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15 Types of Women’s Sandals For Every Fashionista

Sandals. This type of footwear is just my holy grail. There are various types of sandals out there, and I could make many of my outfits have a different vibe, although I do tend to use sandals casually.

With that, here are different types of sandals that I believe every fashionable and stylish woman should try and collect:

What is a sandal?

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There are many distinct styles of sandals since they have been there for so many centuries and have been enjoyed by so many civilizations throughout the globe. Almost every shoe designer has come up with their own unique sandal designs based on a very basic, common design.

Sandals consist of a sole with straps that are used to fasten the shoe to your feet. When it comes to constructing sandal designs within this fundamental structure, everything goes.

Sandals seem to be a relatively recent development, given the vast variety of utilitarian advantages they provide. However, this is not the case. Sandals constructed of leaves, twigs, or fibers were worn by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, according to history.

Papyrus sandals were a necessary element of a priest’s costume, according to Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian. The Greek sandals’ bottoms were made of cowhide and come in a multitude of colors. They were secured with a variety of straps. Furthermore, both men and women in ancient Rome carved elaborate motifs onto their sandals.

Women’s shoes, particularly sandals, come in a variety of styles; here’s a rundown of the most popular and less-common styles.

Types of Sandals for Women

1. Ballerina Flats

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These shoes, which were inspired by the shoes used by professional ballet dancers, are the height of comfort and elegance. They’re also a great choice for an outfit that prioritizes comfort above fashion. Ballerina flats may provide comfort to your outfit without sacrificing your particular flair.

Ballerina flats are becoming more stylish and appealing with each passing year. Today’s market is flooded with flats inspired by ballerina shoes. Because of their versatility, these flats may be worn with plain and basic office attire or elegantly to formal or semi-formal dinners or hangouts.

2. Boot Sandals

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Boots with low or high heels are a hot shoe style that you should try. While boot sandals are the latest fashion, not everyone can pull them off. Before you wear knee-length or ankle-length boots, you need to have some fashion sense.

Remember that ankle boots work well with long skirts and thin jeans, while knee-length boots go well with short skirts and cowboy costumes.

3. Crocs

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Crocs are possibly the most comfortable sandals available, and they must be appreciated for all they are. Let’s face it: crocs are a little out of the ordinary in terms of design, and as a result, they tend to catch everyone’s attention right away.

Wearing the most basic and simplest crocs, such as white ones, will almost certainly draw a lot of attention. Don’t worry, all of this attention will be beneficial. Perhaps you’ll even receive some praise!

Crocs are water-resistant, in case you didn’t know. As a result, they’re ideal for heading to the beach, lake, or pool. Crocs are a good choice for wet days when you’re not sure what else to wear outdoors.

You may wear them with the most casual clothing — a casual shirt and loose leggings, or lounge/gym pajamas – since they are the flag-bearer of casual footwear. They go great with sleeveless shirts and short skirts.

4. Flip Flops

zebra print flip flops on sand beside starfish

Flip flops are one kind of footwear that you should avoid wearing when jogging. However, this is still by far the most popular sandal style. A Y-shaped thong is fastened directly to the sole of flip flops. Although most flip flops are made of rubber, they may be constructed of any material and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Flip flops are lightweight sandals with a foam sole and a plastic toe for stability. Choose a leather jacket to complete this ultimate look. Simple elastic straps on basic flip flops allow them to be worn to the beach or on picnics. If you want a more upscale look, these summer sandals are available with braided leather straps that are embellished with jewels or glitter.

These ornate flip-flops will instantly transform an otherwise uninteresting outfit. It’s also worth noting that these wonderfully comfy shoes may be worn in a variety of situations. They are available in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, making them an excellent investment in casual wear. Select one that complements your swimwear or outfit. It will be difficult for you to choose just one pair of flip-flops since there is so much variation available.

