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15 Different Types of Pants

Pants can reveal your personal style, occupation, and even if you’ve gained a few pounds recently.

Fashion has long relied on them, and so have your own personal wardrobes. However, you probably have a lot of pants that you can’t identify by name. You’ll be an expert on pants after reading this list of styles.

History of Interesting Pants

The oldest pair of pants ever discovered was found in China and dates back 3,000 years. Joan of Arc was one of the earliest advocates of pants. In combat and horseback riding, she preferred to wear traditional male clothing. Also, she was protected from soldiers groping her.

Wearing pants was mandated by Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1701. When Levi Strauss introduced jeans in 1873, it was the first time anyone had ever seen them before. In the end, this style of pants evolved into Levi’s jeans we know and love today.

Top 10 Unisex Pants Chart

The following are types of unisex pants:

Bondage Pants

Gothic Bondage Rock Black Punk Buckle Zips Chain Strap Trousers/Tripp Pants (Large, Black)

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Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren collaborated in the 1970s to create Bondage pants inspired by army-issue cotton pants.

They used a different fabric and added straps between the knees to re-create the pants. Throughout punk’s heyday, bondage pants were a staple of the scene and are still worn today. Because of this, bondage pants are sometimes referred to as punk pants.


A variation of the bondage pants known as “Tripp pants” is loose-fitting, with chains and studs instead of straps. Dancers in the tech scene are said to have popularized this style of pants.


LEE Men's Dungarees Losse-Fit Carpenter Jean - 34W x 32L - Original Stone

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Some dungarees aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Is the word itself a specific type of material? “Dungarees,” on the other hand, has become a synonym for both blue jeans and bib overalls.

This word is also used to describe jeans, denim, and Levi’s in the Encyclopedia Britannica.


It can be used to describe any type of pants that are made of dungaree fabric, which is a thick, dark-blue cotton. The fabric was originally referred to as “dungri” cloth, which was named after the Dongri village in India, where it was first produced.

According to History of Jeans, the word “dungri” was changed to “dungaree” when the fabric became popular in the United Kingdom.

Fisherman’s Pants

!! LovelyThaiMart 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pants Yoga Trousers Free Size Cotton

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The indigenous people of Thailand wear fisherman’s pants as a traditional garment. As a result of fashion, this has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many people wear fisherman pants without even realizing it.


Men and women can both wear fisherman pants because they are all one-size-fits-all. They’re typically made of light cotton and have a simple, pared-down design. A pair of fisherman pants consists of a pair of wide, straight legs that are connected to a wide waistband.

A matching belt is attached to the waist of the pants that come with these garments.

The pants have a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of body types. The attached belt is essential because they are worn around the body. These pants are breathable, stylish, and lightweight.

The Hammer Pants

Gold MC Hammer Parachute Pants

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In the 1990s, Hammer pants were a must-have fashion accessory for anyone who was old enough. If you’re looking for style, you can’t compete with this one.


Hammer pants, which are also known as parachute pants, are designed in a similar way. MC Hammer, the stage name of rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell, abhors the moniker. They should be called Hammer pants, according to him.

Despite the fact that these pants fit perfectly around the waist, the hips and thighs are extremely baggy and billowy. This style has a tapered lower leg that ends just above or just below the ankle. However, Hammer wasn’t the one who came up with this style of pants.

The MC’s raps might be too good for you. However, he drew inspiration from the past for this look.

In ancient Persia, India, and Turkey, baggy pants with a lot of extra fabric appeared thousands of years before they became popular in the West. Harem pants, which were popular in the 1800s, were clearly influenced by the Hammer pants of the same era.

When it comes to feminism, harem pants of this era were an early step in the right direction. In some cultures, harem pants are referred to as “Eastern pants.”


While growing up in the early 1960s, MC Hammer discovered that loose pants made it easier for him to dance. When he started wearing zoot suit pants with triple pleats, the term “Hammer pants” was coined.

They’ve been around for a long time, but Hammer pants are no longer fashionable. However, just like any other trend, this one will always be around.

Pants for Hiking

FREE SOLDIER Men's Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants with Belt Lightweight Waterproof Quick Dry Tactical Pants Nylon Spandex (Mud 34W/30L)

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There isn’t a specific type of hiking pants called hiking pants. The term “hiking pants” is often used by retailers to describe a collection of disparate bottoms. It’s common for these pants to be made of durable, lightweight fabric with plenty of pockets that are easy to move around in.


Jeans are one of the most popular pants in the world, worn by both men and women. Many different washes, colors, and styles are available.

With jeans, you can dress up or down with a variety of different tops, as well as a variety of different types of vests and sweaters, as well as a variety of shoes and sandals. You can’t have a wardrobe without a pair of these.

