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9 Types of Turtlenecks and How to Wear Them

I don’t think turtleneck tops suit me, but I do know someone who loves them so much, half of her wardrobe is a turtleneck top of some kind.

We always just think that as long as the neckline reaches half or covers our neck, it’s automatically a turtleneck. While that is true, there are still different types under this category, and my friend who loves turtlenecks has helped me distinguish them.

With that, here are different types of turtlenecks and some suggestions on how to style them:

Classic Turtleneck

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When in doubt, a classic turtleneck is the best option. When major Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn wore a sophisticated black turtleneck with trendy skinny jeans in a movie, this sort of outfit became internationally recognized. Following that, several fashion publications and runways featured this look.

Traditional turtlenecks have a small neckline and are body-fitting. Tights, jeans, and skirts work well with them. This adaptable sweater has helped up the fashion game throughout time. Put your beloved turtleneck beneath a dress during the frigid winter months. On a frigid winter day, this is the ideal outfit for a laid-back trip. It’s advisable to wear a lightweight turtleneck to prevent seeming larger.

The style of traditional turtlenecks is typically straightforward. A tiny scarf may be used as an accessory to give flair to your outfit. Tie a beautiful silk scarf across your turtleneck sweater to add a touch of elegance to your look. A checkered or striped blazer also looks excellent with a turtleneck. This is an excellent choice for a semi-formal or formal occasion. Don’t be afraid to layer your attire with extra layers. Wearing a dress over your turtleneck or a light shirt underneath it might completely transform your look. The more the merrier, as they say.

To create an avant-garde look, wear your turtleneck with a big necklace or fun earrings. A cashmere turtleneck may be worn with fashionable shoes and a belt purse for a more relaxed and young look.

Turtleneck Pullover

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This is the type of turtleneck that you’ll want to wear every day throughout the winter. Pullover turtlenecks are somewhat looser in construction than conventional turtlenecks, which have a fitted neck and bodice. The term “pullover” comes from the fact that it is easy to pull them upward.

Pullover turtlenecks are often large, ensuring the wearer’s maximum comfort and warmth. Despite the fact that these preppy clothing come in a variety of styles and materials, the cool knitted cashmere ones are the most popular. This kind of turtleneck is really easy to wear; just pair it with skinny or boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for a relaxed appearance.

If we were to choose one feature of turtlenecks, it would have to be its adaptability (hands-down). Turtlenecks come in a variety of styles, materials, and patterns, and they may be worn in a variety of ways. Dress them up as a single piece or layer them with other pieces to make them runway-worthy. Feel free to experiment with various turtlenecks; you never guess what can work and help you reach your desired appearance!

Knit Turtlenecks

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Knit turtlenecks are a kind of wool sweater. Because of how bulky and large this kind of turtleneck is, it is normally donned as a stand-alone garment. Although body-fitting knit turtlenecks are available, the majority of fashion-conscious consumers choose big knit turtlenecks with lengthy, baggy sleeves.

Knit sweaters are perfect for the winter since they keep you warm and comfy. This cozy sweater has plenty of style possibilities. Over a long, button-down tunic or knee-length skirt, layer a knitted turtleneck sweater. Make certain that the colors you choose are appropriate for the icy season. You may wear a baggy knitted turtleneck with blue shorts in the autumn when the weather isn’t too chilly. Tuck the sweater in for a more sophisticated appearance when wearing textured pants with a creamy patterned knit.

Turtlenecks are knitted in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and textures. Choose the clothes carefully with your fashion objective in mind. If you want to layer, pick a lightweight knitted turtleneck in a strong color and layer it with a jacket, cardigan, or blazer. Sleek pants, washed jeans, or black leggings will round off this outfit.

Funnel Turtleneck

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The funnel turtleneck is the most appropriate alternative for you if you don’t like turtlenecks that extend up to your ears. This sort of turtleneck is sometimes known as a faux turtleneck since it ends halfway up your neck.

They don’t reach the top of your neck, unlike typical turtlenecks. They come in a variety of fabric options. Merino wool, for example, is thick and bulky, but cashmere is paper-thin. The mock neck offers this sweater an extremely sophisticated appearance, regardless of whatever material you pick.

This beautiful funnel neck shape may be worn in a variety of ways. To begin, choose a plain black mock neck sweater. For a more feminine look, combine it with a crepe suede skirt. Wear trendy wedges or chunky heels to finish off this sultry combination.

A mock turtleneck and boyfriend jeans are an excellent mix for daily wear. To add a touch of class, tuck the sweater in and add a leather belt. White shoes will help to keep the look clean and easygoing.

A bright, layered dress seems to be great for being more fun and experimental with your style. On top of a chambray shirt, layer a brightly colored faux sweater. To achieve a layered effect, make sure the shirt’s collar and sleeves peek out from under your sweater. Finish the outfit with your favorite shoes and a pair of colored pants that suit your shirt.

A vivid yellow or orange funnel turtleneck might also help you unleash your inner wild. It looks great with cropped pants.

Printed Turtlenecks

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We understand that wearing a basic turtleneck shirt or sweater might be tedious, particularly for individuals who aren’t fond of simple attire. Is it possible to make turtlenecks more appealing to wear? There is, of course. Printed turtlenecks, however, are the way to go if you like both unique and printed motifs.

Animal patterns, including zebra or leopard, are prevalent on turtlenecks. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple is important to pulling off this look. If you’re sporting a leopard turtleneck top, for example, your pants should be basic and in a complementary hue, such as orange-brown or black. A single-toned complementing blazer would be excellent if you really want to highlight the ensemble even more.

