What is the Best Hair for Faux Locs?

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The faux locs have become one of the hottest trending protective styles, with several celebrities such as Meagan Good, Tyra Banks, and Eva Marcille rocking them. If you admire someone with faux locs but commitments have hindered you from installing them or considering having a new protective hairstyle, the faux locs are the best option you can consider.

What are faux locs?

It is a temporary protective style whereby you install loc’d extensions and not real hair. The hair used to make the locs will completely cover your natural hair so that it continues to grow undisturbed. That means you will not worry regarding the damage which you can get from real locs. It is also best for women who do not want permanent styles such as dreads.

What is the best hair for faux locs?

Faux locs are designed using synthetic or human hair and yarn. Research indicates that the best hair for individual crotchet faux locs is synthetic hair such as Kanekalon or Marley hair.

Kanekalon hair

A woman with gray, blue and black tones on her dual braided hair.

It is made from high-quality Kanekalon synthetic fiber that features soft and light hair similar to natural hair. Therefore, it will enhance your natural beauty. People choose the Kanekalon hair for faux locs because it is easy to install, enabling them to achieve a magnificent hairstyle within a short period. The hairstyle is tangle-free and can hold locs for an extended period.

In most cases, when you buy the Kanekalon hair, you will realize that its kit comes with six-packs of faux hair-locks, jewelry, and a crotchet needle. The hair also comes in different colors, which you can select from and the length you want to attain 18 inches or 12 inches long locs. The Senegalese twists, box braids, and cornrows are the most suitable styles of Kanekalon hair.


  • It has a desirable smell
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Not easy to tangle
  • Appears natural


  • Some people have reported itchiness on their scalp

Marley hair

A close look at a woman who has giant braids Marley hair.

You can also use Marley hair fox faux locs because it will enable you to have freedom as a wearer. In particular, this synthetic extension will enable you to easily change the color, style, and length of your hair. In other words, it becomes quicker to install locs with Marley hair than using natural hair. Marley hair is also the best option for people who want to install faux locs for the first time.

Marley hair is characterized as a synthetic fiber with a lightweight, super-soft, bouncy and healthy look. It is designed from a material that makes it gentle on your skin. Before you install the Marley hair, it is recommended that you first wash your hair using a cup of Apple cider vinegar, warm water, and shampoo to eliminate any undesirable chemical scent.

Marley hair is highly versatile because it provides a variety of colors and lengths to choose from. The crochet hairstyles, box braids, and Marley twists are suitable styles for Marley hair.


  • Lasts longer
  • It clings together, making it easier to seal the locs
  • Provides a realistic feel
  • A variety of natural hair colors
  • It appears authentic and natural
  • Lightweight


  • It might be challenging to seal the end of the dreads
  • It is challenging to get the vibrant colors of Marley hair
  • It can smell if you do not wash it using the recommended chemicals.
  • Other types of hair used for faux locs

Acrylic yarn

100% Brazilian Wool Hair Acrylic Yarn For African Braids/Senegalese Twist/Faux Locs/Wraps With Crochet Hook

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Acrylic yarn is a human-made synthetic fiber that is developed from polymers synthesized from petroleum products. It is a cheaper type of hair you can use for faux locs because it does not undergo carding and washing.


  • Available in a variety of colors,
  • You can easily clean it without shrinking or shredding
  • The locs made from acrylic yarn will with their shape for an extended period
  • The locs will appear thicker
  • Cheap to install
  • The locs will not stick together when you seal the ends


  • Can trap odors and water
  • They feel fake to touch
  • When the locs become older, lint, trash and fuzz can be trapped within them
  • Time-consuming since you will be required to wrap one-yard strand before proceeding to the next.

Different styles of faux locs

A close look at false hair extensions.

Crochet faux locs

In the Crochet locs, your hair is pre-wrapped using two ways to install it. In particular, the stylist can use crochet and cornrows or crochet and box-braid before twisting your natural hair into locs. Although the crotchet faux is easy to install and will take half the time you need for regular locs, it does not appear realistic.

Regular faux

Regular faux locs are time-consuming, having a more natural look, but you will find them worth it in the end. The installation process involves box braiding and wrapping the braids using Marley or Kanekalon hair to achieve a faux loc appearance.

Distressed faux locs

It resembles the regular faux style, but it is not smooth. The difference in wrapping hair can be helpful if you wish to attempt this style, but you will require a spring twist. A stylist will begin by box braiding your hair and using a spring twist to wrap it to achieve the distressed style.

Goddess faux locs

6 Packs Goddess Locs Crochet Hair with Curly Ends Straight Faux Locs Crochet Braids Hair Pre Looped Bohemian Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension 24 Strands/Piece(16 inch,1B#)

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The goddess faux locs need the same installation method as the regular or distressed locs but instead of having sealed ends, you will have wavy ends. A hairstylist will be required to box braid your hair in the goddess style before crocheting it using Marley hair. By wrapping Marley hair over a braided box and undertaking a deep twist, it helps reduce the installation time.

