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17 Types of Rubies (Based on Source, Cut, and Shape)

Rubies are one of the best gemstones on Earth. The beautiful red of the stone makes it a perfect choice for jewelry making. It’s also rather rare, so it’s a good investment as well. And lastly, it’s also a tough gemstone, second to diamond.

So, if you’re planning to get rubies, here are things you should know about it:

Kinds of Rubies by Types


Desguised Bride - 6 Rayed Star RUBY Cabochon (1.35 ct.) and RHODOLITE GARNET Natural Gemstone, Rhodium-14K Yellow Gold on 925 Sterling Silver, Handmade Ring Sz 7.5 Jewelry.

A trapiche ruby, like a star ruby, has a 6-pointed radial pattern with ray spokes extending out from the center in raw form.


close up of faceted ruby on leaves with dark background

The cut is referred to as “faceted.” Do you notice the ruby’s flat surfaces? Those are the various aspects.


person holding a rare star ruby with black background

One of the rare varieties of ruby is known as the star ruby. It has an asterism or a six-rayed star that shimmers across the stone’s surface when the gem is moved around.


KraftGenius Allstarco 40x30mm Red Ruby H103 Large Oval Acrylic Cabochons Pro Grade - 4 Pieces

A ruby with no facets is known as a cabochon ruby. It’s smooth and rounded. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Ruby Types by Location

African Rubies

Natural Oval Cut African Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Certified Gemstone Approximately 2265.2 Ct. Rich Red Ruby Oval Shape Loose Gemstone B-4475

African rubies are sun gems. They are said to improve concentration and even the appearance of your skin. Wearing jewelry with African rubies in it can help you achieve all-around success or even leadership abilities.

Rubies are hardy stones with a beautiful red color that were first discovered in East Africa. Rubies can now be found in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and they come in a variety of red hues ranging from light to dark. Rubies, on the other hand, are all extremely hard, making them a long-lasting and durable stone to use in jewelry.

Afghanistan Rubies (Afghan Rubies)

faceted ruby sitting on a red leaf on a rock

Since the first century, people in Afghanistan have been mining rubies. The majority of mines in the country can be found in the regions of Badakhshan and Jagdalek, with the latter producing rubies that range in color from pale to deep red.

In fact, rubies found in that area have characteristics that are not found in rubies from anywhere else on the planet. In general, Afghan rubies range in color from light-red to dark-red, giving them a truly unique appearance and making them the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “ruby.”

Indian Rubies

close up of ruby picked up with gemstone tweezer

Prior to the twentieth century, rubies were considered more valuable than diamonds in India. Indian rubies, which are mostly found in Mysore and Orissa, have very unique cuts and colors, making them extremely appealing and valuable.

Indian rubies are said to clear the mind and add luster to the skin, as well as improve leadership, speaking, and writing skills, and intellectual abilities. The Indian ruby has a deep red color that many people prefer to other shades of red, despite not having the same brightness as other types of rubies.

New Burma Rubies

LMDPRAJAPATIS Burma Ruby Gemstone Lab Certified Natural Top Quality 100% Real Oval Ruby Loose Stone 5.5 Ct

These rubies are mostly found in Myanmar and are among the best in the world. New Burmese rubies come in a variety of colors, ranging from brownish-red to blood-red. Burma also produces rubies with more vibrant colors, and this is one type of ruby that is highly sought after.

The amount of chromium in Burmese rubies gives them a deep red color. While all rubies have blemishes, Burmese rubies have the fewest. If you’re looking for the best quality ruby jewelry, a Burmese ruby is the way to go.

They’re usually a fiery red color, akin to pigeon’s blood, with hints of pink or blue thrown in for good measure.


Ruby Tourmaline from Madagascar Natural Healing Crystal Gemstones Collectible , Display or Wrapping Stone ( Ruby Tourmaline )

Rubies from Madagascar were previously unheard of, but that is changing now. Madagascar rubies are available in a variety of colors, including orange-red and even a pinkish hue, and they do not require heating to shape.

Madagascar rubies, like other rubies, are extremely valuable and come in a variety of sizes, cuts, and shapes. Vatomandry and Andilamena are the two main regions of the country where rubies can be found, though the rubies found in these areas differ.

The rubies in the Andilamena region benefit from heat treatment, but the rubies in the Vatomandry region do not. Rubies that are found in Vatomandry usually have pink, red, and orange highlights, making them quite unique among rubies.

Old Burmese Rubies

Gem Stone King 14K Yellow Gold Red Created Ruby Stud Earrings For Women (1.20 Cttw Round 5MM)

Old Burmese rubies are almost always flawless and thus worth a lot of money, sometimes millions of dollars. They have few, if any, marks or blemishes, indicating that they are Burmese.


