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Wearing Black to a Wedding: Is it Possible?

When I was younger, I have always dreamed of having a black-themed wedding, where I–the bride–would be wearing an elegant black wedding dress. I still have that dream, but at the end of the day, I did choose another color as that rose-colored dress spoke to me when I saw it.

Although there’s so much stigma and superstition surrounding wearing black to a wedding, people are now more open-minded. But, is wearing black still okay when going to a wedding?

Colors in Weddings

image of a table with flowersas centerpiece and plates and utensils in wedding reception

There had been 3 colors that were traditionally prohibited from being worn during a wedding. Because the bride’s bridal gown is white, you couldn’t wear that color. Because red was considered excessively showy, you couldn’t wear it.

You couldn’t wear black since it was a hue associated with death. It was considered impolite to wear black at any form of celebration, but this was especially true at weddings. A wedding is, after all, the pinnacle of celebrations.

The excellent thing is that today’s dress code is a little more lenient. At least sometimes, black may be worn at a wedding.

Formality Issues

Choosing just what to wear to a wedding is possibly the most significant component. A black-tie wedding has a completely different dress code than a simple afternoon wedding.

You can’t really go astray with a black maxi dress when it comes to informal wedding wear. Consider wearing a black gown or cocktail dress if formal clothing is necessary.

How to Attend a Wedding in a Black Dress

girl wearing black in front of window in an all-white church

You’ll need to decide how exposing the dress should be, in addition to the time of day, the season, and the location.

A little black dress is not ideal for an evening wedding in a church. Keep the strapless dress in the wardrobe and put away your cocktail wear.

A strapless number, on the other hand, would be the ideal little black dress for a cocktail wedding.

Anything that is overly tight or short should be avoided in general. A really low-cut dress is another thing you should avoid. You don’t wish your sex appeal to draw attention away from the bride, even if the location doesn’t demand modest attire.

Wearing a Black Dress: When and Where

Evening attire is often a black dress. It’s probably not proper for a midday wedding if it wouldn’t look right for breakfast. Choose a lighter dress for a daytime wedding.

If pastel makes you squirm, don’t rule out black. A black pattern dress may bring color but also make the clothing more daytime friendly. A brilliantly colored shawl or cardigan might also be added as an accent.

To avoid seeming overly formal during a summer wedding, go for a simple slip dress. Match a black dress with some jewel-toned blazer or cardigan if the wedding is in the winter.

woman in a black satin slit dress wearing sandals inside her room

These days, destination weddings are quite popular, and they come with their own set of dress guidelines. Beach wedding and destination wedding are terms that are often interchanged.

A black dress will, in most situations, be inappropriate for a seaside wedding. A black gown, on the other hand, is appropriate for a traditional destination wedding in a medieval castle.

Consider the location of the wedding and dress appropriately for the occasion. If you truly want to look great on the beach in a black dress, make it semi-casual and flowy.

When the wedding is conducted in the evening, you might choose a black dress in a conventional setting or an outdoor area. Usually.

Black for a Bridal Party

As a wedding guest, you may wear black, but what about if you’re at the bridal party? Is a black wedding gown for a bridesmaid’s gown acceptable?

In the previous several years, wedding attire has evolved. Pale pastels, gold, and silver were the starting points. Even black has been fashionable in recent years.

image of woman in black wedding dress walking in field with autumn vista as backdrop

There are a few benefits to wearing a black wedding gown. It has a distinct flavor. Stains aren’t an issue. When you’re wearing a white dress, stain dangers abound. Black is a slimming color that looks excellent on everyone. Finally, the beauty of black tulle or lace is unrivaled.

Bridesmaid gowns in black are very popular. There is only one color of black if you let your bridesmaids choose their own outfits. The outfits in your bridal party would all be the same color when they are standing together.

White and black look great together. Bridesmaid gowns in black might really assist the bride, who is dressed in white, to stand out.

The bridesmaid outfit is the most common gripe about being a bridesmaid. Because they don’t suit other events, most bridesmaid gowns are only worn once at the wedding. A tiny black dress may be worn on a variety of occasions, enabling your bridesmaids to choose a gown that they will love long after the wedding.

It may even assist the groom in achieving his ideal appearance. Of course, it isn’t because he is dressed in a black gown. A black suit with a bow tie and a colorful pocket square is appropriate for a formal wedding. It once again focuses on the bride, who is the real star. It just connects everyone’s clothing together, enabling the bride to shine.

Wedding in a Little Black Dress FAQs

When exactly does the wedding season begin?

The two most common months for weddings are June and September. The wedding season typically runs from May through September, or late spring to early autumn. Getting hitched in the off-season might make finding suppliers simpler and is typically less costly.

Can you go to a wedding dressed in black?

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Sure, why not? There’s more to wedding apparel than a tiny black dress. A black pantsuit or skirt might also work. The wedding’s mood and formality are the most crucial aspects to consider. An afternoon wedding calls for a casual black skirt, while a nighttime wedding calls for a black pants suit.

Is it permissible to attend a wedding shower dressed in black?

Experts advise against wearing black at a wedding shower, which is ironic. The most common rationale given is because it is a festive occasion, and black is out of place. It’s a mystery why black is okay for a wedding but not for a bridal shower. For obvious reasons, white is also off-limits.

Is wearing a black wedding gown considered unlucky?

image of newly wedded couple both in black with black labrador in the middle of a snowy forest

Wearing a black bridal gown is said to be unlucky. Black is said to be an unfortunate hue since it is connected with mourning. Whether you accept this belief is entirely up to you. Superstitions, such as the bride not being seen in her wedding gown, could be amusing during a wedding.

They should, however, not prevent you from enjoying the wedding you want. Is it a stroke of misfortune? It is entirely dependent on your own interpretation of black. It’s wise to avoid it if you believe it’s unfortunate. If you think of it as a hue of completeness or refinement, you’re in luck.

What should you wear as a wedding visitor?

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Pay attention to the bride’s instructions. The clothing code will usually be included on the wedding invite by the majority of brides. If the bride has a site, you’ll probably discover additional information regarding the wedding dress code there as well. The location and time of day might also provide information. If you’re unsure about anything, ask the bride.

What color wedding gown should you avoid?

White is the only color on which everyone agrees. Wearing a white gown at a wedding is frowned upon, particularly if the bride is also dressed in white. Only the bride must wear white on her wedding day, according to wedding tradition.