Gypsy locs

The style is not a real loc but a combination of different lengths, colors, accessories, and techniques used to establish a fantastic design that provides you with an environmental and adventurous feel. The locs resemble the goddess locs, and they have wavy or curvy ends, a messy look, and a lot of texture. However, they will look natural such that people might think you designed them using your natural hair.

Mermaid locs

They are a combination of curly hair tresses and faux lock strands. By combining the mermaid locs hair extensions, you will have a unique ocean breeze and mermaid look. In reality, the mermaid locs are designed using the boho goddess’ braiding hair and wavy hair. The stylist will crochet them throughout your hair.

River locs

In the river locs, a stylist will take any style of regular loc, add single double-ended strands with the same hair color, and intertwin the trees, making the ends hang out throughout every strand. Although it appears complicated, you will have beautifully designed locs that add significant exotic beauty to your look.

Bohemian faux locs

Karida Boho Goddess Locs Crochet Hair 16 Inch New Faux Locs Crochet Hair Curly Wavy 6 Packs Soft Faux Locs Pre-Looped Crochet Braids Synthetic Crochet Hair for Women (16 Inch, OT30#)

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The Bohemian faux locs are also known as boho locs. The spiritual and cultural hairstyle of dreadlocks inspired the design of the Bohemian locs. The locs come with a distressed inflow, and the locs are generally of different lengths. The style uses a mixture of bohemian hair, human hair, Marley hair, and synthetic fibers to design bouncy and beautiful curls. 

The main idea of boho locs is to establish a more naturally beautiful and rougher loc style. The iconic bohemian faux will incorporate a curly hair strand that will hang at the bottom of the locks to provide your hair a more natural, voluminous, and fuller look. However, you have the freedom of deciding the way you can style your Bohemian locs.

Butterfly faux locs

The styling process includes braiding hair, crocheting the unraveled hair at the braid roots, and wrapping the hair. They feature a distressed look, meaning you will require deep waves of hair for wrapping. Since the butterfly locs have distressed you, they will need limited maintenance, but you should moisturize and wrap your hair before sleeping.

Length options

Apart from choosing the different hairstyles of faux locs, you can also customize them to their widths and length. In addition, most of the loc styles can be locked in a smaller or larger version. That provides every strand with versatility if you wish to have an original look.


The short faux locs have continued to gain popularity because they cover approximately 21 percent of the loc marketplace. In addition, the style is known to have a versatile and lightweight feel.


Long faux locs are the ones that extend past the waistline and mid-back. They are the rarest and most elegant styles that you can see.  Although the plaits will usually take longer to design, they can be installed within a few hours.

History of faux locs

A woman sporting a long brown braid.

Most people believe that faux locs were worn in numerous ancient civilizations. As they indicate, the faux locs are installed without the human hair locking on itself, and you can remove them without cutting the locked hair the same way you would do if you had real dreadlocks.

The locs did not become famous until the Rastafarian and Bob Marley movements started in the early 1960s and 1970s. Most people associated the hairstyle with biblical times such that the uncombed hair could prevent your body from allowing energy to escape. The hairstyle became more popular in the 1980s, especially when Whoopi Goldberg was present in the US as an actress with her loc hairstyle.

In that way, she provided an opportunity for the black American to wear the faux locs style without connecting it to the Rastafarian, reggae, or Jamaican culture. Other celebrities rocked with faux locs in the 1980s included Lauryn Hill, Boy George, and Lenny Kravitz. Later on, starting from the year 2000, the hairstyle becomes common among most celebrities because it was considered part of fashion and personal lifestyle.

The current instrumental figures who have made locs famous include Eva Marcille, Rihanna, and Zendaya.

Methods of installing faux locs

A woman at the salon having her extensions done.

You can install the faux locs using two methods, including Jazz Nicole or individual method and cornrow method. The cornrow method encompasses the idea of locs crotched into a cornrow base. Although the method is faster, it has limited styling versatility because of the predictable patterns and prominent parts that it establishes.

On the contrary, the individual method is more versatile because the faux locs crotched to individual twisted or braided sections. However, a hairstylist can easily incorporate both methods. For instance, a hairstylist can install the cornrow method at the middle part while you can do the individual method on your head perimeter if you love to pack up your hair in ponytails and buns. In this case, the stylist will undertake the procedure to conceal the twists or braids within a faux loc.

Pros of faux locs

Low maintenance

Unlike other kinds of styling that appear rugged when you do not maintain them properly, you will not need to make your faux loc fresh because they have a naturally curly look. However, you always need to moisturize them.

Can suit all types of hair

Apart from being trendy, the faux locs are suitable for almost all hair types, starting from the coarsest to silkiest hair types.


The faux locs last longer than other types of protective hairstyle options. Also, they will look more natural as they become older. The locs are known to last up to 3 months when appropriately maintained.


Limited manipulated will result to length retention of your hair since you will protect it from unnecessary touch.

Cons of faux locs

Can result in unraveling

Unraveling might happen if the stylist used the wrong method or does not tightly wrap the locs. For instance, natural kinky hair can hold wraps without a base extension or natural hair braided, while straighter and finer hair can easily slip off if the stylist does not braid it first.