You may mix and combine printed turtlenecks in a number of ways. So, while dressing up in a patterned turtleneck, let your imagination go wild. Isn’t it true that we all want stripes? Stripes are a simple way to dress up a turtleneck. Simply tie a striped scarf over your neck while wearing a striped turtleneck or a printed shirt. A charming floral turtleneck may easily be worn with leather pants. In no time, you’ll have a lovely, feminine, and sensual appearance. You may wear a matching leather jacket if it’s cold outdoors. The key is that you can change your clothes to suit your mood and the weather.

Turtlenecks with a Cutout

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Who says you can only wear turtlenecks in the winter? Summertime is also a great time to wear those ever-so-trendy turtlenecks! What do you mean by this? Cutout turtlenecks are a great way to do so.

Cutout turtlenecks are made for summer, thus they’re made of a lighter fabric. The unusual cutaway motifs are the major highlight of these stylish outfits. This neckline is available in a variety of styles, including fringed cutouts, v-neck cutouts, peek-a-boo cutouts, and many more. It all boils down to the kind of style you want to flaunt at the end of the day.

These necks, unlike winter turtlenecks, will help you look attractive and confident. This look can always be elevated by adding the right accessories.

Go for high-heeled shoes or ankle boots while getting dressed up for a great evening out with your gal buddies. Wear knee-length boots if you’re wearing a cutaway turtleneck with a short skirt. Wear flashy earrings and rings to make this appearance more feminine and fashionable. Make a top-knot bun with your hair to highlight your cutout design.

Many turtleneck sweaters also have a sensual cutaway, which you may be shocked to learn about. A fitted turtleneck sweater with cutaway sleeves is the most popular option. This is the type of autumn clothing to consider. For a playful and sensual look, pair it with a pleated little skirt and shoes. To highlight your slim waistline, tuck the sweater inside.

The Cowl Neck

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A cowl neck sweater has a drooping, unstructured neckline, as opposed to the close-fitting turtleneck. The neckline is often massive and large, giving the garment a casual, relaxed appearance. Sweaters that have drapes extending below the collarbones are common in this style. When folds of cloth fall from the neck, providing your neckline a scarf-like appearance, you’ve accomplished this style.

When you want a piece that appeals to you on a personal level, a cowl neck sweater is a good option. The draping neckline of a cowl-neck design garment may flatter a variety of body shapes. A cowl neckline may help a tiny chest gain volume with the appropriate adjustment.

This sort of turtleneck dress or sweater must be appropriately styled to get an attractive effect. To begin with, take into consideration that a cowl neckline is voluminous, which could cause it to overpower your shape. Add a belt to your ensemble for a flattering fit. Your small waist will be highlighted as well. If you want to add a burst of color to your ensemble, experiment with various textured or colored belts. Wearing flashy necklaces with cowl necklines might make the style too over-the-top and prevent your bold, distinctive neckline from being the focal point. Consider wearing hoop earrings as an alternative.

It’s vital to match your shoes to your attire in order to obtain a more balanced image. Flats, on the other hand, might make a heavy top seem lighter. A brighter pair of shoes, including boots or chunky heels, might be a better solution.

Lace Turtleneck

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Turtlenecks are often associated with the more informal end of the fashion spectrum. When you picture wearing a turtleneck, you normally think of heading out for a casual lunch or get-together. But how about if we told you that turtlenecks are also appropriate for formal occasions? Don’t trust us when we say that we’re the best in the business? In a spectacular lace turtleneck, you may make a statement at a cocktail party. Simply get a beautiful lace-draped turtleneck top or turtleneck dress.

When you want to seem attractive and sophisticated, a lace turtleneck is an excellent choice. It has a lovely, romantic air about it, so you can wear it on a date night or any special event. Turtleneck shirts with transparent lace are a good option if you want the appearance to be a little hotter.

Lace works well as a layering element as well. Wear a full-sleeved light-colored lace turtleneck under a dark-colored velvet jumpsuit. It will not only be ultra-stylish but also ideal for the colder months. What’s not to like about that? In a single bundle, style, and comfort!

While lace has a feminine feel to it, you can tone it down with boyish jackets and suits to make it less girly. Layering a tuxedo-style jacket over a nude lace turtleneck is a great example!

Denim Turtleneck

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Is denim a favorite of yours? If you answered yes, denim turtlenecks will exceed your expectations.

The nice blue hue is the most noticeable feature of denim turtlenecks. Black, cream, and white are common hues for turtlenecks. They do, however, come in a nice blue color. All you need now is a high-quality denim turtleneck.

Denim is a fabric that is very tough and long-lasting. It doesn’t snag or shred as other textures do. What’s more, it’s breathable and can be ironed at high temperatures without scorching. While other turtlenecks may wrinkle within a few hours, denim turtlenecks are designed to last longer. As a result, the cloth should last a long time. Denim turtlenecks are best worn in the winter because of the hefty fabric. They’ll keep you warm while also making you seem fashionable.

Denim-on-denim is a stylish way to show off your denim obsession. The drawback is that pulling off this style is a little difficult. A little blunder may lead to a major fashion gaffe! Avoid pairing your top and bottom in the same color to avoid making a fashion faux pas. Choose dark trousers if you’re wearing a lighter turtleneck and vice versa.

Your outfit could seem dull if you wear denim on top of denim. Distressed denim jeans or shorts will add visual interest to your ensemble. Indulge in faded bottoms for a distressed effect. Don’t worry if these trousers aren’t readily accessible in your area; you can make your own distressed jeans at home. Simply combine 1 part bleach and 1 part water in a mixing bowl. Then, using a paintbrush, apply the mixture to the denim. Allow it to dry overnight before washing the denim. A scissor may also be used to create tears in denim. As a result, you’ll be able to find the distressed look that’s right for you.

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