Lovemom 0.69ct Natural Oval Heated(BE) Red Ruby Songea Tanzania

Tanzanian rubies have very few flaws, if any, and are very clean and appealing. Tanzanian rubies are slightly darker than other types of rubies; however, as the size of the ruby is reduced while working with it, the color lightens. Tanzanian rubies are also quite inexpensive when compared to other sorts of rubies.

Tanzanian rubies are usually found in the Songea region, and their hues are so close to garnet that even some jewelers can’t tell them apart. Furthermore, the lesser the color intensity of a ruby, the more expensive it gets.

Sri Lankan Rubies

close up of ruby with a hint of pink tint

Sri Lanka does not produce a large number of rubies each year, but the ones that are discovered in its mines are spectacular. If you can’t afford a Burmese ruby, Sri Lankan rubies will suffice. Because most of them have a pink tint, they’re a one-of-a-kind ruby that you’ll be proud to flaunt in any piece of jewelry.


22k 24k Yellow Gold Plated Women Jewelry Thai Tennis Cz AAA Syn Ruby Bracelet Cuff Bangle Bridal 5 Mm 2 Inches

Because the stone contains a lot of iron and chromium, Thai rubies are of very high quality and have a very dark color. In fact, some Thai rubies contain traces of brown, so if you come across a ruby that is darker and brownish in color, it is almost certainly from Thailand.

While Burmese rubies are the most valuable, Thailand rubies are the second most valuable ruby type. The majority of these rubies are from a region just south of Bangkok, and those that have brown or burgundy in them are known as Siam rubies. They’re generally from the Trat and Chanthaburi provinces, and they’re virtually always heat-treated.


Gin and Grace 10K Yellow Gold Mozambique Genuine Ruby Ring with Diamonds for women | Ethically, authentically & organically sourced (Oval-Cut) shaped Ruby hand-crafted jewelry for her | Ruby Ring for women

Mozambique is a major ruby producer, with star rubies found in Montepuez in the north. They are nice but not as good as Burmese rubies.


close up of oval cut ruby with white background

Vietnam’s rubies are comparable to Burmese rubies in quality. Nghe and Yan Bai are the two main ruby-producing areas. Although the rubies mined in Vietnam are of high quality and attractive, the country’s supply is unpredictable, so you can’t always count on them being available when you need them.

Types of Synthetic Rubies


Synthetic Ruby Beads, Artificial Faceted Small Round Loose Beads 3mm 15 inch (3 Strands) for Jewelry Making Charms Necklace Bracelet

Although these rubies make excellent gifts, they are not very popular these days. They usually have an imitation backing and a crown made of natural corundum, which can be white or green in color, and if you look closely enough, you can see the glue used to create the stone.

Verneuil (Flame-Fusion)

The name comes from the manufacturing process, and it’s clear that these aren’t real rubies. They usually have a curved color band called striae, and if you look closely enough, you can see gas bubbles in them.

A synthetic ruby looks like this:

IDOXE Queen of Hearts Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Chain January Birthstone Red Heart Toy Princess Halloween Accessories Jewelry Valentine's Gift for Her ( Red January)


Unlike other synthetic rubies, this one appears to be real. Even though the rubies can develop fractures during the production stage, this usually gives the gem a more natural look in the end.

Sterling Silver Created Ruby and White Sapphire Double Heart Pendant Necklace, 18"

Things to Keep in Mind About Rubies

It Isn’t Always Red

Rubies are available in a range of colors, including bright red, pink-red, brownish red, dark red, and even pink or purplish-red.

Some rubies are extremely difficult to come by.

Larger rubies with a transparent color are even more difficult to come by than diamonds.

A Sturdy Gem

No other gem is harder than a ruby, with the exception of a diamond. Rubies have a hardness of 9.0, which is only surpassed by diamonds, which have a hardness of 10.0.

A Very Powerful Stone

Rubies have traditionally been worn for protection, as a symbol of power, and as a symbol of wisdom and beauty. Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible, and they were once thought to have the power to bring two enemies together in peace. Ruby slippers were thought to ward off evil in movies like The Wizard of Oz.

Rubbing Your Ruby Reveals a Lot

Keep an eye on how much rubbing action is visible if your ruby is rubbed on the stone. If the rubbing is visible, the gem is referred to as a fine ruby. If you rub it and it does not lose weight, it is considered a good ruby.

A Stone of Excellent Quality

If your ruby glows in the dark, it’s a sign that it’s of exceptional quality.

Rubies are Real Gems

The ruby is one of only four gemstones. Diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds are the other three gemstones.

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