9 Different Types of Remy Hair

Bundles of Remy hair extensions with various colors.

Remy hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. When going through your search for Remy hair extension, you may find yourself confused by the information that is out there. After all, not all products that are marketed as Remy hair truly have the excellence that makes it really Remy.

Non Remy hair just doesn’t measure up. Read on to find out more about the types of Remy hair on the market.

What is Remy Hair?

If you have found yourself standing in the hair store, and wondering what Remy hair is, then you are asking the right question. The reason that Remy hair is known for its high quality lies in the process of collecting it. In order for human hair to be’s human hair, you need it to be collected in a special way. This hair has all of the cuticles pointing in the same direction, so it needs to be banded and cut from a single hair source while keeping the hair facing the same direction.

This leads to a quality of raw hair that is higher, with a variety of different types. Bellami hair is one of the leading brands that completely blows synthetic hair out of the water. Here are the types of human hair:


Virgin Remy Hair

Wavy black virgin Remy human hair extension

For a type of Remy human hair extension that is the purest in quality, virgin Remy Hair is a human hair extension that has not only been expertly harvested but has never been processed in any way. That includes perms, dying, coloring, and bleaching. This type of hair has a completely intact cuticle free from damage.

The hair strand of the weave hair also has all of the cuticles facing the same direction, allowing for a natural hair texture and distribution that you don’t get with a synthetic hair wig. Because of this, virgin Remy hair is the most expensive type on the market. 

Non Virgin Hair

Non virgin hair can still be a good investment, as the quality is still high as the natural hair has still been harvested in the most careful way. Chemical dying  and rearranging the hair for smoothness are processes that happen to non virgin Remy hair. Non virgin hair comes as straight hair, curly hair, a Remy hair weave, or as a lace wig. This unprocessed hair is the highest quality cuticle hair

Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian curly Remy hair extensoion

For human hair that is thick, soft, and naturally wavy, Brazililan Remy hair is internationally renowned and generally sourced from the rural regions of Brazil. A more diversified type of hair that is a mixture of African, Native American, and European heritage, it is also thicker and coarser, which makes it very popular among African Americans and West Africans. A Brazilian Remy hair wig can be made from Brazilian virgin hair with a hair cuticle that is 100% intact.

Indian Remy Hair

Beauty Forever Indian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles Hair Extensions 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair Weaves Natural Color 95-100g/pc (16 18 20)

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Indian Remy hair is bouncier, finer, and naturally airy. Generally, this human hair is very long, but also easier to curl and style. A drawback is that it easily becomes frizzy in moist and hot conditions, so anti-frizz products are applied to the hair. 

European Hair

Beautiful 22" Human Hair Full Lace Wigs With Baby Hair European Virgin Remy Human Hair Body Wave Color #1 Jet Black

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One of the finest types of Remy hair available, it is the Remi hair of choice for people of European descent. This hair is available in any texture or style that is natural to the European market. It generally is naturally wavy or curly, but it is available to be straightened as it is actual human hair.    

Russian Hair

One of the finest human hair extension within European hair, Russian Remy hair waves naturally when wet, and is easy to straighten with a straightening iron. Durability and strength characterize this hair type, so they easily last a year or more if cared for properly. 

Peruvian Hair

ISEE Hair 8A Peruvian Remy Hair Silky Straight Hair Weave 100% Unprocessed Peruvian Straight Hair 3 Bundles Natural Color 20 22 24inches

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One of the most popular Remy hairs on the market, Peruvian Remy hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Brazilian hair. It is slightly wavy and thick but lightweight and a popular choice of real human hair wig among African-American women. 

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Virgin Straight Human Hair Bundles - 9A Unprocessed Straight Hair Bundles 16 18 20 Inch Yuyongtai 1B Color Malaysian Straight Hair Weave Bundles

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Asian hair is the most widely used type of hair on the market. Known for its natural off-black color and silkiness, a weft of Malaysian Remy hair is generally tangle and mat free allowing for easy brushing. It is softer in texture than other hair types on the market, though it is known to lose its shine after a few washes. Heavy density hair allows you to wash it less often though. 