Many women’s jeans styles exist, including high-rise and low-rise jeans, as well as jeans tailored to a specific body shape. Regardless of your body type, you can find jeans that are both fashionable and comfortable.

Shirts and a pair of pants

Dickies Men's Denim Bib Overall, Stone Washed Indigo Blue, 36 x 30

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All-in-ones are a type of pants, but there’s a little more to them than your average pair of pants. Overalls are pants that have a bib attached to them. In spite of the fact that many people associate this style of clothing with denim overalls, it is actually possible to create it with virtually any type of fabric.


“Overalls” is a term that can be used to refer to many different types of clothing items. It wasn’t long before “bib overalls” and then “dungarees” were coined to describe the modern overalls we associate with today.

In the late 1800s, the overall look that people wear today was first developed. During World War II, overalls became extremely popular, but not as a man’s clothing. Overalls quickly became popular among the many women who were entering the workforce to help with the war effort.

Since then, overalls have become an important part of the fashion world. Even today, blue-collar workers and farmworkers are big fans of the look, which was first popularized in the 1980s by hip-hop artists.

The painter’s pants are immediately identifiable because of their bright white color. It’s true that painter’s pants aren’t just white. This is a style that was specifically designed for professional painters to use. In recent years, they’ve become a fashion statement.


These pants are made from white canvas and have thickly stitched seams for painters. Because they are work pants, they need to be extremely durable. For the convenience of painters, their pants are also equipped with a plethora of large pockets.

At that time, it was considered a fashionable look. Colorful splashes of color were added to the white canvas by designers who sold fashion painter’s pants. If you’re looking for an easy way to emulate a designer look, then fashion painter’s pants are the way to go.

Pajama Pants

Amazon Essentials Men's Flannel Pajama Pant, Black Watch Plaid, Medium

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Pajama pants are designed to be loose pants with soft, stretchy material when you want comfort. Because it’s so common, you may never have given much thought to its genesis. You might think that pajama pants are a relatively recent invention, though.

As a matter of fact, long nightgowns were worn by both sexes in the past, even by men. Since the dawn of time, pajama pants have been worn by men and women alike.


As far back as the Ottoman Empire, pajama pants have been around. Pajama means “leg clothing” in Hindi, which is the origin of the term.

Pajama pants are thought to have been introduced to the West in the 1870s by British colonists, who wore them instead of long nightshirts. Pajama pants for women became popular in the 1920s.


In modern PJ designs, drawstrings or elastic waistbands are common, but they’re not the only option. Comfortable and loose pajama pants can be found in a variety of styles. A pair of rain boots is also necessary.


Rain pants are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or other waterproof fabrics that are designed to keep your skin dry in the rain. To keep water out, most rain pants feature an elastic or drawstring waistband and, in some cases, elastic cuffs.

Stirrup Pants

Lark & Ro Women's Ponte Stirrup Legging, Navy, Large

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Stirrup pants have been associated with sports for a long time. To keep the pants in place and prevent them from riding up, these pants feature a strap at the bottom of each pant leg.


Equestrians first wore the pants. Even as they put on their tall riding boots, their stirrup pants remained in place. It wasn’t long before skiers started wearing the pants in the 1930s Olympic Games.

During the 1980s, many different athletic wear styles became fashionable, and stirrup pants were no exception. It’s not uncommon to see stirrup pants on the fashion scene today, but they’re more commonly associated with football players.

Straight-Legged Pants

Lee Women's Flex Motion Regular Fit Straight Leg Pant, Flax, 12 Long

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Pants that fall from the hips to the hem in a straight line are known as straight pants, straight-leg pants, or straight-leg jeans. According to Heddels, they do not taper at the bottom but remain constant throughout.

Tracksuit Bottoms

adidas Men's Standard Essentials Warm-Up Open Hem 3-Stripes Tracksuit Bottoms, Legend Ink/White, Large

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There is some controversy surrounding the origins of track pants, which are an essential component of the tracksuit. According to some sources, the tracksuit was invented in 1939 by French designer Emile Camuset. GQ referred to it as the “Sunday uniform.”


According to some sources, the tracksuit wasn’t invented until the 1960s because nylon was used to make the design. Adidas is said to have collaborated with Franz Beckenbauer, a German soccer legend, on the design of the tracksuit.


Run-DMC made tracksuits hip hop’s coolest look in the 1980s, and they quickly became a fashion staple. There have always been a lot of people wearing tracksuits. The most fashionable celebrities have donned tracksuits designed by top fashion houses.


