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28 Types of Sweaters

A bunch of sweaters piled on the bed.

Sweaters are soft, warm, and popular for their aesthetic and functional purposes. They are knitted clothes that wrap across the body and provide varying amounts of coverage depending on the style of the sweater worn. Putting on a sweater has several advantages. One delightful point about woolen sweaters is that they go with anything and are available in various patterns, styles, and colors. They are also stretchable and easy to clean.

You surely have many sweaters and have worn many sweaters throughout your life. However, you probably have not worn most of the different types of sweaters we’ve listed below!


Aran Crafts Irish Soft Cable Knitted Wool Crew Neck Sweater (C1347-LARGE-CASP)

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Aran sweaters have been a trademark style of Ireland, with the trend spreading across the globe. This sweater is named after the Aran Islands, which are located right off the coastline of County Galway in Ireland. This is a unique design, and the Aran sweater is recognized for being quite warm.

Argyle Knit


Womens Girls Sweater Y2K Argyle Preppy Knit Sweater Tops Color Block Pullover Sweater Streetwear Outwear (Grey, M)

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The design of interconnecting diamond patterns on the argyle woven sweater is instantly identifiable. This goes well on the golf course and has a sophisticated, trendy appearance. They can also be dressed up when paired with dressier pants or skirts and formal shoes or heels.

Bell Sleeve

HZSONNE Women's Bell Sleeve Sweater - Crew Deep V Neck Kimono Loose Fit Solid Pullover Knitted Jumper Tops Knitwear (White, Medium)

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This is a classic style trend that influenced the bell sleeve sweater. Bulbous sleeves may be traced back to the late 7th century in Japan. Even during Middle Ages, bell sleeve fashions were popular across Europe. This flared sleeve design has never totally vanished from the fashion arena, reviving in recent years.


Jollycode Womens Open Front Cardigan Long Sleeve Oversized Sweaters Boyfriend Chunky Knit Outwear Coat Black

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This boyfriend sweater is designed for ladies, although it has the appearance of a man’s cardigan. That’s why it’s referred to as a boyfriend sweater. The sweater features a V-neck and is designed to be casual and baggy. Its ribbed bottom is shorter than the waistline. It is also known as the baggy sweater since it is designed to fit freely.

Cable Knit

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Soft Cotton Cable Stitch Crewneck Sweater

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This cable knit sweater is a different version of the Aran cardigan made in Ireland. This cable design is hundreds of years old, yet it is still quite fashionable. These knit sweaters are well-known for their thickness and warmth. Such sweaters are tightly knit to ensure they are insulating and thick against extreme cold.

These sweaters are noted for their distinctive cable design, but they are equally comfortable as they are appealing to the eye. This also adds texture and warmth, providing a comfortable style you can wear any place. This is intended for more informal events, but can be dressed up formally when paired with a jacket and a skirt or dress pants. The main reason for the success of cable-knit sweaters is that they are both stylish and comfortable.


MELIFLUOS DESIGNED IN SPAIN Women's Shawl Wrap Poncho Ruana Cape Cardigan Sweater Open Front for Fall Winter (PC01-15)

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Cape sweaters resemble cloaks designed similarly to traditional capes, which were worn throughout different eras. These sweaters are really popular right now. It may be worn both outside and inside. Unlike other knitwear, these cardigans are usually worn as a covering and cannot be worn on their own without a outfit underneath.

Cardigan Sweater

Amazon Essentials Men's Cotton Cardigan Sweater, Brown Heather, X-Large

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The cardigan is a traditional sweater type distinguished by its broad V-neck button-up front. On the other hand, the cardigan can be any zip-up button-up sweater. Full-zip sweaters are also called cardigans.

Chanel’s designer introduced the traditional cardigan in the early 1900s. She loved these sweaters because they didn’t tangle her hair while putting it on. These are trendy and versatile sweaters worn by both women and men.

Cardigans are still quite fashionable. In fact, they have become a must-have in everyone’s wardrobes.


Hip Hop 50's Shop - Mens 1950s" R Letterman Cardigan Sweater (Large, R)

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Nowadays, this cheerleader sweater is a highly style and nostalgic for many, especially people who were in high school in the 1990s. Previously, though, this sweater was solely worn by males.

Cheerleaders first appeared in the late 1800s, with cheerleader groups consisting entirely of males. Females were not allowed to participate in the sport until the early 1900s.

