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Your Ultimate Guide to Wigs: 13 Different Wigs You Should Try

Wigs are amazing for one thing: you can change your look instantly. It has also been a great help for people suffering from health conditions like cancer and alopecia.

With that, here’s your ultimate guide to wigs, including different types you should try:

Different Types of Wigs

The wig hair (i.e. hair fiber) and the wig cap construction are the two main distinctions when it comes to classifying wigs. In the sections below, we go over all of the different kinds of both categories.

Remy Human Hair

QUINLUX WIGS #1b30 Color Body Wave Human Hair Wigs 180% Density HD Transparent Lace Human Hair Wigs 13x6 Lace Front Wig Pre Plucked Brazilian Remy Human Hair Glueless Wig For Black Women18 Inch

Remy human hair wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs on the market, as well as the best wigs in general.

You can cut it, curl it with curling tools, straighten, or even dye it to make it look different (amazing).

The cuticle layer of this wig is still intact, which distinguishes it from wigs that are made with just regular human hair.

Each hair strand has an outermost layer and it is the cuticle. Since it’s still intact, the cuticle doesn’t matte or tangle, the tip and root are pointing in the same direction.

Remy human hair wigs overall have a healthier look, smoother, and lustrous, so it is the best option when you want the highest quality wig that is not only real hair but also allows you to style it like your own. It’s also worth noting that they’re pricier than other wigs.

Lace Front Wigs

Mesariel Blonde 613 Lace Front Wig Human Hair 22 inch True Length 13x4 HD Lace 613 Frontal Wig Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Brazilian Virgin 150% Density 613 Body Wave Lace Front Wig for Women

These wigs have only front lace, as the name implies. The rest of the cap is thicker, and there may be clips sewn in to keep the wig in place while you wear it.

Lace front wigs are very popular, and the rest of the wig is usually made of material that is unlikely to rip or tear away from the lace, in part because it is made of a less fragile material. Because of the way this wig is made, the wearer can choose his or her own hairline. You can part the wig any way you want because the lace is only found in the front section.

Human Hair Wigs

UNice Highlight Wavy T Part Lace Front Human Hair Wigs for Black Women Brazilian Virgin Hair Ombre Balayage Brown Body Wave Frontal Wig Middle Part Pre Plucked with Baby Hair FB30 Color 20 inch

Because they are made from natural hair, human hair wigs are as real as they come. These types of wigs have seen incredible advancements in wig technology.

Human hair wigs cost more than synthetic hair wigs. If you’re wondering where the hair for these wigs comes from, the answer is simple: it’s from all over the world, including  Africa, Europe, and China, and a variety of other places.

The cost of these wigs is determined by the quality of the hair used, so prices can vary significantly between wigs. If you’re thinking about buying human hair wigs, it’s a good idea to learn about the different types of human hair first. This will help you find the wig that’s right for you.

People who want shoulder-length or long hair, the ability to change their hairstyles frequently, the highest-quality texture available, as well as those who wear wigs for a long time are all good candidates for human hair wigs. It will be tough to go back to other types of wigs once you have purchased a wig made from real human hair.

Capless Wigs

Aimole Short Curly Synthetic Wigs Full Capless Hair Women's Thick Wig for Everyday

A capless wig is a wig without a cap. A wefted or open-cap wig is a basic wig cap.

Wefts are sewn onto strips of thin elastic material, which become the cap itself, in a machine-made process. It is, however, “capless” because it is not a solid surface, allowing for airflow.

There is airflow between the wefts, which helps to prevent your scalp from becoming overheated.

Full coverage is provided by this wig.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Lativ Long Wavy Wig for Women Black Middle Part Lace Front Wigs Body Wave Synthetic Hair Natural Looking Heat Resistant Fiber Daily Party Cosplay Use (Black)

Synthetic wigs, as opposed to real human hair wigs, are significantly less expensive, but these wigs are now much better made and can still provide a very realistic and attractive look.

Synthetic hair wigs, on the other hand, don’t usually last very long and aren’t recommended for those who often use a lot of styling tools on them, despite the fact that there are “heat safe” synthetic hair wigs available. Synthetic hair wigs often contain a variety of hair types and can be treated similarly to human hair wigs.

Synthetic hair wigs are best for people who don’t want expensive wigs, prefer short to mid-length hair, don’t need or want a lot of styling or care for the wig, and only plan to wear it for a short period of time. While synthetic wigs have their place, most people agree that wigs made of real human hair are the best for long-term use and have the most attractive appearance.