5. Gladiator Sandals

Aniywn Women Gladiator Sandals Casual Lace Up Thong Flat Sandals Summer Open Toe Knee High Flat Sandal Yellow

Gladiator sandals have been worn by gladiators fighting in arenas since ancient Rome. The intricate strapping system, notably the straps that stretch up to at least the ankle, and occasionally lace around the lower thigh, distinguishes this type. The straps in some styles may reach nearly to the knee.

A form of sandal that was created only for practical purposes has evolved into a symbol of high-end fashion and elegance. Gladiator sandals are often depicted by gods in ancient and contemporary art. This sort of sandal was used by upper-class persons in ancient Rome. As a result, it became a clear status symbol. Furthermore, many ancient Romans used to combat this safe and sturdy footwear.

Gladiator sandals were constructed of tough leather during the time. Gladiator shoes’ bottoms were built of the thickest and strongest materials available to increase the sandal’s endurance, while the straps were made of softer leather. Today’s gladiator sandals are made of a variety of materials, including denim and imitation leather, and are held together by leather or denim straps, cord, or braided thongs.

What exactly are gladiator sandals? The answer is simple: they’re flat sandals with one or more broad ankle straps. Gladiator sandals are the safest and most secure choice on our list.

6. Heels 

cropped image of model wearing pink heeled sandals beside pool

This list would be incomplete without including everyone’s favorite footwear — heels! Everyone enjoys having a collection of killer heels, from tiny girls to teens to elderly people. These seductive sandals, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles, making them quite adaptable.

The following are some of the most well-known and fashionable heels:

Block Heels

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Block heels are a form of sandal with thicker heels than a stiletto and are often referred to as chunky heels. The sandal provides a hard and stable basis, making it comfortable to walk on, thanks to its thick heel.

These hefty heels match with practically every outfit, whether it’s a stylish business skirt/blouse or a stunning party dress, in addition to offering a secure footing. They are more suitable for outside situations than stilettos, such as sand, grass, or rain. They will not sink or stick in the mud. The greatest aspect is that these heels are really comfortable to wear while dancing!

Cut Out Heels

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The most striking characteristic of these fashionable heels is that they are all meticulously carved out in floral or shape-based motifs. Cut-out heels, which come in a variety of sizes, colors, forms, and patterns, are both seductive and stylish. These one-of-a-kind shoes have grown in popularity over the last few years.

And there’s a good reason for that: these heels, which are carved out in stunning motifs, may instantly transform your basic and straightforward appearance. You can always put on your favorite pair of cut-out shoes when your feet aren’t groomed and require covering.

Kitten Heels

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Audrey Hepburn, the trend-setter for these beautiful, exquisite shoes, is and will always be synonymous with kitten heels. These low-key shoes are perfect for anybody who despises super-high heels.

You must be cautious while wearing these underappreciated heels. When these timeless pieces are paired with the wrong clothing, the result may be disastrous. This low-heeled design pairs well with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. To put it another way, they’re ideal for work and pleasure.

Your best option is silk or satin kitten heels, which immediately elevate casual, basic outfits and even complement an embroidered dress.

Peep Toes

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Peep-toe heels, which come in a variety of lengths, are the most seductive kind of heels. The more appealing the style seems, the higher the heel. What is a peep-toe, exactly? It’s a kind of women’s shoe with a little aperture in the toe box that allows the user to see her toes.

At the turn of the twentieth century, this kind of rebellious footwear was all the rage. However, in the late 1960s, they lost their luster. Peep toes, on the other hand, had a comeback in the 1970s and 1980s before going out of style in the mid-1990s. These distinctively fashioned sandals have resurfaced in the shape of peep-toe boots, wedges, flats, and other footwear in recent years.


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Slingbacks are women’s shoes with an ankle strap that wraps around the ankle or heel. Because of the strap that encircles them, slingback heels provide a sense of security and comfort for the user.

Slingbacks are a good option for women who want to wear high heels but are concerned about falling. They are ideal for both daytime and evening wear because of their design and functionality.

Slingbacks are great since they come in so many different designs. If slingback heels aren’t for you, slingback pumps or wedges are a great alternative. They are liked by all types of ladies with differing preferences for heel heights since they are also available in various heel lengths.