These sweaters took on their trademark style by the late 1960s, with sleeves and big shoulders. Such sweaters were frequently embroidered with the school’s emblem or the team’s logos. Cheerleader as a sport was drastically altered in the late 1960s, and clothing became more athletic-friendly.

Cowl Neck

Sovelen Women's Oversized Turtleneck Chunky Pullover Sweaters Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Winter Slouchy Loose Knit Sweaters Green

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This sweater features a long, broad collar that sits loosely around the neck and shoulders. Such foldable neck clothing designs became fashionable in the early 1900s, although the collar itself traces back to ancient times.

Crew Neck

COOFANDY Men's Crew Neck Sweater Slim Fit Lightweight Sweatshirts Knitted Pullover for Casual Or Dressy Wear Dark Blue

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This crew neck cardigan features a ribbed, short collar that is circular and designed to sit just around the neck. As per Gentleman’s Gazette, The crew neck collar design was called after the first fisherman to wear the crew neck design.


The Drop Women's Josephine Long Sleeve Cutout Loose Turtlenck Sweater , Crème Brulee, S

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These sweaters are also known as cut-out sweaters, have a highly trendy and sensual appearance. These sweaters can be identified by gaps in the pattern. Such sweaters have portions that reveal the body. Cut-out sweaters may have deliberate cuts on the shoulders, around the waist, the back or chest, or the sleeves. While this design appears to be relatively new and popular, it dates back more than five decades.

Fair Isle

PJ PAUL JONES Men's Knitted Cardigan Sweaters Shawl Lapel Cable Fair Isle Pattern Sweater Dark Green M

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This sweater is most well-known for being a favorite among the Royals of England. But suppose it hadn’t been for the royals. In that case, this is unlikely that many people would have heard of these basic but universally appreciated sweaters. Fair Isle sweater have attractive designs, soft wool construction, and pretty colors.


Sweatshirt for Women Pullover Crew Neck Long Sleeve Fashion Winter Tunic Tops S

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This sweater isn’t usually regarded as a unique design in the fashion industry since it may be created in various forms. This fanny sweater is defined by its length, which falls below the thighs and covers one’s rear. Some different styles of sweaters can fit this requirement and be referred to as fanny sweaters.


Nhicdns Oversized Fairy Grunge Sweater Y2k Striped Loose Pullover Grandpa Vintage Aesthetic Knitted Tops Grey M

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Like several of the other knitwear in this article, this sweater isn’t a unique sweater style. The grandfather sweater might be a sweater, cardigan, pullover, or another type of knitwear. The colorful pattern of stripes defines the grandpa sweater. These stripes are usually horizontal but not always. In addition to the stripes, different styles may be used in the design. The idea is to knit designs that are more common in sweaters made for the elderly male market.

Mock Turtleneck

Lands' End Women Long Sleeve Relaxed Cotton Mock Rubellite Petite X-Small

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This is a variant of the traditional turtleneck, although it has become a viable style in its own right throughout the years. A mock neck, or mock turtleneck, is a tight collar that covers approximately two inches of the neck.

This design resembles turtlenecks in appearance, except that the neck isn’t as restricted or as big as a conventional turtleneck pullover. If you like the pullover style but don’t like how the collar fits on your neck, mock turtleneck cardigans may be perfect for you. Different M neck styles are also available in a broad range of colors and fabrics.


VIMPUNEC Womens Oversized Sweater Color Block Off The Shoulder Pullover Sweaters Cable Knit Chunky Striped Tops Blue

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These sweaters, also known as off-the-shoulder dresses, were popular in the late 1970s. Look at any TV show or movie from that time, and someone will soon appear wearing a form-fitting cardigan that reveals the shoulder. The trend has lately resurfaced in the fashion world, as fashion history shows that shoulders will continue to play an important part in womenswear.

Open Knit

Amazon Essentials Men's Long-Sleeve 100% Cotton Fisherman Cable Crewneck Sweater, Off-White, Large

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This sweater is a production process rather than a sweater style. The yarn is weaved freely rather than firmly in open-knit styles. The fabris is left with little holes as a result of process. The holes can sometimes be noticeable, allowing you to look through the sweater. The softness of the fabric and the aesthetic of open-knit patterns vary. This open weave pattern may be used to create any cardigan. Such designs are lightweight and cool and are not intended to provide much warmth. When you’re searching for a comfortable sweater, skip this option; these sweaters are all about fashion. They can also be great on those occassional chilly spring nights.