Monofilament Wigs

FACE MIRACLE Fine Mono Mens Toupee Hairpiece Poly Coating Around Human Hair Replacement Monofilament Wig (8"10, 1# JET BLACK)

Try a monofilament wig if you want a wig that looks as natural as possible. Individual strands of hair are hand-attached in this type of wig, which is made of either polyester or nylon micro mesh. It even has the same appearance as the skin that surrounds your hair and can be parted or brushed in any direction. They’re ideal if you have thinning or balding hair or a sensitive scalp because the material used is much softer than the regular cap used by many wig-making companies.

Monofilament wigs are usually partially or fully hand-tied, and while the fully hand-tied type is the most expensive, it also looks the most natural. This is partly due to the fact that the hand-tied hairs or fibers are found throughout the wig, resulting in a higher manufacturing cost.

If you want a monofilament wig but don’t think your budget will allow it, you can opt for a skin-top or skin-part wig, which is usually much less expensive. These wigs are typically made with a wefted cap and less micro-mesh than regular monofilament wigs, allowing them to be more affordable.

100% Hand-Tied Wigs

RDY Ombre Blue Synthetic Wig Loose Body Wave Heat Fiber Hair 24Inches Long Wavy Ombre Color Lace Front Wigs for Women Half Hand Tied Wig Cosplay Daily Use Hair

Wigs with all strands hand-tied to the cap are known as 100 percent hand-tied wigs.

Hand-tying wigs is possible with both synthetic and human hair.

In comparison to a machine-made wig, this method of making wigs produces a more natural-looking appearance.

You can alter the part for more styling possibilities.

Full Lace Wigs

Full Lace Human Hair Wig Glueless Lace Frontal Hair Kinky Curly Style Pre Plucked Hair Line Short Hair with Baby Hair for Black Women by YOKADAHAIR (14inch, 360 wig)

Full lace wigs have a full-sized lace cap with urethane strips to hold the adhesives in place. A full lace wig offers a lot of versatility, as it can be styled, parted, and brushed however you want.

These wigs are pricier than standard wigs, but they are well worth the investment because they last much longer and are far more versatile. In fact, if you frequently wear wigs and want the most realistic-looking wig available, a full lace wig should be your first choice.

French Drawn Hand Wigs

izhenwo Short Curly Wavy Bob Wigs for Women Black Wig with Bangs Shoulder Length Synthetic Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs for Women(Natural black)

The three layers of French knot wig caps hide the knotting for a more realistic appearance.

With this wig, there are three layers:

  • The layer that sits on your scalp is called Glass Silk.
  • The knots are attached to the Swiss or fine Lace surface in the middle.
  • Another Glass Silk layer hides the knotting in the third layer.

Non-Slip Wig

Wig Grip Headbands for Women Adjustable Velvet Lace Wig Grip Band for Frontal Lace Wigs Non Slip 1PCS (Beige)

Suction wigs, as they’re also known, are best for people who are completely bald. They have a transparent polyurethane base with a monofilament that gently grips your scalp and does not require elastic adjusters.

Anti-slip wigs are available in a variety of sizes and types, including synthetic and human hair, and some even have a lace front.

These types of wigs can be worn even if you aren’t completely bald, though they are best for people with hair that isn’t longer than two inches. They’re usually light and airy. The majority of them are made of a material that will not irritate or scratch your scalp.

Basic Cap Wigs

CHELSEA Basic Cap Synthetic Wig by Jon Renau, 3PC Bundle: Wig, 4oz Mara Ray Enriched Shampoo and 19 Page Belle of Hope Guide (6F27)

Most wigs have a cap-like structure made of rows and rows of hair wefts sewn together by a sewing machine rather than a cap per se. The top of the wig usually has a closed top or crown, as well as shorter fibers to hide the cap and make the wig appear more natural. Because these wigs are manufactured by machines, they are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles.

Because the hairpieces are continued over the top portion of the wig, a capless wig is a little cooler and lighter. Although it allows some of your own hair to show through, this type of wig is often more comfortable and airy to wear. A thin-wefted cap wig is what they’re known as.


GOO GOO Hair Extensions 18 Inch Halo Hair Extensions Chocolate Brown to Honey Blonde 95g Balayage Hair Extensions Hidden Crown Wire Hair Extensions with Transparent Fish Line Invisible Hairpiece

A hairpiece (also known as hair extension) is a device that enhances the appearance of a person’s natural hair rather than covering it entirely. Hairpieces are designed to blend in with existing hair and are typically used to shape a person’s hairstyle or cover baldness.

