a trench coat. With a white tee and skinny jeans, these versatile jackets look their best. Wearing a pair of killer heels with the outfit will take it to a whole new level!


During the frigid winters, you can’t go without a warm and cozy overcoat. However, an overcoat’s ability to keep you warm during the winter months isn’t the only benefit.

The long, classy style of this winter essential also makes a fashion statement. When wearing a maxi jacket, it’s essential to accessorize with a cozy, woolen scarf wrapped around your neck and fashionable ankle-length boots.

4. Peplum Jacket

Allegra K Women's Peplum Denim Jackets Collarless Round Neck Button Down Cropped Ruffle Hem Coat X-Small Blue

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Even if it’s no longer popular, the peplum jacket was a fashion staple for women in the past. During the 1940s, peplums were in vogue, and this jacket is named after the ruffle at the bottom. If you are going for the peplum jacket look, you’ll want to go with wide, short lapels and a cinched waist that ends at the bottom. The peplum jacket has a ruffle in every design, which gives it a distinct shape.

5. Swing Jacket

Begonia.K Women's Wool Trench Coat Lapel Wrap Swing Winter Long Overcoat Jacket (Wine Red, Medium)

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When it comes to the 1950s style, nothing beats the swing jacket. Close-fitting around the bodice, it flared out at the waist in a classic women’s coat. This look was inspired by the widespread use of full-skirted dresses at the time. The style’s “swing” was derived from the coat’s flaring bottom, which gave it its name.

6. Wrap Jacket

Allegra K Women's Turn Down Collar Asymmetric Hem Thin Belted Plaids Wrap Coat X-Small Green

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To date, the wrap jacket is widely considered to be the first type of jacket ever created. The earliest outerwear consisted of just a few pieces of fur sewn together and wrapped around the wearer’s body. For more than a millennium, people have been wearing wrap coats. Since then, the wrap coat has been one of the most popular fashion trends in the history of humanity.


Wrap jackets resemble robes in appearance. Belts are included to keep the coats in place. Wrap jackets can be hooded or collared, but their lapels are almost always very wide. It is possible to find wrap jackets in a wide range of lengths, colors, and materials. When it comes to cold weather fashion, wrap jackets are a must-have. The cocoon coat is another name for this article.

7. Spencer Jackets

McCall's Patterns M7493 A5 Cropped Jacket, Floor-Length Coat and A-Line, Square-Neck Dress, Size 6-14 (7493)

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After its appearance in the late 1700s, spencer jackets became a fashion staple for women. The high-waisted gowns of the day made the spencer a perfect fit.


In 2013, Ralph Lauren brought back the long-sleeved, cropped spencer jacket, according to Fashion History. The Spencer jacket has reemerged in fashion as a hot item.

Various Jackets for Men

For a long time, men’s outerwear has been a key part of fashion. They have been used to cover up in the fall and winter, as well as to pose for pictures. A symbol of rugged masculinity and a practical piece of clothing, they have been worn for more than 100 years.

Coats and jackets come in a variety of styles and are worn by men of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations. It is because of globalization that people’s tastes and designs have spread across continents and continents. This means that jackets for every occasion can now be found. Jackets and coats can be worn to dinners and sports events as well as on a date, a formal event, or even the office.

Jackets for men are available in a variety of styles and colors.

1. Bomber Jacket

sandbank Men's Slim Fit Lightweight Softshell Flight Bomber Jacket Coat (US M = Asian Tag 3XL, Wine Red #2)

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The bomber jacket, a fashion staple, was designed for pilots in the air force during World War I. Over the years, it became a part of popular culture and fashion. Make the most of this sexy casual jacket by pairing it with your favorite white tee and ripped denim.


Among celebrities and fashionistas of all stripes, the flight jacket is a variation of the bomber jacket. With its svelte, trimmed-down bomber jacket design, the MA-1 flight jacket immediately became a hot high fashion look.


In 1950, the U.S. Air Force introduced the MA-1 flight jacket, a lightweight bomber jacket lined with polyester for insulation. Throughout the years, the design was worn by military personnel around the world. The flight jacket soon became a hip-hop staple and soon became an iconic piece of clothing.

2. Jackets for your car

Amazon Essentials Men's Gray Wool Blend Heavyweight Car Coat, Charcoal, Medium

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Car jackets, originally made to be worn by drivers in vehicles with open designs, are simple but stylish. Flat or buttoned plackets and diagonal front pockets are found on these kinds of jackets. They have a one-piece back with an A-line fit and are hip-length. To keep the wearer warm and insulated, many car jackets are made of wool.

3. Chesterfield Jacket

Sanyo Mens Chesterfield Pea Coat, Blue, X-Large

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In the past, the Chesterfield jacket was considered the pinnacle of gentlemanly attire.


Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, is said to have been the first person to wear the coat. Legend and Gentleman’s Gazette claim he was wearing this look in the early 1800s.


All overcoat styles can be referred to as Chesterfield jackets because Chesterfield was so popular. A single-breasted, black velvet collared overcoat was the original design. It was notable that it lacked a waistband.

4. Chore Jacket

Carhartt Men's Duck Chore Jacket C001 (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes), Brown, Large

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If you are looking for a hard-working jacket that can take a beating, look no further than a chore jacket. With large breast and hip pockets, it is a loose-fitting coat Button closures lead to a pointed collar on this garment. Typically, chore jackets are made of twill or canvas, which are both heavy fabrics.


During the late 1800s, the chore coat became a popular fashion item for railroad workers, farmers, and laborers of all kinds in France. A pair of overalls couldn’t have been better paired with this top.


Carhartt’s blue denim chore jacket, introduced in the 1920s, revolutionized the industry. With their brown duck canvas material, Carhartt soon became synonymous with all workwear. Since then, the core coat hasn’t changed much, maintaining its iconic style and durability. Wearing it to the office is still quite common.

5. Hooded Cloak

COOFANDY Mens Casual Hooded Poncho Cape Cloak Irregular Hem Hoodie Pullover Army Green Small

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A hooded cloak is a kind of jacket that is worn by people who want to appear mysterious. Wearing one as a fashion statement or part of an outfit is more common today than wearing one as a way to keep warm.


This type of garment was first worn by warriors and was a large piece of fabric that was cut open at the top to accommodate a person’s head. A variety of cloak lengths were worn by Roman soldiers, ranging from shoulder to hip to knee to ankle.

Paenulas were the most basic cloaks, and they were referred to as such. Men and women wore it at the same time. Roman soldiers wore sagum, a type of cloak. A metal or leather clasp was used to secure the cloaks to the wearer’s knees.

A few decades after the 1950s, the cloak was finally out of fashion. According to History of Clothing, they are only worn on ceremonial occasions or as part of a costume.

Final Word

Jackets are always in fashion. They make a cool style statement, regardless of the age or gender of the one wearing it.