If you want to leave the salon hurriedly, the hairstyle might not be appropriate for you. The installation of the locs can take between 5 to 8 hours.


Installing fake or real locs is considered unprofessional in most offices in the United States.


Fax locs might become heavy and breakable if you do not seal them before installation and undertake proper maintenance.

Ways of maintaining faux locs

A close look at a woman with a top knot braid hairstyle.

Hydrate the underneath hair

To maintain your locs, you should apply oil on the scalp to seal moisture and nourish new hair growth when the locs begin to weigh at the roots. In particular, you can keep the roots intact and hydrated by applying naturally made oils to the scalp and roots. For instance, you can use castor oil to nourish the scalp, help in balancing pH, ward off bacteria and enable roots to grow stronger.

You should not wash the locks

The faux locs are a protective style since by installing them, you protect your natural hair from environmental damage, heat, or breakage due to brushing and combing. Therefore, you are not supposed to wash the locs during the period you wear them. However, if you want a cleanse, you can rinse your scalp using apple cider vinegar solution and other recommended products every two weeks.

Do not consider locs as dreads

When you have traditional locs, you are supposed to retwist the new growth as the hair grows routinely, but you should not style or twist the roots of the faux locks. If you do that, you can contribute to the damage that can become noticeable after removing the faux locs.

Sleep in silk

One of the best ways you can use to keep the loc neat and moisturized is by avoiding cotton pillowcases and using the ones made of silk or satin. That is because cotton can rub out and absorb moisture while you are sleeping. Fortunately, when you use a silk pillowcase or scarf, you can end up extending the beauty and life of your locs.


How long do faux locs last?

If you properly maintain the faux locs, they can last for a period ranging between six to eight weeks. After that, you are expected to moisturize your locs using hair oil and shampoo like another protective styling. You will also need some touch-ups after one month to prevent your hair roots from ruining your look. Most importantly, you should ensure that you remove the faux locs at the recommended period to avoid damaging your natural hair.

How much hair will one need for faux locs?

The number of faux locs packs that you will require will mainly depend on the thickness, length, method of installation, and style of the locs. For example, if you install this hairstyle on your natural hair, you will need fewer locs. However, if you wish to have Marley twists, you will use more hair.

Can you expose your hair to water when you have faux locs?

Yes. Even when you have faux locs, you can work out, swim, or shampoo your hair. However, you should know that your locs can get wet. If the faux locs get wet, they can become cumbersome due to the additional volume of hair used to take longer to dry and feel heavier. Therefore, you need to take care of your hair edges by applying some oil on the scalp before exposing the locs to water. Apart from that, you can wash your hair at least once per month to prevent foul odors and ensure your hair feels fresh.

Is it painful to install faux locs?

Installation of faux locs should not be painful because you will either crochet them on individual braids or cornrows. However, when locs are gripped too tight or wrapped close to the scalp, they can make you feel a lot of pain. To solve such an issue, you should consider using the individual crochet method or having one of the sections loosely redone. Pain can also be minimized by leaving some space at the hair roots.

Are faux locks dreads?

No. Faux locs are dreads. In reality, the likening of the locs to dreads is understandable because they appear similar and can be designed to look like dreads.

Are faux locs challenging to remove?

No. If you want to remove your faux locs, you will only be required to cut above where the ends are burned and gently unravel the hair. It is also possible to cut at the midway of the locks if you want to save time. However, if your hair is longer, you should be cautious to avoid cutting your hair.

Can locs become stiff?

Yes. After installing the faux locs, they might stick out and become stiff depending on how tight the stylist wounds the wraps. To rectify such an issue, your hairstylist should dip the locs in hot water to loosen them. It is also better to request the stylist to undertake a sample loc to determine how tight they install the locs. Remember, you will not need a lot of tension which can damage your hair follicles, ruining the primary purpose of the protective style.

Are the faux locs better than braids?

Faux locs provide more freedom than braids for people who are looking for protective styling. Although braids will result in an attractive look when freshly installed, the faux will look more natural and better as they age.

What are faux loc packs?

The faux locs come with individual strands usually bundled in groups of 18 to 24 strands per pack. Before starting the hairstyling, a stylist will recommend several faux loc packs suitable for you.

Are faux locs suitable for children?

The faux hairstyle should not damage children because a licensed and professional hairstylist correctly installs them. However, the stylist should understand the complexity involved in children’s hair and skin complexions.

What are the different colors of faux locs?

The faux locks are available in various colors, including black, blonde, blue, honey blonde, grey, burgundy, brown, ombre, and red. With such a range of colors, you can easily choose the one that suits you to have the best look that you need and deserve.

Can your reuse the faux locs?

It is not advisable to reuse old faux locs because you might end up damaging your hair.

Are faux locs heavy?

No. However, if you do not have healthy natural hair, you should install shorter locs with around 12 inches. In contrast, if your hair is strong, you can use thick and long braids.

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