Hairpieces come in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Banana Comb Hairpiece. One of the ends of a banana comb hairpiece is permanently attached, while the other has a snap clip or other type of closure.
  • Claw Clip Hairpiece. This hairpiece is held in place at the crown by round interlocking combs that can be opened and closed by squeezing them.
  • Drawstring Attachment Hairpiece. A drawstring forms a pocket and tightens to give the hairpiece a more secure fit this type of hairpiece.

Hair Toppers

10 Inch Human Hair Clip in Hair Toppers for Women Straight Hair Crown Topper Extensions for Hair Loss Thin Hair Cover Gray Hair Dark Brown #2

Partial wigs, also known as wiglets, are wigs that cover a portion of your head, more than a hairpiece but less than a full wig. Partially wigs are divided into two types:

Partially laced or honeycomb wigs. These partial wigs are ideal for people with thinning hair because they have large holes through which you can pull your own hair to add thickness and volume to your natural hair. The majority of them are held in place with small combs or clips, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

Wigs that are half or three-quarters of an inch long. These partial wigs cover one-half to three-quarters of your head, and you can pull strands of your own hair through them, just like the honeycomb variety. The wigs are usually held in place with combs or clips, and your natural hair blends in well with the wigs for a beautiful all-natural look.


Listed above are the most common wig types when we’re talking about the cap and the hair.

However, when it comes to categorizing wigs by color, length, style, and function, you can obviously go to great lengths (costume, temporary, etc.).

Length of Wigs

While purchasing a wig may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, it can also provide an opportunity to experiment with various hair lengths, colors, and styles.

Wigs of any length can now be purchased online. Long, medium, and short hair are all represented in the examples below.

Long Hair Wigs

Hair that falls below the shoulder is defined by a long hair wig.

MapofBeauty 40 Inch/100cm Fashion Straight Long Costume Anime Wig (Black)

23" Natural Full Wigs Hair Long Wavy Wig Synthetic Heat Resistant (Ombre Silver)

netgo Women Strawberry Blonde Ombre Light Blonde Wigs with Bangs, Natural Wave Long Curly Heat Resistant synthetic Wig 30"

Short Hair Wigs

Hairstyles that don’t reach the shoulders are known as short hair wigs.

Baruisi Short Pixie Cut Wigs for Women Brown Synthetic Layered Hair Wig with Bangs

MapofBeauty 12 Inches/30cm Women Short Straight Cosplay Party BOB Wig (Dark Brown)

Short Bob Human Hair Wigs with Bangs None Lace Front Wigs Brazlian Straight Hair Machine Made Bob Wig for Black Women Natural color (10 Inch)

Medium-Length Wigs

Hair that falls to the shoulders is found on medium-length wigs.

RABAKE Pastel Wavy Wig With Air Bangs Wigs for Women Hair Wig Curly Wigs Synthetic Wigs 14 inch Shoulder Length Wigs Bob Wigs for Party Fancy Dress Celebrity Halloween Holiday Cosplay Costume Party

Swiking Blonde Mix Silver Straight Shoulder Length Wig with Bangs for White Women Bob Wig Short Synthetic Hair for Party Use

Akkya Pink Wigs for Women Pastel Short Hair Wig with Bangs Colored Wavy Party Wig Synthetic Light Pink Bob Shoulder Length Wig for Holoween Costume Cosplay

Wig Styles

A wig comes in a variety of hairstyles, just like the length. It’s another chance to experiment with hairstyles you wouldn’t normally wear. Remember that you can also style high-quality wigs.

Bob Style Wigs

Bopocoko Black Bob Wigs for Women, 12'' Short Black Hair Wig with Bangs, Natural Fashion Synthetic Wig, Cute Colored Wigs for Daily Party Cosplay Halloween BU027BK

Ten Chopsticks 1B/30 Ombre Short Bob Wavy Human Hair Lace Front Wigs HD Invisible 13X6 Lace Frontal Human Hair Wigs Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Glueless Short Body Wave Wigs For Black Woman 10Inch

Short Straight Bob Wigs Human Hair Lace Frontal Wigs Brazilian Virgin Human Hair For Black Women Straight Bob lace Front Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Natural Black (8 Inch, 13x4 Straight Bob Wig)

African American Hairstyle Wigs

The marketplace for wigs has a large selection of African American wigs in a variety of styles and lengths.