Haggar mens Haggar Men's Cool 18 Classic Fit Hidden Expandable Waist Pant , Black, 34x32

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Another name for pants is “trousers.” Trousers can be any kind of pants. There is a difference between the two terms, but they both mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Although the term slacks can be used to describe any pair of pants, the term “trousers” is more commonly used to describe men’s pants, and slacks are more commonly used to describe women’s pants.

Many designs of Waders include both boots and pants, making them unique from any other pants on this list. There are some people who think that waders are boots, but since they completely cover the lower half of the body, they are also pants.


According to the height of the wearer, there are three main types of waders.

  • Hip-wading boots are more like chaps. A belt is used to keep the legs in place, as they are made of two separate pieces. In shallow water, these are designed to keep anglers dry.
  • Wading pants are also known as waist-high waders. A belt or suspenders are used to keep them in place. For water depths of two to three feet, this design is appropriate.
  • To get into deeper water, chest waders have built-in suspenders that you can step into and pull over your shoulders.


Waders are typically made of waterproof materials and are heavy and thick. According to Dick’s Sporting Goods, neoprene (synthetic rubber) is the most common material for waders.

Women’s Pants

Pants are a relatively recent addition to the female wardrobe in Western society. Just a few short years ago, a woman’s decision to wear pants was met with scorn. Women, on the other hand, have a wide range of options when it comes to fashion.

To a large extent, this is due to some of the women who broke barriers when they wore pants and the designers who created them in the first place.


The following are some types of women’s pants:

A Pair of Bush Pants

It is common for bush pants to have a loose fit and straight leg style. There are two large pockets, one on each thigh, on the front of these pants, though additional pockets may be found elsewhere in the garments.


Lee Women's Missy Relaxed Fit Austyn Knit Waist Cargo Capri Pant, Black, 14

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Capri pants, also known as cropped pants, are a wardrobe staple. You may already have a pair in your possession. These pants haven’t been out of style since they first appeared.


It wasn’t until 1948 that Sonja de Lennart came up with the first pair of Capri pants. These shoes were named after her favorite Italian vacation spot, the island of Capri.

Mary Tyler Moore, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn, among others, paved the way for Capri pants to become a fashion staple in the 1950s.


They’re also known as clam diggers because they’re tight from the waist down to the calf. Since they come in a variety of styles and designs, you can easily find a pair that complements your unique figure and is ideal for wearing in milder climates.

In addition to denim, nylon, cotton, and polyester, capris can also be made out of a variety of other materials, but since they are almost always worn in a more casual setting, they are rarely made out of a dressier material.


Shorter Capri pants, also known as cropped pants, end just below the knee or slightly lower at the upper calf, as reported by WiseGeek.

A variation of Capri pants are worn by matadors and are extremely tight. It is common for Toreador pants to be made of silk or satin and embroidered or decorated with beads and sequins.

Cigarette Pants

Marycrafts Women's Work Ankle Dress Pants Trousers Slacks (10, Black)

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During the 1950s, cigarette pants, also known as narrow pants, became a popular fashion choice. They were worn by Audrey Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore, two of the most famous actresses of their time. Every woman wanted to do the same, and soon afterward.


Cigarette pants, also known as tobacco pants or smoke pants, feature a high waist. All the way down to the ankles, they’re extremely slim-fitting. Even today, the most popular color for cigarette pants is black, though they come in a variety of other hues.


You’ve probably heard of skinny jeans as a modern take on cigarette pants. Skinny jeans, also known as cigarette pants, drainpipes, stovepipes, pencil pants, and skinnies, are made of slightly stretchy denim. They’re made to be almost as tight as a second skin.

According to History of Jeans, the skinny pant style dates back to the 1600s in France. A pair of cigarette pants can be identified by their skinny fit.

Disco Pants

Vivicastle Women's Boho Solid Hippie Wide Leg Flared Bell Bottom Pants (FF43, Multi, Small)

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The term “disco pants” can be a little confusing. When you hear the term “disco pants,” you probably think of polyester bell-bottoms, which were popular in the 1970s. Polyester bell bottoms are often referred to as “disco pants” because of their disco-inspired style.

When it comes to disco pants in fashion terms, they’re a completely different story. They weren’t even invented until 2010.


As a fashion trend, true disco pants appeared in the 2000s, but they weren’t exactly new pants. To a certain extent, disco pants are just another style of leggings. A high waist and skin-tight pants that cling to the body all the way to the ankles are featured in this collection.

It’s also common for them to be made of shiny fabric. In addition to black, disco pants can be found in an array of vibrant and metallic colors.

Though polyester bell bottoms were still more popular on both men and women in the 1970s, this style is called disco pants because it looks like something that should have been worn a lot back then.

Final Word

Different types of pants are available in the market. You can get your hands on your favorite pair that perfectly complements your style and comfort.