Cape Robbin Womens Strappy Pointy Open Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandal-Ada,Black,9


Stilettos are distinguished by their thin, long heel, which was designed in 1906 by a well-known French shoe designer, Andre Perugia. These women’s shoes are a little alarming with their needle-like heels. Stilettos are a great alternative for a more daring and unique look.

These shoes may not be everyone’s cup of tea because of their dagger-like heel. Walking on stilettos is a marvel of athletic ability for first-timers. Before purchasing and wearing stilettos, it may be beneficial to practice with somewhat broader heels.

Stilettos offer the appearance of thinner and longer legs, a smaller foot, and increased height, which many people are unaware of. Get a pair of stylish stilettos for yourself if you want to attain all of this!

Stilettos, like other high heels, have the drawback of inflicting excruciating agony and suffering when worn for an extended period of time. In outdoor areas with dirt, sand, grass, or slippery surfaces, they might also be difficult to wear.


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Wedge-sole sandals feature a strong heel that provides lift and height. The wedge heel may reach a height of several inches. The heel may be somewhat higher in the rear and gradually descend to a lower height towards the toe, or it may be the same height all the way down.

Are you not a fan of the traditional heel? Please don’t be concerned. We’ve prepared a much superior replacement for you. Let’s give a shout-out to wedge sandals.

Wedges are a great alternative to heels. While both of them provide the user an increase in height, they do it in very different ways. The style of these sandals is what makes them unique. Wedge sandals contain a large block for a heel, which makes them more solid and hence more comfortable.

Wedge sandals are also often more cushioned, which protects the feet. They also aid in arch support, ensuring that your whole foot is well-balanced. You may not want to wear sandals on a regular basis due to their lack of comfort. Wedges, on the other hand, allow you to make the most of your fondness for height. Choose neutral hues such as cream, beige, or white to match with practically any outfit.

7. Leather Sandals

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Leather sandals are more expensive, but they are well worth it for a variety of reasons. To begin, unlike many casual flip-flops, they have a greater durability factor. Leather shoes are often light and supple. This means it’s not only more attractive than other casual sandals, but also more practical.

This winter classic may be worn in the summer without sacrificing its comfort, style, or appearance. Leather sandals are beautiful and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Women’s slippers have more visible designs than men’s leather slippers. Use light-colored leather sandals since they look better. Every leather sandal features a soft, comfortable lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

8. Loafers

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These iconic shoes, sometimes known as penny loafers, are no longer only for kids who wear backpacks or uniforms. If you haven’t already, these elegant sandals have resurrected in a plethora of stunning styles that will make you fall in love with loafers.

These slip-on shoes are said to have been developed in the 1900s when some students visiting Scandinavia spotted fishermen wearing a simpler version of moccasin-made loafer. Fashion companies in North America were motivated to create shoes in a similar style as a result of this.

Loafers, unlike most sandals, have never made the “sexy shoe” list. Despite the lack of sassiness, this one-of-a-kind pair of shoes is really trendy. Women’s loafers, on the other hand, are difficult to style. You must ensure that you choose the appropriate attire, or else your whole appearance will be ruined. Combining loaders with your favorite street-style attire is the simplest but finest method to dress them. Feel free to channel your inner rock n’ roll star.

Here’s some good news: loafers work well with business attire. While it’s usually preferable to comply with the business dress code, you may inject some individuality into your look by wearing a stylish pair of loafers. When it comes to loafer fashion, you don’t need to think outside the box. A simple all-black or all-white ensemble is the perfect reason to wear your favorite loafers!

9. Platform Sandals

Reokoou Platform Sandals for Women Summer Casual Strappy Bowknot Slingback Wedge Sandal Peep Toe Single Shoes

Because of their superficial similarities, wedges and platform sandals are sometimes confused. These two types of footwear, however, are vastly different. While both are summer staples, wedges have a high heel that functions as both the heel and the sole. They have a supportive footbed that lifts the user.