Naseily Short Blonde Hair Wigs for Black Women Short Synthetic Wigs for African American Women Wigs Short Hairstyles (Blonde)

BTWTRY Purple Braided Wig Micro Braided Hair Synthetic Lace Front Wigs for Black Women Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Lavender Box Braids Wig African American Hair (24inch, Purple)

BeiSD Short Ombre Brown Black Curly Hair Wigs For Black Women Synthetic Short Wigs For Black Women African American Women Hairstyles (BeiSDWig-W030)

Layered Hair Wigs

HAIRCUBE Long Layered Wigs for Women Synthetic Hair Wig with Bangs Ombre Brown to Blonde with Dark Roots

QUEENTAS Pixie Layered Short Blonde Wigs for White Black Women Synthetic Hair (Blonde Mixed Brown)

Shag Hairstyle Wigs

Missuhair Male Short Brown Shaggy Wig for Halloween Karl Cosplay 70s 80s Mens Mullet Costume Wig

Lydell Short Layered Shaggy Full Synthetic Wig Wigs 12TT26 Brown Highlights

Pixie Hairstyle Wigs

BeiSDWig Short Pixie Haircut Synthetic Short Wigs for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Women Wig Short Hair (BeiSDWig-7345A)

FCHW Wig Short Pixie Cut Hair Wig Short Black Hairstyles Synthetic Wigs For Women Short Black Wig Heat Resistant Hairpieces Women's Fashion Wigs 7788

Straight Hair Wigs

YYgY Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Straight 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig Pre Plucked with Baby Hair 100% Human Hair Wigs for Black Women 150% Denisty Brazilian Real Hair Natural Color (Straight 30Inch)

Antimi Highlight Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Black Women 18" Straight 13x4 HD Lace Frontal Ombre Colored Wigs Brazilian Virgin Hair Pre Plucked 150% Density Human Hair Wigs 4/27 Color( 18 inch wig)

Wavy or Curly Hairstyle Wigs

Dark Brown Wigs for Women Short Wavy Bob Wig Synthetic Mixed Brown Highlight Wig Shoulder Length Middle Part Wig Natural Looking Wigs for Daily Party Use

13X4 Lace Frontal Human Hair Wigs for Black Women 28 Inch Body Wave Wavy Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked with Baby Hair, Urbeauty 180% Density Brazilian Virgin Frontal Wigs Melted Hairline

Wigs With Bangs

QD-Tizer #613 Blonde Long Straight Synthetic Hair Wigs with Bangs Women's Costume Wig Heat Resistant Hair Replacement Wig

FORCUTEU Pink Wig with Bangs Pink Wigs for Women Long Pink Ombre Wig Pink Wavy Heat Resistant Wigs for Daily Party(Ombre Pink 26inch)


Is it easy for wigs to fall out?

Wigs can easily fall off if they aren’t properly fitted. They will stay in place if they are properly fitted. Wig tape or a gel wig headband can be used to further secure your wig.

Is real hair used to make wigs?

Yes, human hair wigs exist, and as you might expect, they are of higher quality. While synthetic hair wigs can be attractive, they cannot compete with natural hair wigs. People sell their hair to wig makers for up to $700 per pound in countries like China and India.

Human hair isn’t used in all wigs, though. Synthetic hair wigs are also available, and the quality of these wigs is improving all the time. In fact, if you’re wearing a high-quality, 100% hand-tied synthetic hair wig, most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing one.

What is the price of a high-quality wig?

A good wig can set you back $2,000 or more. This wig is a high-end wig with Remy human hair and a hand-tied cap.

How do I keep a wig in good condition?

You should keep it on a wig stand or mannequin as much as possible.

PIESOYRI Wig Stand 14 Inches, Portable Wig Holder, Wig Stand for Multiple Wigs, Styling, Drying, Sturdy, No Slip, Hat Display Stand, Easy to Assemble, Black

“To properly fold your wig, fold it in half from ear to ear and slip it into a clean, plastic bag,” Ultimatelooks.com recommends when traveling. Place some tissue paper inside the wig if you have any on hand to help it maintain its shape in the bag.”

Is it possible to look natural while wearing a wig?

Yes, wigs can be very natural-looking. In fact, if you invest in a high-quality wig, such as a hand-tied Remy human hair wig, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice you’re wearing one.

Is wearing a wig a pain?

Wigs have come a long way in terms of development. Some wigs, on the other hand, provide more comfort than others. Capless wigs, for example, are more comfortable than full cap wigs because they keep the scalp cooler. In general, if you invest in a good wig, you’ll find it to be quite comfortable.

What is the most comfortable type of wig?

A 100% hand-tied cap is the most comfortable wig because of the way it’s made.

What is the average lifespan of a human hair wig?

With proper care, human hair wigs can last up to a year.

What is the average lifespan of a synthetic hair wig?

They can last 4 to 6 months without heat if you don’t use it. They’ll last about 2 to 3 months if you use heat on a regular basis.

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