BerryGo Women's Chic Turtleneck Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Knitted Poncho Pullovers Sweater Blue One Size

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Ponchos have a long history. For centuries, people have worn the basic style of knitwear. Ponchos are cotton rectangles or squares with a small hole for the head. Its antique pattern is produced from various fabrics and has also been transformed into a stylish sweater look.

Puffed Sleeve

HZSONNE Women's Casual Mock Neck Puff Sleeve Pullover Sweater Lantern Cuff Solid Long Sleeve Knitted Tunic Tops (Pink,X-Large)

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If you’re crazy about TV and film, you’re certainly familiar with the puffed sleeve design. These sleeves are strongly connected with the Edwardian era represented in movies where stylish ladies wore huge, puffy sleeves with their big dresses. While the pattern dates back far further, it has become a people favorite once again.


Hanes Men's EcoSmart Sweatshirt, Charcoal, SMALL

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This sweater was the first form of garment referred to as a cardigan, a term used in the United States. People usually picture a pullover when they think of a sweater. It is a cardigan with no zippers or buttons and a basic neck. Pullovers aren’t necessarily thick, but are usually designed to be a little slack around the body.

Raglan Sleeve

Fotl Men's Lightweight Raglan Sweat Burgundy L

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This sweater, often known as a raglan cardigan, is distinguished by the way it is constructed. These sweaters have no shoulder joints. On the other hand, this shoulder gap goes over the top of the chest. The sleeves are joined to the sweater at the neck, resulting in a single continuous stitch that runs the arms’ length.

It is a fairly simple design, draping loosely across the body. Its sleeves are popular in other cardigans such as cropped sweaters since they give a relaxed, nearly flawless feel.


COOFANDY Men's Slim Fit Turtleneck Sweater Ribbed High Neck Pullover Sweaters Yellow

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It has a ribbed appearance, much like velvet, as the name implies. Such sweaters are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Ribbed sweaters provide a terrific pattern without the heaviness of a traditional sweater. This is a lightweight cardigan, which you can wear when it’s chilly outdoors. If you need more warmth, you can also layer it with a blazer on top.

Roll Neck Sweater

FIND Men's Jumper with Merino Wool Mix and Roll Neck, Grey (Charcoal), X-Large

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These sweaters are commonly misidentified as turtlenecks; however, the neck section of a roll-neck cardigan isn’t as deep. This is a blend of a turtle neck and a crew neck, intended to be worn primarily for casual events. Roll neck sweaters also have a deep collar, but not as high as a pullover.

Scoop Neck

Women’s Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Thermal Slim Fit Ribbed Knit Jumper Tops Pink

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This sweater, also known as the scooped neck sweater, features a broad, rounded collar. The style also has a part of the collar bone and the entire neck. These sweater designs are frequently manufactured in cropped and cardigan designs, although this may be used for other types of sweaters as well. The scooped necklines are a trendy in women’s clothes. One can always pair this sweater with a button-down shirt.

Set-in Sleeve

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Women's Ladies Fine Gauge Twin Sweater Set Large Red

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These sweater patterns have the sleeves stitched on the sweater, indicating that the sweater is made of two independent pieces of cloth that were then stitched together. This sweater looks more structured and professional due to the additional seams and stitching. This is why many professionals choose to include this sweater style in their winter work wardrobes.

Sweater Dress

ANRABESS Women's Long Sleeve Turtleneck Neck Slim Knit Sweater Bodycon Midi Dress A145dianlan-S Navy

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A sweater dress is exactly what the name suggests. These are popular in regions where the winters get really cold. In essence, sweater dresses are essentially mid-length knitted dresses. The styles, cuts, and necklines can vary depending on the designer and manufacturer.

Sweater Vest

Kallspin Men's Cashmere Wool Blended Vest Sweater Relaxed Fit V Neck Sleeveless Knitted Vest Pullover (Charcoal, 2X-Large)

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These are without sleeves and designed to be used over the top.  While most sweater vests have V-shaped necklines, some feature round or even crew necks. They can be worn as a casual dress or more formally under a suit jacket or blazer.

This sweater vest may be dressed to be preppy cute, corporate, chic, or professional. It would look amazing on a fashion model or a lecturer. The best part is that sweater vests rarely go out of fashion.

The Bottom Line

Sweaters are famous and come in a variety of colors and designs. However, there is a proper way to wear each type of sweater.  You can’t really wear a casual cardigan in the dead of winters without more layers. Similarly, a baggy cowlneck sweater won’t look great if you have a very formal meeting to attend.

The best way to go about styling sweaters is by testing out outfits a day before you have to wear them. This way, you stay cozy while still looking stylish.