Although platform shoes feature an elevated heel, the sole thickness is different. Platform sandals, unlike wedges, offer you a lift in the front and rear. As a result, they’re a better choice than wedges since they provide more stability.

When walking in platform sandals, you will never feel pain or blisters. Platform heels should be your go-to shoe for a casual look.

10. Pumps

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Pumps are a basic, traditional, and oh-so-chic footwear option.

Without a great pair of pumps, a woman’s wardrobe is completed. They go with every clothing and occasion. Are you going to work? The best option is a pair of flat or low-heeled pumps. Lunch with friends? Flat pumps in a bold, brilliant color will elevate your style.

When purchasing pumps, the best option is to get them in a neutral color so that they may be worn with any outfit. An extravagant pair of pumps, on the other hand, is the way to go if you’re wanting to liven up your entire style!

11. Slides 

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It’s controversial in the fashion industry whether slides are a form of flip flop or a separate style, but there’s little doubt they’re a sandal. Slides feature a single horizontal strap that runs over the top of the shoe and is attached to the sole directly.

12. Sports Sandals

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Sports sandals are a unique style of sandals. These sandals are built to be sturdy, which is something that many sandals aren’t. Multiple straps are used in sports sandals to keep them firmly on the feet.

They also have supportive soles and are built with soft soles. Sports sandals are made for athletic activities, as opposed to many other sandal types that aren’t suited for any kind of physical activity.

Women’s sandals come in a broad range of styles, each with its own personality and history. Sandals are a woman’s greatest friend, and they’re well-known for being practical, elegant, and appealing.

13. Strappy Sandals

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Strappy sandals, as the name implies, have a lot of straps, which adds to the overall stylish and trendy look of the heels. The barely-visible heels, which were popular in the 1990s, are poised to dominate the 2019 fashion shoe market. These shoes are the perfect way to freshen up an otherwise drab outfit with their sleek and incredibly slim straps.

These sandals are versatile and assist to lengthen the legs. The possibilities are infinite, with low heels, sky-high heels, wide-apart two straps, several enclosed straps, nude-colored straps, dark-colored straps, bright and vivid colors — the possibilities are boundless!

Make sure you finish off your strappy look with a good pedicure, whichever strappy design you choose.

14. Wood Sandals

image of two pairs of traditional wooden slippers on top of rock

Wood sandals, also known as Geta in Japan, are a contemporary kind of sandal valued for their strength and durability. These sandals are composed of wood, as indicated by their name, which is one of the most durable materials available.

Wood sandals are dust and water-resistant, similar to denim sandals. They are also available in a variety of forms and designs that are durable. If you like sandals that aren’t entirely made of wood, you may choose sandals that aren’t entirely made of wood. Sandals with wooden heels or only a wooden foundation, for example, are a good choice. The rest of the shoe is made of synthetic material, including the top sole.

Sandals made of wood are inspired by old Eastern sandal patterns. For ages, this fashion has been popular in Japan. These are essentially flip flop shoes with a hardwood sole placed on top of two horizontal supports, one at the heel and the other near the toes, that run across the width of the sandal. Because you may change the top strap as required while wearing the hardwood soles, these shoes will endure a long time. Wood sandals come in a variety of current forms, including heeled versions.

15. Thong Sandals

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Thongs are a dressier form of flip-flops, often known as t-straps. Thongs and flip-flops are often interchanged in most areas of the globe. They are attractive and trendy while being basic footwear. A standard pair of thongs include a thin to a thick band that runs from the right to the left side of the toe. They’re great for last-minute sandals since they’re so simple to put on.

Most tall ladies avoid wearing heels because they make them seem shorter. What other ways may they make a fashion statement? Thong sandals are their best bet, according to fashion experts!

T-strap sandals, which lean toward a more casual look, combine nicely with short/long skirts and ordinary jeans. Thong sandals may be worn to work, to a casual party, or to go shopping on the spur of the moment. They’ll provide you with the ease and comfort you’d expect from footwear.

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