Mongolian Hair

Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles with Closure for Black Women 100% Mongolian Unprocessed Raw Remy Curly Hair Extensions 3 Bundles and 4x4 Lace Closure (18 20 22+18 Free Part Closure)

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Mongolian Remy hair is lighter than Chinese hair while also being more durable than Indian hair. It is also highly dense with the number of strands per square inch of the scalp being very high. In spite of this, the hair texture remains smooth, quite the opposite of a synthetic wig.


How do you know if you have Remy hair?

If you have real Remy hair, you can tell. It more closely mimics human hair in that all of the cuticles are intact, and the hair is all facing the same direction in which it normally grows. If your hair is experiencing a lot of tangles and knotting, then it likely isn’t real Remy hair. 

Where do Remy hair extensions come from?

Remy hair extensions are ethically sourced from different regions around the world. Every region has its own profile and texture that you come to expect from the region that contributes to the overall look and behavior of the hair. 

Can Remy hair be curled?

A great thing about Remy hair is that it is 100% human hair wigs and extensions. That said, anything that you can do to natural hair, you can do to Remy hair including curling, coloring, cutting, styling, and literally anything that you could do to the hair that grows naturally out of your head. 

What is the difference between Remy hair and Yaki hair?

Remy hair is known for its sleek and silky appearance. Yaki hair, on the other hand, is known for its variety of style options that it is available in. Though the highest quality Yaki hair is derived from Remy hair, it is marketed in its own way, 

What is the difference between Remy human hair and human hair?

Remy hair is human hair that has been harvested in the most careful way possible, and undergone the least amount of chemical processing to preserve the integrity of the hair. 

What are the common types of hair weave?

Sew-in weaves, clip in weaves, hair glue, tape in, and microbead hair extensions are some of the most common types of hair extensions around. 

How is remy hair different from virgin hair?

Virgin hair is any human hair that has not been processed or dyed. You can get virgin Remy hair if  you select it. Generally, Remy hair has been dyed unless it specifically says it is virgin. 

Is Remy hair good quality?

Remy hair is the highest quality hair around. All donors have long luxurious locks that have not been processed prior to cutting, and the hair is meticulously collected to make sure that each hair strand is facing the same way to keep the look of natural human hair. 

How to care for your kinky curly hair weave?

Maintenance of kinky curly hair weaves is comparable to maintenance of kinky coily hair. Since these weaves are made up of 100% human hair, the normal rules of care apply. 

What are the different types of human hair for wigs?

Lace front wigs, full lace wigs, curly human hair wigs, human hair bob wigs, straight human hair wigs, and natural human hair wigs are just a few of the different types of human hair that are available for wigs.

What is the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs?

Human hair wigs are made from human hair from different areas of the world, from Indian Remy hair to Brazilian hair. This hair is sourced from the heads of actual people and, as such, you get to treat a human hair wig the same way you would natural hair. Synthetic wigs are created from a variety of synthetic sources such as polyfilament fibers, Acrylic, and polyester.

These materials aren’t as resilient as real human hair, and generally cannot be hot straightened or dyed.

How long does Remy human hair last?

If you take care of your Remy human hair, it can last for a year or more.

Is Yaki hair human hair?

In some cases, yes. Yaki hair can be human hair that has been processed to have a kinky look of relaxed African-American and African descent hair. It can also be derived from a synthetic source. The term comes not from where or how Yaki hair is harvested, but from how it is presented.

Why wear human hair lace wigs?

If you are dealing with hair loss, baldness, alopecia, or a receding hairline, then human hair lace wigs can mimic your natural hair while leaving complete coverage of the area. Keeping it 100% natural in quality will ensure that you are the happiest with your lace wig.

How long do virgin human hair wigs last?

With the proper care, virgin human hair wigs can last for years if kept up with and in optimal condition. As they are made from well-cared for hair, the way to keep them fresh is to treat them as such.

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